4 Team Trade --- Lakers/Kings/Sixers/Rockets

Sixers get:
Steve Nash
Pick #7
Pick #8

Lakers get:
Omer Asik
Pick #10
Reggie Evan

Kings get:
Thad Young

Rockets get:
Pick #32
Jason Terry
B. Mullins

The headline read, "Kings put No. 8 on the trade block, wanting veteran instead of next rookie to develop" — Enter Thad Young. A stretch 4 who would thrive playing opposite of Cousins. Thad would have an immediate impact with the Kings, and help to stretch the defense. There could potentially be better offers, but Thad Young seems to be the best fit in Sac Town. They want to build around the nucleus of Cousins/Gay/Thomas (per most reports) so their holes are at the 2 guard spot and PF. In todays NBA, a stretch 4 is more important than a SG, not to mention they have Ben Mclemore at 2 guard who hopefully takes a significant leap in his 2nd year in the league. He has the potential.

Sixers get what they always want…. more picks! It does however come with a price. Thad Young, pick #10, pick #32. On the contrary, Thad will probably not resign with the Sixers anyway, #32 is somewhat expendable since they have 4 other 2nd rounders, and picks #7 and #8 will have extremely more valuable than pick #10 will. Oh yeah, the Sixers also take Nash’s contract off the Lakers hands and buy him out the same way they did Granger. Sixers have all the cap space in the known world, so it’s not an issue.

The Lakers love Centers. Love them. They also were linked to Omer Asik previously. As much as they like Asik, they had to get another asset since Kobe will retire sometime in the near future. Luckily they get to keep a lottery pick. Not #7, but #10. Maybe Saric falls to them, maybe not. Maybe they trade back for Zack Lavine, and bring the UCLA kid ‘back to Cali’ so he can continue those insane workout numbers he put up there. Reggie Evans is sent over for some toughness, they definitely need it!

Rockets finally give up a disgruntled Omer Asik. Asik has been unable to get moved since Morey was asking for unreasonable, and unrealistic compensation for him. An aging Jason Terry never really fit in with the young Kings squad, so he should be ecstatic to play for a contender, the Houston Rockets. He can play both guard spots, and knock down some 3’s for the team. Something that Houston could always use. With Dwight Howard at C, you need as many long range threats as possible, even if his name is Byron Mullings. It’s not ideal to play Mullins next to Dwight for long periods at a time, but for a good 5-10 mins a game he can play at the 4 spot and knock down a couple of 3 pointers! Stretch the D baby!!! Finally the Rockets get pick #32 to go along with their pick #25. We all know how valuable early 2nd rounds picks are so Morey might just wanna stay put. On the contrary, with picks #25 and #32 they might wanna move up the draft board for a prospect that they love, it’s all in your hands, Morey!

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