Random Ramblings

I like thinking about how history can unfold differently from time to time. Yet I don't share it with others because:

1)Does the average person care about history? The answer is no. School has taught us that history is not important. In fact they don't want us to care about history, as evident by the boring, uninformative, half-truthed, textbooks that we are assigned to learn and the dull (to put it nicely) curriculum that comes with it.

2)Refer to #1.

But hey this is the internet, the place that accepts all sorts of things that may or may not lead to good or bad consequences. I can dedicate this whole fanpost to how I think the world would have turned out had the French beaten the UK, the German states, and the Russian Empire during the Napoleonic Wars in decisive fashion. Ah yes, the French would have ruled most of continental Europe as Napoleon would proclaim all of modern Canada, Australia, and Africa from the north to the equator to be under French colonial rule. Napoleon would rule as presidential dictator and introduce enlightened ideas before a democratic republic is established after his death. The French colonial empire would flourish until it would turn socialist and eventually enter into a socialist union with a contemporary version of socialist Russia in 1940...and etc. Yet this is not the right forum to post these things and it's probably approaching ASB territory (which equates to "you are crazy" territory).

In addition, one of the mods here would probably see this and give me a warning for talking about something non-basketball related in the fanpost section. In addition to that, I may have lost half of the 6 (including the mod) people who actually were curious enough to click on this fanpost and get passed the shitty intro. In addition to even that, I don't know why I'm doing a fanpost that's just a bunch of non-sense. What the hell am I doing with my life? This is the question that my mother asks me That and did I properly shampoo my hair?

Well, let's talk about something basketball related. The future of the Lakers organization in an in-depth analysis. Byron Scott is going to be the next head coach because he is respected, Kobe likes him, James has endorsed him, he is a Laker, he has finals experience, and he is well liked by his star players.

Yup Yup Yup, I didn't do my research. Heck, I don't even know what each coach the Lakers are interviewing are renowned for. Heck, I just copied that last sentence in the preceding paragraph from that _ Robert _ guy/gal on these forums. Don't sue me _ Robert _ ! Can he/she sue me? Is it plagiarism to copy someone's comment on these forums without quoting it?

Man I'm getting nowhere with this...just like this last season. Yep, that season was just like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know things were going to get bad but you just had to tune into the next game a few days later to see how bad it could get. I can remember those game threads full of "Why aren't the Lakers losing?", "We need this loss!", "We're going to be 4th in the lottery if we lose this!!", kind of comments. Then another SSR person would chime in time to time and be all like "The hell you guys saying?! This is shameful coming from your mouths!" Hah! Your mom's shameful! IN BED!! I'm going to slap myself now...

Oh yes, and the trade deadline. The time where we look at that Spaniard guy and talk about him leaving. Great stuff...still thought Cleveland was stupid not to give us Bennett: a bust for a 2 time champion. You missed out Cleveland, you missed out...

But here's the plot twist! They didn't, and you're still reading this. Those Cavs and their lottery winning gotta love them! I love them just as much as I love the Celtics, Rush Limbaugh, and the day I dropped my lucky quarter that I promised I would never lose down the storm drain. Will Cleveland wow everyone like they did last year by drafting Doug McDermott? I hope so, I want to see Bill Simmon's reaction to that one!

Speaking of Bill Simmons...Celtics...speaking of the of sucks...Mike Brown...speaking of Mike Brown...MDA...speaking of MDA...the Kobester. And I'm gonna stop there because if I go on, I'm eventually going to think about something that I shouldn't think about. So what about Kobe? The dude's injured that's what. There is going to be a good amount of press and "analysis" that is going to go on before Kobe steps on the court, during his time on court, during his time off court, and hopefully not during the time he's taking a dump. I bet all the Kobe lovers will be like "Kobe, muah-mua-muah-mmmmuahhh!" and Kobe haters like "I am dumb." (That is literally what they say...take my word for it because I'm S-M-R-T!) But whatever, Kobe is gonna be Kobe and that's a good thing contrary to some people's beliefs.

Oh and we need to win a championship...or else...or else...our franchise is ruined and Magic Johnson is going to be mad and Putin is gonna rebuild the USSR and the terrorists are going to win. How many superstars does it take to win a championship? 42...because that makes just as much sense as trying to answer this question and being correct about everything you say. And because 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. How do you win a championship? You just win it, you ding-dong-muther-humper-injut!

Just to recap: I think history is a word, french fries rule, no reader got this far, I am the real _ Robert _, we just had a season of basketball?, Power Rangers was legit back in the day, Cleveland is not that bad of a city, Kobe beef tastes good, and before you win a championship, you must first create the universe.

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