Lucky Number seven...

This is my first fanpost here ladies and gents, There will be a whole lot of Grammatical error's, as I cant write anything remotely readable, so please...Be Nice! I'll try my best here... With the Draft Lottery already in our rearview mirror's, and the Cavs, once again, hitting the Lotto for the second time, The Ping Pong Balls gave the Lakers the good ole' Lucky #7. There have been some great article's here on this great Laker site about whom the Lakers may covet with this pick. All the Mock Drafts I've been reading up on, pretty much narrowed the list down to three players.

The three players the "Experts" are Mocking to the Lakers are...Noah Vonleh, Marcus Smart, and Aaron Gordon. These three prospects are intriguing, and puts them in the discussions of where Mitch and Jim could go, knowing there are glaring holes in pretty much every position. Reading some of the posts on the articles here on SS&R, Most of the fans here are pretty much split on either Marcus Smart, or Noah Vonleh, with a select few, ( Me included), riding with Aaron Gordon. There's been some good debates going on, and all with some good points on whom might be the best fit, and make the most Immediate impact with the team. I've been watching a lot of tape on all three players, there's some great scouting video's out there, showing each player's strengths, and weaknesses...

I found IMO the best scouting Videos on all three prospects, so instead of me trying to write an epic Novel on what "I" brokedown, I will let all you of decide for yourselves on who YOU think would be the best pick at #7 for our Lakers. Here they are...

Marcus Smart 2014 Scouting Report...

Noah Vonleh 2014 Scouting Report...

Aaron Gordon 2014 Scouting Report...

Watching as much college hoops as I could this past year, I Had the opportunity to watch a lot of Arizona Basketball, being in the region, living in New Mexico, and IMO, after watching games, and doing my own amateur scouting of my own, ( these are "my" own opinions here), I've come to my own conclusion that "I" feel that...Aaron Gordon would definitely be the best fit for our Los Angeles Lakers. I just think, after watching Marcus Smart, And Noah Vonleh, Aaron seemed ( to me), to have the most upside. With his athleticism, Ball Handling, passing skills, and High Motor, this kid could be a steal for the Lakers.

The video's pretty much puts everything into perspective with all there strengths and weaknesses, please take some time, watch some tape, and let us know whom you think would be the best fit. Thank you for all your patience, trying to navigate with my post lol, everyone take care.

Oh! one more thing...Here is my "DarkHorse" player that I have been keeping a close eye on, now, does he warrant getting Drafted this high at #7? Another player with a TON of potential as well...enjoy...

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