NBA SSR Fantasy League Playoffs - Finals

Christian Petersen

Semifinals Breakdown:

In our first match-up, LFE crav'n dat Curry was able to enact his revenge upon Honey Badgers, the team he lost to in last year's SSR Fantasy Bball Finals, by beating him 5-4. Honey Badgers took quite a hit when both Amir Johnson and Kevin Martin missed a few games with injuries, but it may not have made a difference as points and rebounds were pretty much out of range for either guy to pull those categories. Stellar performances from Serge Ibaka & Dirk Nowitzki weren't enough to pick up the slack for Honey Badgers. Solid play from Stephen Curry, DeMarcus Cousins and DeAndre Jordan were enough to keep LFE crav'n dat Curry on top.

In the other Semifinal match-up, Dinkers and Dumpers defeated Emotional Beefcakes, 5-4. Injuries might have been the issue for Emotional Beefcakes, but a fully healthy team may not have been enough to get the victory. A full week of games from Jamal Crawford or an extra game from Russel Westbrook might have gotten him another category win, but would have also resulted in losing the TO category. Dinkers and Dumpers was led by excellent play from LeBron James and Paul Millsap.

Final Standings:

  1. *Slumdog Trillionaire (115-71-3)
  2. *Honey Badgers (113-73-3)
  3. *LFE crav'n dat Curry (106-81-2)
  4. *PoP Goes the Beasle (105-84-0)
  5. *Dinkers and Dumpers (104-84-1)
  6. *Wow such doge (101-85-3)
  7. *Master Chucker (101-86-2)
  8. *Emotional Beefcakes (101-86-2)
  9. From Russia w/ Love (95-91-3)
  10. NY REC TH1S (91-94-4)
  11. Horriballers II (88-96-5)
  12. Linnept at Winning (88-100-1)
  13. Django (78-108-3)
  14. The Lazy Aces (77-107-5)
  15. Alley Oops With God (78-109-2)
  16. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (51-137-1)

*clinched playoff spot

Waiver Payouts:

Weekly waiver payouts have ended.

Player of the Week:



James Harden

Week 22: James Harden - He averaged 30.8 PPG on 40.3 FG%, 36.7 3PT% & 90.0 FT%. 5.0 RPG, 7.0 APG & 2.5 SPG, in 40 minutes a night.

Honorable Mentions: Kyrie Irving, Dirk Nowitzki & Chris Paul

Past Players of The Week:

Key Week 23 Transactions:


Key Week 23 Injuries:

Jamal Crawford has a strained left calf.

Kevin Love is dealing with back spasms.

Nikola Pekovic has a sore ankle.

Kevin Martin is nursing a sore foot.

Amir Johnson has a sore ankle.

Nikola Vucevic has a sore left achilles.

Tony Parker is experiencing back spasms.

Playoffs - Semifinals:

LFE crav'n dat Curry (3) vs. Dinkers and Dumpers (5)


3rd place game:

Honey Badgers (2) vs. Emotional Beefcakes (8)

5th place game:

Slumdog Trillionaire (1) vs. Wow such doge (6)

7th place game:

Pop Goes the Beasle (4) vs. Master Chucker (7)

Finals Match-up:

David Stern vs. Adam Silver.

Wait!!! That doesn't work anymore.... um...... The commissioner takes on the co-commissioner!

These two teams met back in week 16, with LFE crav'n dat Curry beating Dinkers and Dumpers, 5-4. However, both teams have made significant changes to their rosters since that match-up, with Dinker and Dumpers adding LeBron James & Goran Dragic, and LFE crav'n dat Curry adding DeMarcus Cousins. In the previous two playoff weeks, LFE crav'n dat Curry would have defeated Dinkers and Dumpers 6-3, but with LeBron James on board, anything is possible. Both teams are completely healthy heading into the last week of fantasy basketball. None of their players missed any games last week, so we are in for a good Finals match-up. This match-up will go all the way to the end of the season, so it will run 10 days instead of the normal 7.

Good luck to all!

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