NBA SSR Fantasy League Playoffs - Quarterfinals

Week 21 Breakdown:

Honey Badgers relinquished the overall #1 seed in the final week of the regular season, after being defeated by Django 4-5. Slumdog Trillionaire overtook the #1 seed with an 8-1 victory over Horriballers II. LFE crav'n dat Curry jumped into the #3 seed by defeating Linnept at Winning 8-1. Emotional Beefcakes beat Wow such doge 5-4, but the close victory dropped him into the #4 seed. The loss for Wow such doge dropped him from 5th to 6th. Dinkers and Dumpers moved from the 7th seed to the 5th seed after defeating The Lazy Aces 7-2. Master Chucker was able to move up one playoff spot, into 7th place, after he beat Alley Oops With God 5-4. Emotional Beefcakes took a narrow loss to NY REC TH1S, 4-5, but that loss dropped him all the way into 8th place after being in 6th last week. He had an identical record to Master Chucker, but Master Chucker defeated him in the reagular season 6-3, which if the tie breaker in this case.

Final Standings:

  1. *Slumdog Trillionaire (115-71-3)
  2. *Honey Badgers (113-73-3)
  3. *LFE crav'n dat Curry (106-81-2)
  4. *PoP Goes the Beasle (105-84-0)
  5. *Dinkers and Dumpers (104-84-1)
  6. *Wow such doge (101-85-3)
  7. *Master Chucker (101-86-2)
  8. *Emotional Beefcakes (101-86-2)
  9. From Russia w/ Love (95-91-3)
  10. NY REC TH1S (91-94-4)
  11. Horriballers II (88-96-5)
  12. Linnept at Winning (88-100-1)
  13. Django (78-108-3)
  14. The Lazy Aces (77-107-5)
  15. Alley Oops With God (78-109-2)
  16. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (51-137-1)

*clinched playoff spot

Waiver Payouts:

PoP Goes the Beasle: $5 (Dwight Howard)

Dinkers and Dumpers: $5 (Jameer Nelson)

NY REC TH1S: $10 ( LaMarcus Aldridge & Nikola Pekovic)

Linnept at Winning: $5 (Kyrie Irving)

Django: $5 (Kevin Garnett)

If you have any objections or questions regarding the waiver payouts, please make a comment below.

Player of the Week:



Kevin Durant

Week 21: Kevin Durant - He averaged 40.3 PPG on 51.4 FG%, 54.2 3PT% and 80.0 FT%. 11.7 RPG, 6.0 APG, 0.3 SPG & 0.7 BPG, in 43 minutes a night.

Honorable Mentions: Chris Paul, James Harden, Kevin Love

Past Players of The Week:

Key Week 21 Transactions:


Key Week 21 Injuries:

Dwight Howard has a mild left ankle strain

Nikola Pekovic had a sore right ankle.

Jameer Nelson has a sore right knee.

Eric Gordon has left knee tendinitis.

J.J. Hickson has a torn ACL and is out for the season.

Kyle Korver is out with back spasms.

Wilson Chandler is nursing a left hip strain.

Playoffs - Quarterfinals:

Slumdog Trillionaire (1) vs. Emotional Beefcakes (8)

Honey Badgers (2) vs. Master Chucker (7)

LFE crav'n dat Curry (3) vs. Wow such doge (6)

PoP Goes the Beasle (4) vs. Dinkers and Dumpers (5)

Quarterfinal Match-ups:

We will have two division match-ups in the first round of the playoffs. PoP Goes the Beasle(4) will have to defend his House Martell regular season title against Dinkers and Dumpers(5), who only finished a half game back of him in the regular season. These teams faced off 3 times in the regular season. PoP Goes the Beasle won 6-3 in week 11, but Dinkers and Dumpers won 5-4 in week 13. However, in their most recent match-up (week 19) Pop Goes the Beasle came out victorious, 5-4. It should be a tight battle nonetheless, unless injuries play a significant roll in this match-up. Kyle Korver & Dwight Howard (for PoP Goes the Beasle) and Jameer Nelson & Lebron James (for Dinkers and Dumpers) are all question marks heading in to this week. PoP Goes the Beasle is the hottest team heading into the playoffs though, riding a 7 game win streak. Can Dinkers and Dumpers and his late season roster overhaul stop that winning streak?

After a late season push, LFE crav'n dat Curry(3) will have to defend his House Lannister regular season title against Wow such doge(6). These teams have faced off 3 times in the regular season. Wow such doge defeated LFE crav'n dat Durry 6-3 in weeks 2 & 8. But in their most recent match-up (just 2 weeks ago, in week 20), LFE crav'n dat Curry won 6-3. It seems as if LFE crav'n dat Curry's late season roster shakeup may have turned the tides on this match-up, but Paul George could pick up his play at any moment and Joakim Noah has been playing like a fantasy MVP the last few weeks. Both squads are healthy heading into the first week of fantasy playoffs. LFE crav'n dat Curry has only lost 2 times in the past 12 weeks, while Wow such doge has only won 2 times in the past 8 weeks. Is team momentum the key here?

As the only playoff team from House Stark, Slumdog Trillionaire will have to show us that his "inflated" record was not just because of his week division. He faces off against Emotional Beefcakes, who is heading into the playoffs after suffering two consecutive losses. These teams only faced off one time in the regular season, with Emotional Beefcakes pulling off the upset 6-3, in week 15. Slumdog Trillionaire did have both Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant out with injuries in that match-up, however. Did Emotional Beefcakes late season trade mess up the health off his squad? This match-up may come down to whether or not Russell Westbrook can stay on the floor or not. Because if he doesn't, that forces Kevin Durant (a Slumdog Trillionaire player) to pick up the slack. Unfortunately for Emotional Beefcakes, the Thunder do have a back-to-back early this week, which may cause Westbrook to miss a game.

In our final playoff match-up, Honey Badgers will take on Master Chucker in our 2-7 match-up. These two teams faced off only once in the regular season, with Master Chucker pulling off the upset in week 19, 6-3. Master Chucker made a trade in the middle of the season that vaulted him from the bottom of the league to the top in just a few weeks, but has since fallen a few spots after dealing with injuries to Ty Lawson & Gordon Hayward. He also just lost J.J. Hickson for the rest of the year. We will have to see how well Miles Plumlee fills that hole in his roster. Honey Badgers does have a few question marks on his roster as well. The big question is going to be, how many times will Tim Duncan be sat for rest by Popovich in this match-up. The Spurs do have a back-to-back set later in the week. The other question would be that last minute roster change for Gorgui Dieng. Will he continue to produce in the minutes he has been given, or could a Nikola Pekovic return ruin all that?

Good luck to all!

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