NBA SSR Fantasy League Week 18 *RIVALRY WEEK*

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Week 17 Breakdown:

There were 2 upsets in week 17. Pop Goes the Beasle (7th place last week) took down Master Chucker (4th place last week) in a 6-3 victory. The victory for Pop Goes the Beasle moved him into 4th, while Master Chucker fell to 7th. In the other upset, LFE crav'n dat Curry (6th place last week) destroyed the injury depleted NY REC TH1S 8-1. That loss for NY REC TH1S dropped her all the way to 8th place, while LFE crav'n dat Curry move up a spot to 5th. Emotional Beefcakes barely defeated Dinkers and Dumpers in the 8th vs 9th match-up last week, but that win propelled him into 6th place. The rest of the standings remained the same. The only places that saw change were spots 4-8, with Dinkers and Dumpers still sitting on the outside of the playoffs, looking in.


  1. Honey Badgers (94-56-3)
  2. Slumdog Trillionaire (91-59-3)
  3. R. Sherman's Bitch (89-61-3)
  4. Pop Goes the Beasle (83-70-0)
  5. LFE crav'n dat Curry (86-65-2)
  6. Emotional Beefcakes (81-70-2)
  7. Master Chucker (81-71-1)
  8. NY REC TH1S (80-70-3)
  9. Dinkers and Dumpers (79-73-1)
  10. From Russia w/ Love (76-75-2)
  11. Linept at Winning (72-80-1)
  12. Horriballers II (67-81-5)
  13. Alley Oops With God (65-86-2)
  14. Django (60-90-3)
  15. The Lazy Aces (58-91-4)
  16. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (44-108-1)

Waiver Payouts:

Honey Badgers: $10 (Kevin Martin & J.J. Redick)

Slumdog Trillionaire: $5 (Kobe Bryant)

LFE crav'n dat Curry: $5 (Eric Bledsoe)

Master Chucker: $5 (Ty Lawson)

NY REC TH1S: $10 (Nikola Pekovic & LaMarcus Aldridge)

Horriballers II: $15 (Derrick Favors, Nick Young & Andrew Bogut)

Alley Oops With God: $15 (Kawhi Leonard, Avery Bradley & Jrue Holiday)

Django: $5 (Tony Parker)

JAVALE McGEE P.O.S.: $5 (Anderson Varejao)

If you have any objections or questions regarding the waiver payouts, please make a comment below.

Player of the Week:



Kevin Love

Week 17: Kevin Love - He averaged 36.7 PPG on 57.1 FG% and 46.4 3PT%. 12.7 RPG, 3.7 APG & 1.0 SPG. 86.2 FT% in only 35 minutes a night.

Honorable Mentions: James Harden, Paul George, Chris Bosh

Past Players of The Week:

Key Week 17 Transactions:

Linept at Winning traded LeBron James, Goran Dragic and Jameer Nelson to Dinkers and Dumpers for Kyrie Irving, Nikola Vucevic & Michael Carter-Williams

Key Week 17 Injuries:

LaMarcus Aldridge has a strained left groin.

Tony Parker is resting a sore back.

Arron Afflalo sprained his right ankle.

Lebron James has a broken nose.

Jared Sullinger is out with a concussion.

Derrick Favors is nursing a sore hip.

Nene Hilario sprained his left knee.

Amir Johnson injured his right ankle.

Week 18 Schedule:

Honey Badgers (1) vs. NY REC TH1S (8)

Slumdog Trillionaire (2) vs. R. Sherman's Bitch (3)

PoP Goes the Beasle (4) vs. Django (14)

LFE crav'n dat Curry (5) vs. Emotional Beefcakes (6)

Master Chucker (7) vs. From Russia w/ Love (10)

Dinkers and Dumpers (9) vs. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (16)

Linept at Winning (11) vs. The Lazy Aces (15)

Horriballers II (12) vs. Alley Oops With God (13)

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