A Lakers Fan's Guide to Hating Kendrick Perkins

In tomorrow’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, our beloved Los Angeles Lakers will most likely lose. Objectively, this is probably a good thing, as it will give us a better chance at a higher draft pick this year; which in my and I think most analyst’s opinions is the fastest route back to title contention for the purple and gold. However, that aforementioned reward of a chance at banner number 17 and hopefully more in the future does not make it a whole lot easier to watch the Lakers get destroyed on national television while Chuck and Shaq* gleefully trash us pre, during, and post-game. So to make it a little easier on myself, I like to talk trash with my friend, an OKC fan, about his starting center and one of my personally most despised players ever: Kendrick Perkins. For my first ever FanPost I decided to compile a comprehensive list for myself of all the reasons to love to hate Perk and I hope you all gain as much enjoyment from reading it as I did making it.

*I did not include Kenny in this list because no one I have ever met cares or pays attention to what Kenny has to say**.

**I have not met Kenny Smith

In my opinion, and I don’t think this is incredibly controversial, Kendrick Perkins does not even really play basketball, he just mucks up the game so that other players with actual skills cannot display them or to semi-cheat in order to gain his team an advantage.

Like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Objectively, just as a fan of watching good basketball even when it isn’t the Lakers, this upsets me. Despite this, Perkins seems to think that he is a good basketball player that makes large contributions to the Thunder winning games. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any numbers that bear that out, be they traditional numbers:

Or advanced:

This article also sums up the arguments against Perkins quite nicely

Additionally I personally don't like the way that seems to believe that, and carry himself like, he is a 2-time NBA champion

And you know that if Doc was voicing that thought it is how the rest of the members of that squad felt. Only because of the media's ongoing love affair with Doc are they allowed to talk like this without taking more criticism. You can "woulda coulda shoulda" all you want Doc but every NBA team has to overcome injuries. He seems to forget that the Lakers were missing a certain Andrew Bynum in the 2008 NBA finals which they won. Wow, retroactive mini-rant alert, this wasn’t supposed to be a Doc Rivers hate post. Back to the Perkins hate:

He also seems like kind of a dick

Now a lot of the time in the NBA, whether you agree with the practice or not, players can get away with this kind of stuff if they have a lot of talent. Unfortunately for Perk, this is his career highlight


The others aren’t much better

And as if highlights like those didn't make him easy enough to hate on, he makes headlines like these

So yes: Kevin Durant is going to destroy us in front of the whole nation, but at least we aren’t counting on Kendrick Perkins to help us raise a banner! I know these thoughts were fairly disorganized, but now I got all that off my chest. I have said my piece, but feel free to let me know in the comments if I missed anything or just some specific Perk Hate of your own. If enough people are into it I might decide to make posts like these a more regular thing. A "How to Hate on (Laker Opponent That Week) type feature. .

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