The Steve Blake Team Poison!!!

Written in 2012..Steve Blake to begin his 2nd season

STEVE BLAKE HAD A TRIPLE DOUBLE IN THE LAST GAME OF THE CLIPPERS VS LAKERS OVER 2 YEARS AGO! Not only has he not come even remotely close to duplicating that feat he has played the role of Houdini!!!! Statisicially he's the worse Point guard (Fisher 2nd) /Shooting guard in NBA, worse assist PG playing over 25 mins a game, worse rebounder PG, worse steals PG, worse on ball defender n NBA. Stats dont lie!!! Blake went scoreless 7 times this year!!! scored 1-5 points 19 games. Thats 26 games with 5 points or less and he missed many games when Goudelock played and played very well!!! Because of Blake's consistently POOR game afer game Blake should win a Lifetime Achievment Academy Award, Golden Globe and People Choice from Lakers organization for WORSE Laker Basketball Player EVER. I would take Smush and Fisher any day any time over this BUM!!! Last year in Playoffs New Orleans nearly beat us last year beause of his horrific play and Dallas did beat us as you remember. Man I miss Shannon, Farmar and Sasha! Without them is why we lost with Blake after going to finals 3 str8 years!!!! This year in playoffs Blake has 12 points total (Four 3Pointers) in 3 games for a 4 point average playing 26 mins a game. After hitin 3 3's n 1st quarter of game 1...Blake has 1 field goal in the last 11 quarters including a whooping 0 points in game 2 that nearly cost us game...and 3 points last night. 0 in all important 4th as we outscored Nuggests n 3rd 26-17 without Blake. With blake in 4th we were outscored 27-19 with Blake playing ENTIRE 4TH!!! Yet every article I read. You wanna blame Pau, Bynum and Kobe, The 3 of them had 16, 18 and 23 respectively. Bresnahan pge 4 Headline read 'BRYANT'S SHOOTING WOES CONTINUE IN DENVER". Bresnahan never mentioned that Blake played entire 4th quarter and KB didnt. blake gave us 0 point and 0 assist in 12 minutes of 4th! Write that!!! Blake scored 3 points for entire game. Write that!! Barnes in limited minutes had 6. The problem is Brown playing Blake the entire 4th over Barnes whio can score, rebound, assist and get u steals and a block or two. Yet Brown plays Blake THE ENTIRE 4TH!!! While Barnes ONLY 3 minutes. If this continues in next series!! My boy KB will not win his 6th ring and you can turn all heads towads Steve Blake as the reason why!!! I dont know why none of you wanna write ANYTHING Negative about Blake! But I'm explaining to you from a basketball player. Not because I played Wardell Stone on The White Shadow. But because I KNOW the game inside OUT. Blake is our sole problem because he plays the point and shootiong guard and he does NOTHING well!!

Lakers Roster

2011-12 Roster
21 Zach Andrews F 6-8 225 03/09/1985 Bradley R
9 Matt Barnes F 6-7 226 03/09/1980 UCLA 8
5 Steve Blake G 6-3 172 02/26/1980 Maryland 8
24 Kobe Bryant G 6-6 205 08/23/1978 Lower Merion HS (PA) 15
17 Andrew Bynum C 7-0 285 10/27/1987 St. Joseph HS (NJ) 6
45 Derrick Caracter F 6-9 275 05/04/1988 Texas-El Paso 1
54 Chris Daniels C 7-0 265 04/19/1984 Corpus Christi R
3 Devin Ebanks F 6-9 215 10/28/1989 West Virginia 1
2 Derek Fisher G 6-1 210 08/09/1974 Arkansas-Little Rock 15
16 Pau Gasol F-C 7-0 250 07/06/1980 Barcelona, Spain 10
0 Andrew Goudelock G 6-3 200 12/07/1988 Charleston (SC) R

Gerald Green G-F 6-8 200 01/26/1986 Gulf Shores Academy (TX) 4
28 Jason Kapono F 6-8 215 02/04/1981 UCLA 8

Ater Majok F 6-10 225 07/04/1987 Connecticut R
6 Josh McRoberts F 6-10 240 02/28/1987 Duke 4
18 Elijah Millsap G 6-6 215 08/12/1987 Alabama-Birmingham R
1 Darius Morris G 6-4 190 01/03/1991 Michigan R
50 Theo Ratliff (FA) C 6-10 235 04/17/1973 Wyoming 16
1 Joe Smith (FA) F-C 6-10 225 07/26/1975 Maryland 16

Malcolm Thomas F 6-9 220 11/08/1988 San Diego State R
4 Luke Walton F 6-8 235 03/28/1980 Arizona 8
15 Metta World Peace F 6-7 260 11/13/1979 St. John's 12

Below is what I emailed TJ Simers on June 24, 2012

You are the reason why Laker fans hate you so!!!! the song MAN IN THE MIRROR!! U need to look in the mirror!!! Why do you continue to make your self worse off off as the most hated sports columnist in the league ever! Are u happy being an asshole??? A jerk??? A Fool??? A cruel evil man!!??...lying on kobe your whole life!!!,....hating kobe for your own personal reasons and continue to attack a man that has taken his teams to finals 7 of last 12 years with 5 rings..a man who coulda won a scoring championship this year but passed on it to win a ring? Are u kiddin me!!!??? Kobe has led the team in assist every year since hector was a pub yet he's a ball hog????? PLEASE!!!! What did Brown do Mr. think he knows it all Simers!!?? We'll for starters uinlike Brooks and Spoelstra he benched KB to start every 2nd and 4th quarters which is a no no!!! Read your stats on every time KB sat down how many times games were lost last year and leads blown and games nearly lost. 99% !!! Take that to the bank...Between Steve Blake and Mike Brown the worse player and coach ever!!! We never stood a change because Brown subs at the wrong time and plays the wrong guys for the wrong reason!!! We lost Ramon to Free agency because he would leave the worse point guard in the game to end games in Blake over Ramon!! Times have longer can u sub your key stars in 2nd and 4th quarters..ask Dallas, Spurs and Lakers...all 3 rested their super stars repeatedly in 2nd and 4th quarters and all 3 lost... Spoelstra and Brooks never ever did that in any round!!! Brown lost us 4 games in the Thunder series by resting KB in 2nd and 4th quarters for 5-6 minutes..leads all lost!! game 2 12 point lead, game 3 we won barely after blowing 23 point lead, game 4 17 point lead blown and game 5 went back and forth and was only down by 6 to start 4th...Brown should be fired by a poll of my fan club 98% to 2% because in game 5 a must win game down 3 games to 1 on the road... KB ..the one you called ball hog and can no longer carry a team and is washed up had 33 points thru 3 quarters and only 6 pts down...and KB starts 4th on BENCH...what happens??? Tthe same thing that happened in games 2, 4, and nearly game 3...KB on bench to start 4th but Brooks for the 5th str8 game starts 4th with Hardin, Durant and Westbrook on the floor up in series 3-1..why??? He was playing his best players and playing to win..he took no chances...Brown KNOWING LAKER BENCH STATISCALLY WORSE IN LEAGUE..subs with BLAKE in KB's a blink of an eye 2 three's and a bucket and we're down 14..JUST LIKE THAT!!! THAT ALONE IS WHY BROWN WILL BE FIRED AND SOON!!! Mark my word..cause your word seems to be more on the line of the late Jimmy the Greek....wrong everytime!!! Run that stat by ur brain and chew on it for a decade!!! Heat won cause they never rested Lebron and Wade in 2nd and 4th..neither did Durant and Westbrook...but because OKC has only 3 players and Heat has 8-9...they got killed 4-1. For the record!!! Nobody listens nor buys into anything you say!!! So you talking to yourself and publishing it for us to buy your take on it,....forget it!!!! ur wasting your time at the computer!! I have not met any Tweeter friend, FB friend or laker fan that likes you! Each one says ur a joke! I hate that dude!!! So when the Lakers when another ring next year and Brown is fired, Blake the REAL PROBLEM since he got here (1-8 in 2nd rds) remember you heard it from me here!!! Oh and since ur blaming PHIL for losing in last year...we went to finals 3 str8 years before Blake got here which includes winning 2 n a your history! phil is the greatest coach ever in any sports !!! He has 11 rings as a coach!!!
I wrote this email to my Real Estate Laker fan in July 6, 2013

I know. I know Alex! Take a seat. Keep your mind open. Give me a second to make the case. Keep in mind that Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic’s combined scoring average was 17.9 for the 2007-08 season, the highest total for any reserve backcourt duo that made the Finals since the ’85 combo of Michael Cooper and Mike Mcgee. Phil Jackson and the front office made a mistake in judgment during 2010, and eventually it cost the Lakers a Three Peat, a league tying 17th title, and Kobe his 6th title. Phil became enamored with Shannon Brown and that flirtation broke up the rarest of gifts a championship caliber team could have – an elite, youthful, effective backup backcourt tandem. For many of you it will be hard to equate Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic with the term elite but there’s strong evidence that in fact they were. In 2007-2008 the Lakers were built around Kobe and the long awaited development of Andrew Bynum. The biggest surprise of the early part of the season was the strong play of Farmar and Vujacic off the bench. Farmar’s speed, fearlessness, and deep shooting ability were all a welcome addition to the rotation. Vujacic, a converted point guard, settled in as a shooter / defender in limited minutes behind Kobe. With the eventual trade for Pau Gasol, the team transformed to more of an inside out playing style and this is where the young backcourt made their mark. Phil Jackson increasingly used Kobe as the backup small forward with the 2nd unit and this provided Vujacic with an abundance of open threes playing off Bryant, which he knocked down at an astounding rate of 43.7%. As a unit the young guards(Farmar, age 21, Vujacic, age 23), pushed the tempo, got easy baskets and each had enough irrational confidence to have huge games in short minutes, helping add to the Lakers aura of dominance. Combined that year, they had 7 games with 20 pts or more, and 60 games in double figures that season. As Vladimir Radmanovic fell out of favor, Sasha became a key part of the rotation moving into the 6th man role, culminating with his 20 point game in the Finals. The duo finished 3rd and 5th in production on a per 36 minute basis. Even with a devastating loss to the Celtics, the Lakers seemed to have the best of all worlds – Talent, depth and youth. A title was inevitable. Lost within the ensuing repeat titles and three consecutive Finals appearances, were the seeds of the Lakers’ collapse during the 2010-2011 playoffs. During the 2008-09 season, the midseason trade of Vladimir Radmanovic for Adam Morrison included Shannon Brown as a throw in. Brown was the classic combo guard who had struggled with his shot for much of his young career, negating his incredible athleticism. Farmar and Vujacic struggled for much of that season. Sasha’s minutes playing alongside Kobe were eliminated, as Trevor Ariza ascended as a legit starter and a glut of small forwards needed playing time. Without Kobe drawing defenders, opposing teams crowded Vujacic and he was unable to get the open looks he enjoyed from the previous year. He was also unable to create shots for himself. Farmar seemed intoxicated by the disease of more. He openly griped about his playing time and of wanting to be the starter. Farmar again got off to a fast start but shot poorly over the course the year and struggled defensively to the point that Shannon Brown began to take his minutes in the playoffs. Brown began to eat into both players’ minutes. Suddenly, the promising duo were starting to be marginalized by the coaching staff. A world championship obscured the brewing dysfunction on the Lakers bench. During the 2009-10 season, Brown grew into an even bigger role, becoming the primary backup for Bryant. Sasha, now making 5 million a year, was looked upon as expendable. Farmar was coming up on the end of his deal and was seeking a starting position. He was open to a change of scenery that allowed for more playing time. As the Lakers repeated, very little thought was given to retaining him. Steve Blake was ultimately signed as his replacement, for the same amount of dollars Farmar would sign with the Nets for, 4 million per. Subsequently, Sasha was traded to the Nets during the 2010-2011 season. The Lakers had lost speed, athleticism, shooting, ball handling, and trust. Jordan and Sasha, while flawed, were able to provide quality performances individually over the course of a season. They also were nice complements skill wise to the Fisher – Bryant backcourt. Blake was similar in style to Fisher, a slow it down half court shooter with an inability to get his own shot off the dribble. Brown struggled as a shooter and with consistency in general. With the departure of Ariza, Radmanovic, Farmar, and Vujacic, the Lakers lost most of their outside shooting and as a result, lost the spacing which made them practically impossible to defend, during their three year championship run. The ’11 team finished as a second seed in the west with 57 wins, but they were a shell of themselves. Fans and pundits alike kept waiting for them to "turn on the switch" but it never happened. Their bench no longer provided energy, shooting, skill, and moxie. By the time the Lakers reached the playoffs, their three point shooting had collapsed, their transition game was nonexistent and their inability to close out on shooters became glaring. All things the duo provided. The Mavericks swept the two time champions out of the playoffs and it was a shock around the league. Looking back, however, it was understandable. The Lakers had gutted the core of their bench and given up their youth. Blake and Brown were never able to replicate the chemistry, skill set, and production of Jordan and Sasha. The sad truth is the Lakers organization gambled that it could save money by jettisoning key members of its championship bench and keep winning titles. It didn’t happen and the championship window closed quicker than expected. The thought that a threesome of Bryant, Gasol,and Bynum was enough to keep the good times rolling was logical. But without its shooters, without its youthful perimeter players, it became easier to crowd the Lakers’stars. The last three seasons have seen the organization trying to recapture the production these players helped provide.Individually Farmar and Vujacic weren’t special, but as a unit they were.The tandem was last seen together in the Euroleague playoffs, starring for Anadolu Efes.
Kobe made a demand on twitter and a statement that Lakers r going to win now!!! Kobe wont settle for nothing less..we wont win anything as I told u when we first met until STEVE BLAKE is gone!! No year with Kobe, Pau, Nash, MWP will b grim...we must get rid of Blake to win a ruing..if we get Farmar, Defino, Phillips and Bynum or a Lamar..we win it all..BUT STEVE BLAKE MUST B GONE or NO RING!!!! We have won only 2 Playoff series since he got here in 2011...our playoff record is 8-18..worse in laker 3 yr span history!
Sent this email to Mike Bresnahan of LA Time on July 5, 2013

If Steve Bake the worse player in the NBA comes back and is not Amnestied... 2,500 season ticket holders who has formed Steve Blake is a bust union will not renew their season tickets ...including me!!! We went to finals in 08,09,10..then Blake came in 2011 and we got swept by Dallas, last year lost to OKC 1-4 and this year Spurs swept us....We have won only 2 PLAYOFF series since Blake got here, been swept twice and first time in Laker history got swept in 1st rd this year....we're 8-18...he was named statistically the worse PG in NBA!! He better get waived, cut or amnestied or Lakers will lose 2,500 season ticket holders! We're also glad Dwight chose Houston!!! What a bust of a player..I told Laker brass he wouldn't come back and they should have signed and traded him...When u gamble u lose! Look at Vegas!!
To Ben Bolch of LA Times on Aug 24, 2013

That article today was HORRIBLE!! First of all Kobe will be in starting line up on opening day and play in preseason!! Secondly Our starting line up is: Kobe , Nash, Pau, Hill and Young...thirdly haven't you heard Lakers are in the midst of trading Blake since he has a no waive clause in his contract...they love Lester Hudson...and if Kobe doesnt play in preseason by his choice...Wesley Johnson would start and or Meeks in his place not the worse PG in Steve Blake..he has ruined this franchise every year unproductive year he's been here! we. He stopped us from 4peating!!!
We tried to 3peat with sorry Blake after Shannon, Sasha and Farmar left having taking us to 3 str8 finals in 08,09,10..then Blake came in 2011..we got swept that year by dallas this past year by Spurs and won 1 game in rd 2 against OKC 2 yrs ago... in Blake's 3 years here..he is a complete utter BUST!! And a Jenks to this franchise!!

Emailed May 8, 2013 to my Real Estate buddy Alex,
Blake has been our bugaboo our jenks...our bad luck from one! We went to finals 08,09,10 winning 09 & 10 WITHOUT BLAKE..then we got Blake..Got swept in rd 2 by Dallas in 2011...last year 2012 lost to OKC 4-1 and this year swept by Spurs..numbers dont lie!! WITH BLAKE IN HIS 3 YEARS 2011, 2012, & 2013 AGAINST DALLAS, OKC & SPURS WE'RE 1-12...INCLUDING BEING SWEPT BY DALLAS & SPURS IN 2 OF THE 3 YEARS...TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE WE HAVE WON ONLY 2 RDS IN HIS 3 YEARS HERE. WITH BLAKE... 0-8 IN PRESEASON FIRST TIME EVER FOR LAKER TEAM SWEPT IN RD 1 THIS YEAR..FIRST TIME EVER BY LAKER TEAM 82 PTS A GAME N PLAYOFFS...FIRST TIME EVER IN LAKER HISTORY AND LOWEST EVER IN SHOT CLOCK ERA N NBA BLAKE AVG 6 PTS A GAME AS LAKER..WORSE EVER FOR ANY LAKER PG.
Not only is Blake bad luck to this franchise and all its players...he is bad luck to himself!! He has been injured and has missed a minimum of 13 games since he arrived in 2011. I warned Mitch, the late Jerry Buss and Jim that this would happen. I told them I have a gift for this. Apparently they think they know more.
Well, 3 years later with only 2 1st rd wins since 2011, 0-8 pre season last year, 1st rd sweep for time in Laker history last yr, another injury pleaqued season...8 games under 500, Kobe 2nd injury since Achilles..(Which never happened in his career), Nash, still hurt since he got here, Xman out...never been hurt in NBA, Farmar,,,never been hurt twice before in any level, Kaman's Back been a problem, and now Nick playing thru a injury.
No Laker team in its history has ever experienced so much injuries. Even Fisher, Metta went down when they were Lakers cause of the Steve Blake Poison and they r known as IRON MEN!.
Steve Blake presence is soooo powerful!!! You must rid your self of him and you will see a miraculous cure! Next year when Blake is gone all Laker fans and Execs will see what I 've been saying for nearly 4 years now...with Blake in Laker Uniform you can be sure injuries and loses and no rings will happen! Without him we will be back to be Laker champs! WATCH how quick and easy it happens! No Blake ...we win it all! With Blake we barely make playoffs and lose cause of his negative presence that causes injuries and loses!!
When its not broke (going to finals in 08,09,10) DONT fix it! Now nearly 4 years later..No 17th ring for Lakers, No 6th for Kobe, Blake is the lone remaining roster member from 2011 along with Kobe & Pau. Yet he is the ONE player (Poison) that shoulda been gone years ago...matter a fact NEVER shoulda came here!

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