NBA-SSR Fantasy League - Week 23 *PLAYOFFS EDITION*



Player of the Week/Month: Stephen Curry

Curry is a baller. 'nuff said. The past week, Averaging 28ppg on 47.5%FG, 90% FT, and 42.9%3pt. 5RPG, 9 AST(3.0 TOs), 2.5 STL, AND 0.0 BLOCKS PER GAME OMG!

From Rotowire: Curry scored 39 points on 14-of-22 shooting, including 7-of-12 from three-point range, in Golden State's win over Portland on Saturday. It was payback night for Curry, who was torched by Portland's Damian Lillard in January for 37 points and seven three-pointers. Curry may be the premier perimeter shooter in the game right now. In the past seven games, Curry has connected on 49 percent (33-for-68) of his three-point attempts. His 3.4 three-point makes per game leads the NBA.

Past Players of the Month

Kevin Durant (Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb)

Lebron James (Mar.)


Kyle Lowry (Week 1)

Kobe Bryant (Week 2)

Kevin Durant (Weeks 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15)

Chris Paul (Week 5)

Lebron James (Weeks 6, 9, 17 [NSFL All Star Game MVP], 22)

Jameer Nelson (Week 10)

Jrue Holiday (Week 12)

Stephen Curry(Week 14, 19, 23)

Samuel Dalembert (Week 16)

James Harden (Week 18)

Deron Williams (Week 20)



Unsung Player of the Month: Gerald Henderson

Gerald Henderson has been averaging 22.5 points on 52.4% FG, 78.9% FT, and a nice 44.4% 3pt, along with 5.3 RPG, 2.3 APG(2 TOs), 1.3 STL, and .9 Blks. Not bad considering he had 34 and 35 PPG two games in a row. Solid!

Past Unsung Players of the Month

Chandler Parsons (Nov.)

Larry Sanders (Dec.)

Tristan Thompson (Jan., Feb.)

Jeff Green (Mar.)


SoCalGal Division
*4. LFE wnats cuhkies 106-79-4

12. Boomshakalaka! 93-95-1

16. the shawism 78-109-2

19. firstto100 67-117-5

20. Point Forwards 60-125-4

bluexfalcon Division
*1. Valar Morghulis 119-69-1

*5. Pat Railly's Kult 109-74-6

*7. The Kingslayer 103-85-1

14. Horriballers 86-99-4

18. ArTESTIFY! 74-111-4

lakergirl Division
*2. Kobe Bryan RATATATA 117-69-3

*8. Jeremy Lin 99-87-3

10. HugoChavezExperience 92-90-7

13. The Lil' Puddingtons 91-96-2

17. All Dwight Long 77-111-1

DexterFishmore Division
*3. Koshu 113-72-4

*6. NY Phantom Menace 103-82-4

9. The Lazy Aces 98-89-2

11. smart_guyz 93-92-4

15. KnightsOfTheApollo 78-105-6

  • * = clinched playoff spot



(1) Valar Morghulis7

(8) Jeremy Lin2

View Matchup Quarterfinal

(4) LFE wnats cuhkies5

(5) Pat Railly's Kult4

View Matchup Quarterfinal

(3) Koshu5

(6) NY Phantom Menace4

View Matchup Quarterfinal

(2) Kobe Bryan RATATATA3

(7) The Kingslayer6

View Matchup

(1) Valar Morghulis6

(4) LFE wnats cuhkies3

View Matchup Semifinal

(3) Koshu1

(7) The Kingslayer4

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