The Only Good Thing About This Season: It Is Over And I Am Flipping The Off Switch!

Orson Welles once said: " If you want a good ending it all depends on where you stop your story". Well, this Lakers story should have stopped before the first game of the year!

This is a tremendously sad time for me. There is a Lakers playoff game tomorrow and for the first time in 30 years, (yes THIRTY YEARS!), I am not going to watch it. My favorite Kobe jersey will be folded in the drawer, the DVR will be idle, the TV will be off and I will be riding my bicycle to the beach trying to forget about this tragic season and the misery in my Laker heart. Please next season come fast, I don’t know if I can handle this. As a basketball fan I bleed Purple and Gold and right know this is as low as I have ever felt ever. EVER!

As much as I hate this feeling, years like that make sports so addictive and unpredictable. It reminds us that the journey is absolutely necessary to reach our destination and nobody can predict how it will turn out. It turned from sure championship to dreaded rebuild. What makes it so unbearable is the fact that we Laker fans are not use to it. Where other teams usually struggle, we enjoyed through the years great runs and fortune smiling continuously our way. We hit absolute bottom this year and I hope that balances the scales and pays off our good fortune debt.

As C.A. Clark very well noted in his post, there is nothing left to say or analyze so we might as well all stand up and join in a moment of silence to wave this horrible season good bye. Myself, I choose to move on and hope that my beloved Lakers are going to come out of this stronger and better. I am going to leave you with a few thoughts and suggestions and I welcome your comments and discussion my fellow Laker brothers. It will make the healing period easier to bear.

When Kobe’s Achilles tendon snapped the Lakers Achilles tendon was severed at the same time. Kobe Bryant will be back next year but please remember that the time we have left to appreciate one of the greatest players ever putting the ball in the basket is nearing the end. Just channel all the positive energy you can master towards our Black Mamba. As strange as it sounds, the time he needs to heal from the Achilles injury will probably positively extend his career. I can see Kobe now playing 3-4 more years as the rest of his body will actually heal as well and his determination to prove father time wrong will add to the amazing memories #24 enabled all of us to mentally collect through the years.

Mike D’Antoni should absolutely be given another chance to return next year. He adjusted his coaching style and the team turned it around in the second half and if it was not for the injuries this story would have a much different ending. Phil Jackson will not be coaching the Lakers, not next year not in this lifetime. He is 68 years old with an 80 year old body and he wants full control of the Lakers or any other team’s operations he will get involved with at this late stage of his career. The Lakers will never disrespect Mitch Kupchak and throw him to the streets so they can turn the keys of the Bentley to Phil. Jeannie might want to but Jim would never allow it in respect of his father’s memory and gratitude. My Laker brothers when you judge Mike D’Antoni please do not compare him with Phil first because nobody in the history of the NBA can compare to Phil and second because Mike did not replace Phil. He replaced Mile Brown. Whom would you rather have next year? D’Antoni or Brown? I thought so!

I really do not have a clue about how the Lakers roster will look next year but I wish more fans realize that “The two Bigs” are not necessarily an advantage in today’s NBA. In the 70’s or the 80’s the “twin towers” would have been an advantage but in David Stern’s NBA dictatorship it is actually a huge disadvantage. The league is about entertainment and fast play and the referees have been conditioned by the league to promote that style. How else can you explain the fact that short fast point guards like Parker, Paul and Westbrook are bailed out and send to the foul line every time someone touches their pinkies and Howard and Gasol are left sometimes bleeding on the floor with a look of disbelief on their faces while the other team scores a fast break basket on the other side? We need a fast small point guard like that and Grandpa Nash is not it. (By the way the misfortunes of the Laker season started when Mafia Stern vetoed the Paul trade robbing the Lakers of 3-4 great years and perhaps another championship. I hate your fake smile commish. Your unfairness stinks!)

With all due respect because I really like him, if we keep Kobe, Howard and Gasol next year, Nash has to be released immediately or traded for a water boy. That will erase from D’Antoni’s mind past memories and temptation of run and gun. The theory of the 4 superstars with no bench support failed miserably. Look around you people. Miami has 2 and a half superstars and it works perfect. No other team has more than 3 superstars working together, there are not enough balls, shots or minutes to go around and it keeps young support players from improving. Not to mention the age factor as well. Out of respect trade him back to Phoenix so he can retire his Hall of fame career.

So this is it for me my Lakerholic friends. This season has left a horrible taste in my mouth and I am flipping the off switch until next year. If your stomach is strong you might want to watch the final game. There is a chance the final chapter of this tragic year could give you the last opportunity to see Howard, Gasol, Nash, World Peace or anyone on the current roster in a Laker uniform. I can’t bring myself to do that. I hate inevitability and inevitability has rarely seemed so strong for my beloved Lakers. There is no light right now at the end of the tunnel but take my word for it: It will be when we get there.

See you all next year

P.S. By the way for all of you out there: Amnesty and Kobe do not belong in the same sentence. NEVER!

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