NBA-SSR Fantasy League - Week 19


Player of the Month: Lebron James

Lebron averaged 28.9 points on 62% shooting. 43% from behind the 3 point line. Not to mention 7.9 boards, 8.3 dimes & 2 swipes per contest. Somebody finally decided to take the POTM award from Kevin Durant.

Past Players of the Month

Kevin Durant (Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb)


Unsung Player of the Month: Jeff Green

Green has shown glimpses of why the Celtics were willing to give him that huge contract. He has put up 15.4 ppg on 52% shooting, with 4.2 rpg, 1.8 apg & 1.7 bpg over the past 30 days. He is also shooting 38% from 3 and 90% from the charity stripe.

Past Unsung Players of the Month

Chandler Parsons (Nov.)

Larry Sanders (Dec.)

Tristan Thompson (Jan., Feb.)


Player of the Week: Stephen Curry

36.8 points, 6.3 assists & 2.5 steals per game while shooting 56% from deep. Nuff said.

Past Players of the Week

Kyle Lowry (Week 1)

Kobe Bryant (Week 2)

Kevin Durant (Weeks 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15)

Chris Paul (Week 5)

Lebron James (Weeks 6, 9, 17 [NSFL All Star Game MVP])

Jameer Nelson(Week 10)

Jrue Holiday(Week 12)

Stephen Curry (Week 14, 18)

Samuel Dalembert (Week 16)

Key Transactions

The Lil Puddington's traded Nikola Pekovic, Michael Kidd-Gilcrest & Derrick Rose to Jeremy Lin for Jarret Jack, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute & Emema Okafor.

Boomshakalaka! traded Jeff Green to firstto100 for Robin Lopez.

Boomshakalaka! traded Carmelo Anthony & Jason Kidd to The Kingslayer for Jose Calderon & Kosta Koufas.

NY Phantom Menace traded Jamal Crawford, Luke Ridnour & Byron Mullens to Point Forwards for Mike Conley & Ersan Ilyasova.

KnightsOfTheApollo traded Kenneth Farried & Derrick Williams to smart_guyz for Gordon Hayward & Al-Farouq Aminu.


( - - ) indicates record, [#] indicates current playoff seed

SoCalGal Division

  1. LFE wnats cuhkies (87-71-4) [#4]
  2. Boomshakalaka! (76-85-1)
  3. the shawism (68-92-2)
  4. firstto100 (59-98-5)
  5. Point Forwards (50-108-4)

bluexfalcon Division

  1. Valar Morghulis (104-57-1) [#1]
  2. Pat Railly's Kult (96-62-4) [#5]
  3. Ed Hochuli & Friends (86-75-1) [#8]
  4. Horriballers (74-85-3)
  5. ArTESTIFY! (67-92-3)

lakergirl Division

  1. Kobe Bryan RATATATA (99-60-3) [#2]
  2. Jeremy Lin (86-73-3) [#7]
  3. HugoChavezExperience (80-76-6)
  4. The Lil' Puddingtons (81-79-2)
  5. All Dwight Long (62-100-0)

DexterFishmore Division

  1. Koshu (98-61-3) [#3]
  2. NY Phantom Menace (88-72-2) [#6]
  3. The Lazy Aces (82-78-2)
  4. smart_guyz (77-82-3)
  5. KnightsOfTheApollo (71-85-6)

Week 19 Schedule

Valar Morghulis vs ArTESTIFY!

The Lil' Puddingtons vs HugoChavezExperience

LFE wnats cuhkies vs Boomshakalaka!

Koshu vs KnightsOfTheApollo

smart_guyz vs NY Phantom Menace

Horriballers vs The Kingslayer

Jeremy Lin vs Kobe Bryant RATATATA

the shawism vs firstto100

The Lazy Aces vs Point Forwards

Pat Railly's Kult vs All Dwight Long


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