Dr. Jerry Buss has passed away

Christian Petersen

Longtime owner Doctor Jerry Buss has passed away this morning due to cancer. An extremely sad day for Lakers fans, and basketball fans, worldwide.

Los Angeles Lakers owner Doctor Jerry Buss has passed away this morning. This is a devastating announcement to make, post to write, and thought to think. A few days ago news broke that Dr. Buss was battling cancer and had spent time in the intensive care unit. Just moments ago Mike Bresnahan reported the news of his passing.

Despite the early reports surfacing that Dr. Jerry Buss was in his final days. there were no official statements made from the team on his status, leaving hope that the 80 year-old owner of the Lakers could recover. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and the cancer was too much to overcome.

Jerry Buss revolutionized basketball with his insistence on creating a more entertaining product. In turn, he created the "Showtime" Lakers. His desire to merge Hollywood and the hardwood made the Lakers one of the most renown sports franchises in the world with the larger than life presentation at the Great Western Forum, winning tradition, and the celebrities that, to this day, the team still attracts.

His legacy will forever be a part of not only the Lakers franchise, but the National Basketball Association, and fans of the purple and gold worldwide. Dr. Buss was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2010. In his speech he claimed he was "happier than anyone" to make the hall of fame and called his purchase of the Lakers a "dream come true". - Silver Screen and Roll

Our community is here for Lakers fans, and without Jerry Buss, there would be no Silver Screen and Roll. There would still be the Lakers, but without Showtime-- without his vision-- there's no telling what the purple and gold would have been. His acquisition of the Lakers in 1979 forever changed the organization, and the National Basketball Association.

Thank you for everything Dr. Jerry Buss. From all of us here at Silver Screen and Roll, and all of the fans worldwide. Your contributions to basketball will never be forgotten, or matched.

Our thoughts are with the Buss family. Jerry Buss is survived by six children.

Please, leave your thoughts below. Let's reflect on the greatness that is the legacy of Jerry Buss. I know many of us are taking this hard, but lets keep it positive and respectful.

Thank you again, Jerry Buss. Rest in peace.

Jerry Hatten Buss

January 27th, 1933 - February 18, 2013

The greatest owner of all-time.

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