NBA SSR Fantasy League Week 6


Don't fret everyone, Adam Silver LFE is here to save the day. As your newly appointed co-commissioner, I will attempt to get this league back on track. We will iron out the waiver money that hasn't been distributed since week 3, and we will get our weekly FanPosts back in order.

Week 5 Breakdown:

From Russia w/ Love kept his top spot after narrowly defeating the House Lannister power house that is smarties. There were 2 upsets this week, with Django up-ending Slumdog Trillionaire 5-4 & Master Chucker putting the hurt on NY REC TH1S 6-3. Most of the match-ups were close, with the only blowout coming at the hands of Horriballers II, as he beat the injury-rattled JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. team.

Waiver Payouts:

I will be attempting to get these ironed out this week. If you will leave a comment below, I will look into the request and try to get all waiver cash handed out accordingly. This goes for week 4 and week 5.


  1. From Russia w/ Love (31-14)
  2. smarties (27-17-1)
  3. Drinkers and Dumpers (27-18)
  4. NY REC TH1S (26-17-2)
  5. Honey Badgers (27-18)
  6. PoP Goes the Beasle (24-21)
  7. Slumdog Trillionare (23-20-2)
  8. Horriballers II (21-22-2)
  9. Django (22-23)
  10. Alley Oops With God (21-24)
  11. LFE Wnats Cuhkies (19-25-1)
  12. Linadequate (19-26)
  13. Emotional Beefcakes (18-25-2)
  14. The Lazy Aces (17-26-2)
  15. Master Chucker (17-28)
  16. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (15-30)

Player of the Week:



Stephen Curry - He averaged 31 PPG on 52.4 FG% and 51.4 3PT%. 5.0 RPG, 8.3 APG & 2.3 SPG. 85.7 FT% while playing 42.5 minutes a night.

Honorable Mentions: Kevin Durant, Ryan Anderson, Paul George

Past Players of The Week:

Key Transactions:

NY REC TH1S traded Miles Plumlee to PoP Goes the Beasle for Jarret Jack.

Slumdog Trillionare traded Steve Blake & Mo Wiliams to Linadequate for Pau Gasol. Linadequate dropped Kelly Olynyk.

LFE Wnats Cuhkies traded OJ Mayo, Kyle Korver & James Anderson to JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. for Eric Bledose, Andre Igoudala & Robin Lopez.

Honey Badgers traded Klay Thompson to JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. for Derrick Rose, Ricky Rubio & Brook Lopez. While dropping Ramon Sessions and Tiago Splitter.

Key Injuries:

Anthony Davis, JJ Redick & Paul Pierce are all out indefinitely with fractured hands.

Jeremy Lin is out for several weeks with a sprained right knee.

Kyle Korver is day to day with a rib contusion.

Bradley Beal is out with a right leg injury.

Andre Igoudala is out with a sore hamstring.

Marc Gasol is out several weeks with an MCL Sprain.

Week 6 Schedule:

Dinkers and Dumpers vs. From Russia w/ Love

Slumdog Trillionaire vs. Honey Badgers

smarties vs. NY REC TH1S

LFE wnats cuhkies vs. Django

Linadequate vs. The Lazy Aces

Alley Oops With God vs. Master Chucker

Horriballers II vs. Emotional Beefcakes

JAVALE McGEE P.O.S vs. PoP Goes the Beasle

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