NBA SSR Fantasy League Week 9 *RIVALRY WEEK*

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Week 8 Breakdown:

Down goes the leader! From Russia w/ Love took a beating from Horriballers II in a 2-7 defeat. He gave up the number 1 spot to smarties, who defeated LFE Wnats Cuhkies 6-3. After beating The Lazy Aces 7-2, Pop Goes the Beasle took the division lead in House Martell away from Dinkers and Dumpers, who fell from 4th to 8th place. Master Chucker made a huge jump in the standings after beating Alley Oops With God 8-1, and went from 15th to 10th place. Dinkers and Dumpers & Honey Badgers finished in a 4-4-1 tie, which caused them both to lose $5 in waiver cash.

Waiver Payouts:

Slumdog Trillionaire: $5 (Ersan Ilyasova)
smarties: $5 (Mike Conley)
LFE Wnats Cuhkies: $5 (Luol Deng)
Honey Badgers: $31 (Caron Butler, $5 & Brook Lopez, $26)
Linnin' On A Prayer: $5 (Steve Blake)
Javale McGee P.O.S.: $5 (Kirk Hinrich)
The Lazy Aces: $10 (Marc Gasol & Larry Sanders)
Django: $5 (Jeremy Lin)
From Russia w/ Love: $5 (Dion Waiters)

Honey Badgers & Dinkers and Dumpers: - $5 due to a tie

Please make a comment below regarding any objections or inquiries about week 8 waiver money.


  1. smarties (44-27-1)
  2. From Russia w/ Love (44-28)
  3. Honey Badgers (42-29-1)
  4. PoP Goes the Beasle (40-32)
  5. NY REC TH1S (41-29-2)
  6. Slumdog Trillionare (40-30-2)
  7. Horriballers II (38-32-2)
  8. Dinkers and Dumpers (37-34-1)
  9. LFE Wnats Cuhkies (34-37-1)
  10. Master Chucker (34-38)
  11. Linnin' On A Prayer (34-38)
  12. Emotional Beefcakes (32-38-2)
  13. Django (31-41)
  14. Alley Oops With God (29-43)
  15. The Lazy Aces (27-43-2)
  16. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (22-50)

Player of the Week:



Stephen Curry

Week 8: Stephen Curry - He averaged 25.3 PPG on 45.5 FG% and 37.5 3PT%. 4.0 RPG, 12.0 APG & 3.3 SPG. 100.0 FT% in only 35 minutes a night.

Honorable Mentions: Lebron James, Damian Lillard, Joe Johnson (ruled out of PoTW due to a missed game)

Past Players of The Week:

Key Transactions:

LFE Wnats Cuhkies traded Ty Lawson, David Lee & Gordon Hayward to Master Chucker for Dwayne Wade, Luol Deng & DeAndre Jordan.

Key Injuries:

Kobe Bryant is out for 6 weeks with a fractured left knee

Luol Deng is resting a sore achilles

James Harden is out with a sprained right ankle

Brook Lopez is out for the season with a broken foot.

Week 9 *Rivalry Week* Schedule:

Slumdog Trillionaire (6) vs. From Russia w/ Love (2)

Dinkers and Dumpers (8) vs. NY REC TH1S (5)

LFE wnats cuhkies (9) vs. Honey Badgers (3)

smarties (1) vs. Linnin' On A Prayer (11)

Alley Oops With God (14) vs. PoP Goes the Beasle (4)

Horriballers II (7) vs. Master Chucker (10)

The Lazy Aces (15) vs. Django (13)

Emotional Beefcakes (12) vs. JAVALE McGEE P.O.S. (16)

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