NBA SSR Fantasy League Week 2 *RIVALRY WEEK*


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Dunk on all the haters MCW, dunk on them all. Especially the Heat.

Welcome to the regular season people!

Week One is in the books and it was eventful! The surprise of MCW. Russell Westbrook is back already. Who know's what's next? That's the beauty of fantasy. We've got 20 more weeks to look forward to, full of action and adventure. Next up is the first of three rivalry weeks, which are all worth bonus waiver money! Speaking of which, we already have a tie after one week, 4-4-1 between The Lazy Aces and LFE wnats cuhkies. Because we are 'MERICAN here and abhor ties, both will be punished with a $5 penalty as a result.

If you think you are deserving of waiver cash after week 1 based on the established rules, please post in the thread.

Player of the Week: Michael Carter-Williams

In a record tying debut, he recorded 9 steals and was oh so close to a quadruple double with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists. He went on to average 20.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, 9 assists, and 4.3 steals per game on 47% shooting from the field and from 3. MCW gets the nod because he was drafted in the 9th round and no one expected this so early and with decent percentages. He's an early candidate for ROY and this years Damian Lillard.

Honorable Mention: Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, Kevin Love

Past Players of the Week

Week 1: Michael Carter-Williams


NY REC THIS traded Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin to Slumdog Trillionaire for Spencer Hawes and Miles Plumlee

------ Buying high or does someone know something we don't?

Linvincible traded Andre Iguodala and Brook Lopez to JAVALE McGEE P.H.D for Pau Gasol and Jameer Nelson

------ Is that P.H.D. from Ball So Hard U or the Shaqtin-a-Fool Academy for tards? I'm leaning towards the latter after week 1.

Honey Badgers traded Manu Ginobili and Brandon Jennings to Master Chucker for Tim Duncan and Harrison Barnes

------ The winner of this trade will be determined by the amount of DNP's between Manu the POO GOD Ginobili and Tim Duncan


( - - ) indicates record, [#] indicates current playoff seed

House Stark

3. From Russia w/ Love (7-2-0)

6. Slumdog Trillionaire (5-2-2)

11. Horriballers II (2-5-2)

16. JAVALE McGEE P.H.D. (2-7-0)

House Lannister

2. smarties (7-2-0)

8. The Lazy Aces (4-4-1)

9. LFE wnats cuhkies(4-4-1)

13. Linvincible (2-7-0)

House Targaryen

4. Honey Badgers (6-3-0)

7. NY REC TH1S (5-3-1)

10. Emotional Beefcakes (3-5-1)

12. Django (3-6-0)

House Martell

1. Dinkers and Dumpers (7-2-0)

5. PoP Goes the Beasle (7-2-0)

14. Alley Oops With God (2-7-0)

15. Master Chucker (2-7-0)


    Dinkers and Dumpers vs. Master Chucker

    Slumdog Trillionaire vs. JAVALE McGEE P.H.D.

    smarties vs. LFE wnats cuhkies

    Honey Badgers vs. NY REC TH1S

    Linvincible vs. Django

    Horriballers II vs. From Russia w/ Love

    The Lazy Aces vs. Emotional Beefcakes

    Alley Oops With God vs. PoP Goes the Beasle

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