Swapping Forwards-Josh Smith for Pau Gasol

Hi, im a bulls fan...but im also an nba fan, and more importantly....a guy who really hates the Miami Heat. I rooted for you guys to become a super team this year mainly because derrick rose was out with his acl, and the bulls really didnt do anything except pinch pennies this offseason. guys have kinda sucked.....

As much as I, as a bulls fan, would love to have Pau Gasol, there really isnt much of anything the bulls can give the lakers that would help them out. So instead i offer you a trade that not only helps you out, but also the atlanta hawks (take that miami!)

Josh Smith and Johan Petro for Pau Gasol

I think this makes too much sense for both teams. The hawks have been struggling (for years really) trying to perfectly acclimate Josh Smith into their system and mesh of players. For a few years now Smith has been rumored to have suggested he wanted out of ATL. He's on his last year and the hawks are probably going to lose him for nothing at the rate they are going in.

Pau Gasol has recently found himself in a similar situation. He is being asked to start possessions away from the post, and while he is a very good shooting big man, its out of his comfort zone. The few times ive seen him run pick and rolls in the D'antoni System has been awkward since pau, perhaps due to habit, tends to turn his back to the hoop the moment a defender shows up to contest and starts going into his post move repertoire in order for a basket. This wouldnt be a bad thing except it screw up the offensive system, allows the opposition defense the time to recover, and just breaks the offense in general.

Swapping the two forwards makes sense because their games are ideal for their counteparts team.

Josh Smith actually prefers to start possessions on the perimeter. He has good form on his jumpers but isnt a real knock down shooter. He is however extremely athletic, and powerful in movement, loves to attack the rim off the bounce, and is a very good help defender. The comparison to a younger Amare is pretty evident, but unlike Amare josh smith is a very under rated defender as well. Not only does he fit the ideal big man description for the D'antoni system, he also is a young and athletic player, and an ideal "Plan B" just in case howard decides he does not want to stay in Lala Land.

Pau gasol and Al Horford would be pretty great together in the front court. They both have similar style of play but are also both very versatile and unselfish. They would make a very formidable twin tower front court, ala memphis (though where zach and marc like to be mainly in the low post pau and horford both prefer to be the high post). It also helps them run their offense with their guards and wings because all their guards seem to be combo guards, and all their wings are spot up shooters.

As an nba fan, i felt this trade works well for both sides....


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