A fantasy trade

I think I've concocted a fairly reasonable trade in spite of the fact that 99.99% of posters on this board would reject it. I like fiddling around with the trade machine and I post my trade ideas on a bunch of different blogs to get deeper insight and understanding of the positioning of other fans. I also enjoy the feedback that I receive from fans from other teams. Given that I live in Los Angeles, I am more than familiar with the team as I have been watching this team play all 82 regular season since the 1995-1996 season. I'm 100% that virtually everybody would be opposed to the idea of trading Pau Gasol especially after acquiring Dwight Howard but I digress. Kindly hit the jump and view the trade.

First I will post the Link. Now I'll write out the terms of the deal just in case the link fails to work.

The Lakers Receive: Channing Frye, Kevin Martin, Jared Dudley, Brad Miller, and Patrick Patterson

The Rockets Receive: Pau Gasol and Marcin Gortat

The Suns Receive: Marcus Morris, Earl Clark, Chris Duhon, Andrew Goudelock, Donatas Moteijunas, Toney Douglas, Jeremy Lamb, Gary Forbes, and Toronto's unprotected draft pick via Houston

I realize the Lakers would most probably turn down any deals involving the 7 foot spaniard hence the title "a fantasy trade." However, I still believe that there will be spacing problems that will continue to exist in the front court. Gasol stated he was uncomfortable being relegated to a spot up shooter more than usual this past season as Bynum emerged as the team's second option. Bynum has more range than Howard meaning that Gasol will be playing his mid-range game more than ever. Frye, being the solid spot up shooter, defender, and rebounder that he is could resolve this issue fairly easily. Ryan Anderson won the MIP award playing next to Howard and Frye is an older and skinnier version of Anderson; he also has good chemistry with Nash which is a plus. I understand that Frye is nowhere near the kind of talent Gasol is, but Gasol has had two sub-par postseasons in a row so that is also something to consider. (With Nash by his side, it would be unlikely for Gasol to have a third consecutive postseason flameout, but the risk is still there.) The Lakers as a team were 26th in 3PFG%, teams can simply clog the paint and force the Lakers players to make their threes which they haven't been capable of doing for the past couple of season. Frye, Dudley and Martin are all solid three point shooters; Martin and Dudley would make excellent backups. Looking at last season's production at the SF position, the were 29th in 3PFG% and 28th in points scored. Artest has slowed down considerably as he has aged and his defense has suffered because of it; backing him up with a younger, enthusiastic and hard-working Jared Dudley is an ideal situation. Let us not forget that Dudley is also a close friend of Steve Nash and is currently the franchise player of the Phoenix Suns (Not Kidding). Martin gives the Lakers a viable back up shooting guard; this move would be great for Martin given his extended history of injuries and what not. The Lakers would have a guy capable of scoring 20 points a game back up one of the league's best scorers, what more could you ask for? Patrick Patterson is a solid defensive big and an energy guy; you can't have to many of those on one team. Lastly, Brad Miller can be waived without any significant impact against the cap (Waiving Miller would cost less than a Million)

The Rockets do this because they missed out on the Howard sweepstakes and have been chasing down Gasol for a couple of years now. And while Gortat is no Nene (the Player the Rokcets initially hoped to pair with Gasol) his per 36 minute statistics have been consistent throughout his career meaning he doesn't need Nash to help him score and he does;t need Nash to help him rebound the ball or defend. The Rockets are in deep waters given they currently have nothing to show for despite having stripped their team essentially bare for a run at Dwight Howard; the next best thing to do would be two acquire to players capable of playing like all-stars.

This is where it would get more complicated given that both the Suns head coach and President of Basketball Operations are both in contract years; they both want to win as much as possible. With that said, the Suns are also in the middle of a rebuild and have done an excellent job of compiling assets and draft picks while also free up cap space. This moves accomplishes those three aforementioned goals of rebuilding in one fell swoop. The Suns are probably not interested in hand Gortat a max deal; the parameters of which I am at this point uncertain but am aware he will receive. While giving Gortat a max deal would not be a bad move per se it would go against the idea of a rebuild in that it would tie up cap space to a player who might not even be a top five center in the western conference, let alone the NBA. (I would rank Gasol, Howard, Cousins, a healthy Bogut, and Pekovic before Gortat) As such, the best course of action would be to acquire some young talented players who have a bright future in the league; the highlights of the package for the Suns being Lamb and Motiejunas. The Suns also get what is most likely going to be a lotto pick from the Raptors and given the Suns current status in the West, they can probably use their two lotto pick in next year's draft to move up. Duhon, Douglas, Forbes, Clark, and Goudelock are probably gone after the season and Morris stays because of his deal and because of the pre-existing chemistry between he and his brother Markeiff Morris. (Duhon has a partially guaranteed contract which I'm sure most of you know, but I'm clarifying anyways)

So there you have it folks; I realize that this is not a trade most, if not all, of you would make however I would really appreciate the feedback. And thank you for reading

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