I *Trawled* the Silver Screen...

I got a little curious today about Lakers fans and their reaction to the acquisition of Steve Nash. Were they thrilled? Pleased? Apathetic? Were they generally Laker-esque in their haughty and showboating stereotyped manner? Did they wring their hands like so many diabolical hell-creatures content with a world domination plan coming to fruition? I only know a handful of Lakers fans here in Arizona and can’t seem to connect with them lately, so I decided to troll Silver Screen and Roll this afternoon. I’m so glad I did.

“We're the dark side now? We were always the Empire...oh wait...” bypasser

I never thought a stroll over to the “dark side” would make me feel better about Steve Nash’s departure, but it did. I left with a sense of pride and peacefulness knowing that Mr. Nash will be well received in Los Angeles by hoards of hardcore fans. I had to patch up some really bad grammar and spelling issues before posting the comments below, but you’ll get the idea. Observe:

“It's just…so beautiful.” classiccrime

“Go crazy folks! GO CRAZY.” Tkuang

“The Lakers finally have a real PG to play with Kobe.” mr92687!!!

“What a great day! First we find a Higgs-Boson and now Nash shows up in LA.” Laserface

2NASHTY gotta change his name.” smart_guy

“I can somehow imagine Kobe welcoming Nash like this: ‘Yo Steve, can you give me back that MVP title in 06?’” RRV

“We got a fighter in this guy. We know he'll give it his all. A warrior he is.” AV.

“This isn’t real, is it? It’s not real. Mind racing. Stern can’t basketball reason this one.” deadmuse

“You be skeptical....THE REST OF US BE CELEBRATING!!!” Robert Horry

Sure, there were a couple disparaging comments about his age (…Oh Noes! He turns 39 soon!), speculations about his health (…he watches it, but groin injuries are a worry - should they steal Phoenix’s medical staff?), and about how he’s perhaps only the 4th best player on the team (…no comment). But the general sentiment is that of extreme enthusiasm. Feeling better already…

Some of the commenters even felt a little bad for the dejected Brightsiders. See:

“Bright Side of the Sun is exploding in fury and disbelief right now lol.” Tkuang

“Feel sorry for them...” Jelly Bean

“I don't. F*** Phoenix. Because I, like Kobe, have a memory :)” VampMuse

“I hope Sarver built a fallout shelter.” shawism

“Means it must be that good for us.” bypasser

“LOL BSOTS front page story: Steve Nash a Laker, and a Traitor- haha.” rballer

I would like to put the spotlight on one commenter who, quite obviously, has a strange fixation with dissing Brightsiders and fluffing the Lakers in true LA style: VampMuse. This person is kind of a…meany. But, this guyJevon O pops up a few times to state, “I love the suns blog. No lie.” So, thanks for that I suppose.

My personal feelings? Oh diary, let me tell you straight: I LOVE STEVE NASH. I don’t care where he goes, what he does or how he goes about doing it. I’ll cheer him on in Los Angeles and wish him well. He gave us beautiful basketball memories and some of the best years of his life. That is all.

"Beat LA?" she said, sheepishly....

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