You Don't Trade Size, Unless You Trade Size for Size; Why D12 Makes Sense For Both Teams

It is a truism that NBA teams should not trade bigs, unless it is in exchange for more bigs. Why? Because you can count the number of top tier centers in the league on one hand. When it comes to starting centers, there's D12, Bynum, perhaps Hibbert, and everybody else.

Dave Chapelle counting the best bigs in the NBA

The Lakers understand this concept better than most other franchises. From Mikan to Chamberlain, Abdul-Jabbar to Shaq, and even Floppy Divac, the Lakers have almost always had a franchise big.

This is exactly why Andrew Bynum, despite his injury-proneness and insane immaturity, is going nowhere ... unless it's Orlando. It's also why, if Pau Gasol is traded for a starting point guard, either that trade or one that follows will bring back another power forward.

Up until the playoffs, an argument could have been made that if Bynum wasn't better than D12, he was D11.5. Bynum has a better offensive game and a more Shaq-like body. D12 is an arguable MVP candidate and DPOY, but lacks a polished offensive game. I was on the "devil you know" train, especially with D12's drama throughout last offseason and regular season. Who needs another diva?

Well, we've already got a diva. Bynum skips huddles, chucks threes, and generally acts like an ass.

So why would the Magic want him?

Who else are they going to get? They have to trade D12 now. They've fired the coach, GM, and D12 has already indicated to "sources" that he wants out ... again. His drama seems to be centered around a desire to win, which he presumably would if he were teamed up with Kobe and the greatest franchise in professional sports.

Orlando can front, and pretend that the Lakers aren't their only realistic option, but it still comes down to the truism. Big for big, size for size. There are no other options, unless they plan on scrapping everyone and lottery-fishing for a few years. They did that with Shaq. They won't do it again.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Lopez. Whichever one is in New Jersey Brooklyn. As bad as Bynum's knees are, foot and ankle troubles can be worse for a big man. See Luke's daddy, Bill Walton, former Laker Great Chris Mihm, and Žydrūnas Ilgauskas' first ____ years in the league.

Bynum has shown, over the past couple of seasons, that he can remain healthy. His two knee injuries were freak accidents. I think we, and Orlando, can be pretty confident that he'll be okay for at least the next few seasons.

Any other suggestions for possible Orlando trade partners? Hibbert's not going anywhere. JaVale McGee's not anywhere near a franchise guy. Nene's a possibility, but he's not a franchise guy either. Orlando would be mired in the dreaded "8th Seed Hell" for the next four or five years.

By getting Bynum, they get a guy that can step in now, and fulfill D12's role. Bynum gets to be "the man", which hopefully means he becomes less of a dick. And the Lakers get a guy that will be a perennial Defensive Player of the Year Candidate and a guy that will provide consistent effort, rebounding, and decent offense as a second option to KB24.

They can throw in Reddick too, if they want.

P.S. Sign Greg Oden to a two year, league minimum contract.

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