Crazy Trade Idea

Well I was reading over some trade rumors that were out there and I was inspired to think of a trade idea of my own. It would likely never happen but it doesn't mean it isn't fun to consider it. The trade partner is the all too familiar Boston Celtics.

The trade with the Celtics is based off of some rumors that have been swirling about an exchange between the two teams and I decided to take it in a bit of an extreme direction that I believe could make sense depending on how the Celtics view their chances of retaining two key free agents.

The Trade:

Paul Pierce - Ray Allen - Kevin Garnett for Andrew Goudelock - Devin Ebanks - Josh McRoberts - Andrew Bynum -Odom TPE

Initial Reaction:

While it seems completely crazy to trade the former Big-3 for the Celtics for Bynum + pieces you have to realize that this is going into the 2012-2013 season and before the ebd of next year's postseason, the players will be 35-37-37 and Rajon Rondo is currently better than all of them. Another key factor is that both Garnett and Allen will be free agents (which means this has to be a double sign-and-trade) and while the Celtics likely could re-sign them at discounted rates, it is likely that the Celtics realize that this year is the final run for this core.

Why the Lakers do it:



Although they take on a lot of age they get significantly better as a team in the short term and have a core that can ride it out through the end of Kobe's time. While they are worse off in the long run, they firmly commit to trying to win now. This may seem short-sighted to sacrifice the long run for the short run but I think the Lakers need to choose between the two instead of trying to do both, as they have done unsuccessfully for the past two years (which has resulted in zero championships and a questionable-at-best long term core).

Hopefully Morris could take Blake's spot at backup PG by the middle of the season and the Lakers could retain Hill, pick up another post player with the mini-MLE (maybe worth giving Odom a shot or getting someone like Camby/Nazr Mohammed), and sign Brandon Roy to the veteran's minimum if he wants to come back (the risk is definitely worth it but he may want more money [questionable if he is worth the mini MLE...depends on what you think of Hill]).

The lineup would then be: Sessions - Kobe - Pierce - Garnett - Gasol with a bench of Morris - Allen -World Peace -Hill - Camby with Blake and Roy as reserves.

Let the future be a problem for the future and do everything possible to get banners #17+ up now by getting the most out of Kobe's last years.

Why the Celtics do it:

This one may be more of a stretch but give me a chance to explain my thinking.



The Celtics, once eliminated (be it by the Heat or the Spurs/Thunder) will realize that their window with the big 3 is shut and that they need to start moving forward with the Rondo era. This is expedited by the fact that 2 of their former big 3 will be free agents. Allen has become their 6th man with the breakout season of Avery Bradley and would likely only be retained for a steep hometown discount. Garnett on the other hand, is the heart of that team and is someone I think they would like to bring back but I can't imagine him getting more than half of his 2011-12 $21 million contract.

By getting the almost 25 year old Bynum, they get an elite player that would give them a player that would give them a massive advantage over the Heat while adding to their young core which consists of Rondo (26), Bradley (21) as well as likely including Brandon Bass (27) and possibly Jeff Green (almost 26).

Say Bass picks up his option, Greg Steimsma signs his qualifying offer, the Lakers pick up Goudelock's option, and Ebanks gets a contract of around $1.5 (just a guess, no idea with him) then with 9 players under contract the Celtics would have a salary of only $40,650,826. This would allow them to lock up Bradley long term and give him the raise he deserves, and to go after an elite free agent or a couple of really good ones. They could very easily set up a deal with Jeff Green that will become official after they reach the salary cap (since they have his Bird rights) and bring in someone to compete with Green for the starting SF spot, a 6th man, and then sign a backup point guard for the minimum.

Potential free agent targets for SF could include Ilyasova (the same 3-4 tweener that Green is, which would give the exceptional flexibility), Gerald Wallace, and maybe even Batum if the money is right. Targets for a 6th man would include Jason Terry or Louis Williams or they could look into restricted free agents like George Hill or Eric Gordon.

A potential lineup after this trade could look like Rondo - Bradley - Ilyasova - Bass - Bynum with a bench of Ford -Terry - Green - McRoberts - Steimsma with Goudelock and JaJuan Johnson as reserves. That is an extremely young team with loads of potential.


I think the Celtics may come out the victors in a deal but that is because they have done a better job developing young players with Bradley and adding key pieces like Green and Bass through trades. The Lakers get a team that is capable of winning multiple titles short-term and a blank slate in the long run, which is not tied to a 7 foot tall extremely talented but also extremely petulant player.

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