2012-2013 roster

1. PG: Kyle Lowry or Goran Dragic (Lowry could be had through a trade with Gasol due to his recent unhappiness with the Rocket organization. If not, sign Dragic and give him the starting role because he is a star in the making and greatly produces when his number is called)

2. SG: Kobe Bryant (Using the amnesty is a joke. Does he do things that sometimes hurt the team? Yes, but those are still over shadowed through his greatness. The guy is a legend.)

3. SF: Kevin Martin or Chandler Parsons (Martin is unhappy with his playing time but has not lost his ability to score. His shooting range will clearly help stretch the floor also. Some may disagree about Parsons here, but he is a fantastic role player that does all the little things right and brings great length, prototypical Spurs’ player. Also has the ability to stretch the floor with long range shot)

4. PF: Michael Beasley (Great athlete for his position, wants a starting role, and can be had through free-agency. Has a good mid-range shot and can give our center/Kobe room to work.)

5. Andrew Bynum or Dwight Howard (If the option opens up and the Magic want to trade him and we decide to get rid of Andrew due to his immaturity then swing the deal. If not, neither is a bad choice.)

· Ramon Session (Good player but not a top player at his position and would be great coming off the bench.)

· O.J. Mayo (This would give us what we have been lacking since L.O. He is a great scorer off the bench that can go toe to toe with James Harden. He also can guard the 1-3 on the floor and will play at the end of the games.)

· Devin Ebanks (Shows promise, lanky athlete, who is a great defender.)

· Jordan Hill (Thrived in our system and can come off the bench and get a double-double on any given night.)

· Josh McRoberts (Still under contract, and is still fairly young. Also bring hustle and size.)

I think this is one of many options that we could go in. A lot depends on Pau Gasol. If we keep him then we still need to upgrade the PG and SF position. We need to be able to stretch the floor CONSISTENTLY while getting younger. The option up top gives us more financial flexibility losing World Peace and Gasol’s contract also. With this roster we would get younger, faster, and more athletic. My only knock or worry for this lineup would be their ability on the defense end, but with defense being Mike Brown’s forte I think getting guys that can already score would be a good idea because a defensive mentality is fairly easy to teach.

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