Jevon O's Bullets: The Game of The Season


Well, the Lakers played on Sunday again. And, like clockwork, the Sunday White's curse struck, but one of our two resident crazy Small Forwards were there to absorb the brunt of the curse, and all was set right with a heavy dosage of Kobe's signature magic to bring the biggest win since game 7 in 2010. Yes, this win was that big. And yes, it hurt Oklahoma City as much as you might expect. On to the bullets!

  • First things first: you guys can say Stern hates the Lakers all you want, but know that he is surely cognizant that when the Lakers play, ratings rise. I have yet to see one corner of the internet that is not blazing with some talk about the Thunder, Lakers, or Ron Ron.
  • Good lord, Los Angeles Lakers. You know how to make a game entertaining. Only you can churn out instant classics like this. Think this game won't be part of Kobe's lifetime highlight reel? Think this game won't be replayed on NBATV sixteen times during the summer? This game had every single thing a fan tunes into a sporting contest for: drama (and plenty of it), big shots, big stops, big blocks, big dunks, big comebacks, mvp caliber stars, star guarding other teams star after requesting it to coaching staff, star players being benched, heroics at the end of a game, controversy, playoff implications... you name, this had it. And damn if our Lakers didn't come out on top. We may not win it all this year, so if we don't, you better watch this game a good 3-4 more times, because this will be as good as it gets. Mark my word.



  • Thank you Russell Westbrook. I know you've never encountered a spot on the floor that didn't seem like a good spot for a pull up jumper out of the flow of your team's offense, and for that, I thank you. Expect flowers in the mail.
  • Durant.... MVP? Hmmm... if you follow my posts on here you know I love Durant and Lebron, moreso than almost any other non Lakers in the league. When people talk bad about them, I'm usually there with Marty saying something defending them. But if they want to get repeated accolades, they're going to need to actually earn them. Big game? Deliver. Big game again? Deliver again. They've played great sporadically, like when Lebron carried his Heat over the Nets recently or when Durant carried the Thunder over the Wolves when Love was pouring in bucket after bucket. But, it's not enough. I'm not a stats guy. I need big performances in big games, repeatedly. You know who my MVP is. And you know I'm DAMNED angry that he's getting almost no talk about being in the standings for winning the award.
  • Ron Artest happened yesterday. The backlash has been as brutal, polarized, ignorant, and overtly racist as you might expect. Take it away Yahoo/BDL, Silverscreenandroll, and Basketball Jones commenters:

And we wonder why so many inner city kids are thugs? Look at their role models. He should be be arrested for assault and battery. Kicked out of basketball forever....what a piece of feces.

  • Oh, really now?

He is an idiot with the brain capacity of a 4th grader. He is a thug who needs to be fined several million bucks and kicked out of NBA forever. Remember he has already been banned for 1 year for being an idiot and a thug. He needs to be picking up my trash on Tuesday mornings...... And eve that might be too good for him.

  • Why thank you, good sir, for your astute analysis.

Kobe is sick.. but yo, I wanted to give my view of the MWP situation, not being a fan of either team. MWP was already in the act of celebrating, when for some reason Harding chose to bump into him. But I do believe it couldve been like 70% accidental and 30% on purpose. I didnt appreciate Mike Breen and JVG commenting on a play that they pretty much only saw on replay, in super slow motion. Which gave the play a much more malicious look. It happened to fast. But I did notice it when it was about to happen, and I was thinking who ever that is (harding) needs to watch out, cause MWP is about to start celebrating. Or kissing his biceps. LOL.

  • Interesting! What is this lack of name calling I'm seeing!? This must be from silverscreenandroll.. from a Suns fan. They're all good peoples (I'm not even joking. Love the guys who come over from the Suns blog).

Rhetorical question: Do NBA players have immunity from prosecution for their actions on the court? This was assault, pure and simple. It had NOTHING to do with the game of basketball. Why shouldn’t Artest be charged criminally for his action? He blatantly and with no provocation attacked and injured somebody in a way that was wholly unrelated to game play. How is that not a crime?

  • Jail him! To the chair with this not-good-enough-to-be-a-trashman-inner-city-thug character!

Watch it in super slo-mo.
Then lock him up for attempted murder.
Seriously. Harding may never be the same and could have died from head trauma.
And please don’t compare this to sports with helmets or gloves…

  • And I’m finished. Before the ignorance threatens to consume me, I’ll close my browser windows and post some level headed analysis. And lest you berate me for choosing to quote crazy people, these are the same crazy people that help make up our NBA's fanbase. So, Stern and Co., when you dole out a penalty, please use the logic sector of your brain and not the "appease the fans" section of your brain. There's no appeasing certain people. Do what you will, and I'll respect it.
  • Marty, bring it home for us:
So, just watched the replay a couple times... Harden comes to get inbound pass and Metta is celebrating emphatically. To me, it looked like MWP knew a guy was there but wasn’t intentionally aiming for him as much as he was attempting to get him out of his way. He looks back after the hit and shrugs it off as is he doesn’t even realize it. I don’t think he knew it was Harden either. That said, 2 games is what this deserves to me. As I said above, if Love can step on a guy’s face while looking at him with full intent to step on him and get 2 games. MWP deserves the same thing. 2 game suspensions for elbows seems right to me. Also, it was on the ground and not in the air which to me lessens the impact of such a thing.
  • That's enough of that. Next? Andrew Bynum. This guy makes me furrow my brow. Yes, he is great at offense. Yes, he blocks shots. Yes, he has the ability to get rebounds. Yes, he creates an inexhaustable scoring option for the other team. Wait, what? Yep, Andrew, that's on you. Mike Brown, Laker coaching staff, Andrew, Kobe, someone, please address this problem. Added to that, when he's out there sulking and complaining about how it's someone elses fault the rotation messed up, it's only worse (because then he's not even getting rebounds).
  • You know why Kobe is so great? I'll let a commenter from The Basketball Jones cue you in (and this guy is the opposite of a Kobe fan):

Thabo shouldn’t have lowered his hands, even for a split second, on that second jumper from Kobe. It was already a tough shot to release so quick from 25 feet out, make it as tough as can be, even if the man was shooting 30% or something for the game.

  • Did you catch that? Kobe is in a terrible spot to shoot, has been struggling all game, is tired, is old, is coming back from injury, and the bystanders opinion is to guard him closer. His enemies always consider him deadly. Always. That, sir, is clutch.


'Kobe baptising Sefolosha' via

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