Hey, You. Create Humor. Now! 4/17

Edition 2.2 (season #2, contest #2) of SS&R's "unofficially official" create-a-caption contest has begun. The time to submit captions for week #5 has ended and the rec's have been counted. The winner for last week's contest was..........................{drum roll}.............................Hepcat77.

Congratulations to Hepcat77 on this week's win. Welcome to the C-A-C and the Hall of Fame. What an awesome introduction! Thanks for bringing the funny this week. Thanks to those of you who participated in this weeks contest. I hope to see most of you posting in the new C-A-C thread, as it makes it worth while when more people participate in the post.

How To Play:

Create a caption from the picture in the Fan Post and post it as a comment. Only one caption/GIF/picture can be used per post. You can, however, create as many captions as you wish. The post with the most rec's will win, and receive the most points for that week. Each contest will run for about 8 weeks.

How points are earned*:
1st place : 5 points
2nd place : 4 points
3rd place : 3 points
Honorable mention : 2 points
Favorite comment : 1 point

*points are given out on a weekly-ish basis, and in the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by me (LFE).


Contest Rules:

1. "The C.A. Clark Rule" - You cannot win two contests in a row. If you are the winner of the previous contest, you can participate and receive points, but you will not be named the champion (even if you have the highest point total).

2. "The shaqfor3 Rule" - You can only post one caption at a time. This applies to GIFs, pictures and multimedia posts as well. You can post as many captions as you want, but each one has to be separate from the others.

3. "The cldpc Rule" - You can only place one time every week. Your top caption will only be taken into consideration. This way, everybody has a chance to place week to week and it makes the contest much more competitive overall. The only way to place twice is with the favorite comment of the week.


See below for Hepcat77's comment as well as the 2nd place, 3rd place & Honorable Mention captions.

Create-A-Caption Contest Picture - 4/2



1st Place: Hepcat77


by Hepcat77 on Apr 6, 2012 10:02 AM MDT reply actions 12 recs


2nd Place: cldpc


by cldpc on Apr 2, 2012 4:07 PM MDT reply actions 7 recs


3rd Place: x Nightwing x


by x Nightwing x on Apr 2, 2012 9:42 PM MDT rreply actions 4 recs


Honorable Mention: BruinFan1


by BruinFan1 on Apr 2, 2012 9:50 PM MDT reply actions 4 recs


Favorite Random Comment of the Week: N/A



4C (Create-a-Caption Contest Champion) 2.1 Standings:

cldpc: 20 points
Koshu: 11 points
BruinFan1: 9 points
LakersFoEva: 6 points
Hepcat77: 5 points
imposibol: 5 points
PoPs_737: 4 points
LakerAce: 3 points
LakersFoEva: 3 points
SoCalGal: 3 points
x Nightwing x: 3 points
Joshua S: 2 points
bluexfalcon: 1 point
mrkn2ny: 1 point



Hey, you. Create humor. Now!


via - 4/17


4C 1.1 Champion - C.A. Clark
4C 1.2 Champion - bluexfalcon
4C 1.3 Champion - Joshua S
4C 1.4 Champion - AJackson729
4C 2.1 Champion - Koshu


Also, visit the Create-A-Caption Hall of Fame to see all of the weekly winners.


Remember to have fun. The best remedy for anything in life is laughter.

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