SS&R Hawaii Meet-and-Greet 2012 - Where, Who and When

Aloha e fellow Silver Screen and Rollers!

The Hawaii meet-and-greet, which started out as a novel tongue-in-cheek idea, is on its way to becoming a reality! This is the first of a series of fanposts for planning and coordinating this first-time event.

The meet-and-greet will be held in Honolulu, i.e. the island of Oahu.

As for the specifics of the meet-and-greet, those will be determined much like how many wonderful things come to be in Hawaii: they will figure themselves out based on who shows up, and what they bring to the mix in terms of interests and sense of adventure. For example, some people may be perfectly happy staying in Waikiki to shop and sunbathe the whole time, whereas others may choose to venture further out to sightsee and explore the amazing natural environments on the island and offshore.

But first, we have to schedule the event and find out who plans to attend, so if you're seriously interested in taking a Hawaii vacation, and meeting some of the legendary and infamous SS&R characters with whom you root for the Lakers via this blog, then please continue reading after the jump.

Oh, and did I mention I'm buying a round of umbrella drinks for whoever shows up? . . .

1. Interested in Joining the Fun?

If you'd like to attend the meet-and-greet, please let us know by posting a comment below.

2. When Can You Visit Hawaii?

Please follow this link to SurveyMonkey, and take the survey to let us know which week(s) you're available.

  • It's fine to choose consecutive weeks if you'd like to include a full weekend within your vacation.
  • Feel free to further describe your preferred travel dates and other vacation plans when commenting below.
  • Please provide your feedback ASAP. Based on the results of the survey and your comments, the goal is to set dates for the meet-and-greet by this time next week, so participants can begin looking into travel and accommodations, which will be further discussed and firmed up in the next fanpost regarding this event.

Regardless of who shows up, and the degree to which we're able to synch up our schedules and plans, this is gonna be fun and worthwhile for those who can make it! If it turns out that we can't come to a consensus regarding the best dates for the event, heck, I'm perfectly fine if we end up with multiple meet-and-greets throughout the summer.

OK, look forward to hearing from you!

Current Guest List

(as of April 18, 2012)

Name Attendance Status Available Starting Available Until Accomodations Notes
crushmybones Possible TBD TBD TBD Likely available after June
I3oh Confirmed June 20* June 27 Waikiki Yacht Club Willing to share accommodations
Koshu Confirmed June 18 December 31
Marty Mart Possible TBD TBD TBD
So_hee Confirmed June 18* June 30* Waikiki Yacht Club Plans to attend with other family members, may provide accommodations to share
SoCalGal Confirmed June 20 June 27 Waikiki Yacht Club Willing to share accommodations.
tiger child Possible TBD TBD TBD
VMuse Possible After August 10 TBD TBD

= M&G #1 = M&G #2 * = Flight booked † = Accommodations arranged
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