Kobe is the most overrated player in NBA History.

And it's not even close.

Nothing makes me more sick than people gushing over how wonderful Kobe Bryant is. About his incredible drive to be great and his winning mentality. It's pretty disgusting. Here are some facts for you, you know, the things Kobe lovers never want to see.

Facts- The Lakers are 1-7 when Kobe takes more than 20 shots this season, a similar stat to the one the Lakers have had in the past few years,AKA the entire decade. Kobe currently has the 4th most turnovers a game at 3.8, and of the players in the top 10 the only one with fewer assists is Greg Monroe. Kobe is a terrible 3-point shooter, 33.7% for his career and shot an impotent 30.3% last year, yet he still took 5 a game. Last year Kobe took 23 shots a game and shot 43% from the field. Kobe Currently ranks 5th all time in total points scored, yet he has by far, the worst FG% of the 5, and of the top 30, only Havlicek, Hayes, Iverson, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Hal Greer shot a worse %, and none of them were far off Kobe besides Iverson and Havlicek, not very good company for a guy a lot of people say is top 5 of all-time.

Is that not good enough? How about some more.

Kobe is not even a top 10 player all time.





Oscar Robertson

Bill Russel

Wilt Chamberlain

Julius Erving


Tim Duncan

People love to talk about Kobe's 5 rings, well, I like to point out a few things. First I mention he was just along for the ride for the first 3. Second I like to point out the ones he practically lost single-handedly. The one vs Detroit, and then the embarrassment against Boston.

The Boston one really pissed me off, because the Kobe apologists tried to lay it off on Pau. Kobe shot a horrific 40.5% from the field in that series and still took just under 22 shots a game with 3.8 TO's a game. That's Allen Iversonish. Oh and kobe in the elimination game? 7-22 with 1 assist in a 92-131 final, disgusting. Oh yeah, but at-least he redeemed himself, right? Yeah because a couple years later against the Celtics he shot.......40.5% and took....23.3 shots a game. And went 6 for 24 in game 7. And yet he was voted Finals Mvp. Kobe scrotum tickling at it's finest.

Kobe is nothing more than a high volume scorer. He's in the same class as Allen Iverson, he was just lucky as can be that he got to play for the Lakers who surrounded him with top level talent, the years he wasn't? Mediocrity. And that leads me to me final points.

Kobe the grizzled and fearless team "Leader". This is the man Phil Jackson himself called uncoachable. This is the man who DEMANDED TO BE TRADED practically the second things got tough. This is the guy who publicly rips teammates and scolds them on the sideline for not being "aggressive" as he goes 10 for 30. Kobe doesn't want to win. I said it. He has to be the reason they win. This is the guy who actually brags about it being HIS team. Seriously, what a great teammate, right?

I am a Laker fan, and I hate Kobe.

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