NBA-SSR Fantasy League - Week 2


Player of the Week: KYLE LOWRY

With 23.7 ppg on .575 FG%, .500 3PT% and .944 FT%, Kyle Lowry is the Player of the Week for Week 1. This is Lowry's first selection as Player of the Week in the NSFL. Lowry also chipped in 7.3 rpg, 7.0 apg, and 3.7 spg.

Past Players of the Week

Kyle Lowry (Week 1)

Key Transactions

Jeremy Lin traded Kyrie Irving and Darren Collison to LFE wnats cuhkies for Monta Ellis, Manu Ginobili, and Caron Butler

Ed Hochuli & Friends traded Tyreke Evans to Horriballers for Danny Granger

smart_guyz traded Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony and OJ Mayo to Jeremy Lin for Isaiah Thomas, Paul Millsap and Glen Davis

firstto100 traded Rudy Gay and Jodie Meeks to NY Phantom Menace for Luol Deng and Chandler Parsons


( - - ) indicates record, [#] indicates current playoff seed

SoCalGal Division

  1. Boomshakalaka! (8-1-0) [#1]
  2. the shawism (6-3-0) [#5]
  3. firstto100 (4-5-0)
  4. LFE wnats cuhkies (3-6-0)
  5. Point Forwards (1-8-0)

bluexfalcon Division

  1. Valar Morghulis (7-2-0) [#2]
  2. Pat Railly's Kult (6-3-0) [#6]
  3. Ed Hochuli & Friends (5-4-0)
  4. ArTESTIFY! (3-6-0)
  5. Horriballers (2-7-0)

lakergirl Division

  1. HugoChavezExperience (6-3-0) [#4]
  2. Kobe Bryan RATATATA (6-3-0) [#7]
  3. Jeremy Lin (5-4-0)
  4. The Lil' Puddingtons (4-5-0)
  5. All Dwight Long (3-6-0)

DexterFishmore Division

  1. The Lazy Aces (7-2-0) [#3]
  2. Koshu (5-4-0) [#8]
  3. smart_guyz (4-5-0)
  4. NY Phantom Menace (3-6-0)
  5. KnightsOfTheApollo (2-7-0)

Power Rankings

  1. Boomshakalaka! (8-1): Kobe Bryant is out of this world. He outscored Point Forwards by himself (107-84), and didn't exactly lack in the efficiency department either (.597 FG%, .947 FT%, .529% 3PT%)
  2. The Lazy Aces (7-2): Kyle Lowry with a ton of assists? Sure. A ton of rebounds? LOLWUT? And then you have Anderson Varejao's rebounds.
  3. Valar Morghulis (7-2): gen!e paced his matchup against Horriballers with strong performances from Paul George and Roy Hibbert.
  4. Jeremy Lin (5-4): Prevailing in an exciting, to-the-wire matchup with The Lil' Puddingtons is a good sign (6 rebounds, 3 assists, or 5 turnovers could have flipped it). Only time will tell if trading away Glen Davis and Paul Millsap will hurt a frontcourt that is still without Amar'e Stoudamire.
  5. Kobe Bryan RATATATA (6-3): afrikabamboodle's centers and forwards strategy seems to be working. He came away with victories in FG%, rebounds and blocks. And he almost acquired Russell Westbrook.

Week 2 Schedule

Valar Morghulis vs ArTESTIFY!

The Lil' Puddingtons vs HugoChavezExperience

LFE wnats cuhkies vs Boomshakalaka!

Koshu vs KnightsOfTheApollo

smart_guyz vs NY Phantom Menace

Horriballers vs Ed Hochuli & Friends

Jeremy Lin vs Kobe Bryan RATATATA

the shawism vs firstto100

The Lazy Aces vs All Dwight Long

Pat Railly's Kult vs Point Forwards

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