Howard’s Next Destination Is Presumably Hollywood

Entertainer, he is indeed. The setting, fittingly, is perfect in Hollywood, a gorgeous city filled with movie stars, lights, cameras and much action, if and when Dwight Howard prefers to leave from Disney World and the sunniest address for a contending franchise in Southern California. It’s clear that he wants out of Orlando to possibly end a bleak stint in his early years as an NBA star for a franchise with likely no promise in the near future.

It’s no surprise the all-star center, a brilliant entertainer for the NBA show business, is longing to leave behind the Orlando Magic, jaded of the failed personnel decisions by GM Otis Smith for refusing to make any moves. With a bundle of behind-the-scene issues, we are starting to sense unhappiness from Howard, disgruntled and upset after asking Smith to assemble a supporting cast behind him.

The sound of this, which can’t be good for the Magic or even the most annoyed fans, is a perturbed player whining and imagining himself playing in a Clippers or Lakers uniform. It’s even when the most confounded fans can’t help but wonder where he might end up soon, whether he will be playing on center stage in Hollywood.

So maybe he can bring high-flying dunks to L.A., rise to the occasion as a superhero – also known as Superman – and then pose as a one-two punch alongside Kobe Bryant. For a change of scenery, anyway, maybe he’s aspired to migrate in a high-market city and finally contend for a championship — never been given another opportunity at winning a title since the disappointing loss against the Lakers in the NBA Finals three years ago.

But soon enough, in this most diverse, infatuated region of purple and gold, word surfaced that Howard wants to play in Los Angeles. As of late, expressing interest in two L.A. basketball franchises, he’s not singing gospel music but warbling the lyrics from Randy Newton’s “I Love L.A.”

He’s a natural-born player, a gifted 6-foot-11 giant built with physique and size, the big man who can earn a star with his name on it at the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. He is the missing piece for the Lakers, the tallest man who has the body of a superhero and enough heart, and now they should pursue a trade for Howard with all knowledge that L.A. is his preferred destination.

If the Lakers acquire the tallest man, they undeniably become the championship favorites and position themselves for a massive dynasty. The road will get harder for every team, and the Lakers might be viewed as an unstoppable team in contention for the title with reinforcements from one of the league’s biggest stars.

He is known as the Kryptonite center, a man striving to be the best player in the middle, clogging the inside, stopping dribble penetration and protecting the paint, the kind of style Lakers head coach Mike Brown reiterate to his players so often. The idea of this trade, the idea of this move is to SUPERSIZE the Lakers, having already won 10 championships under the Buss regime, and it’s only smart if the Buss family lure Howard to play for purple and gold.

They love him, he loves them deep down inside – he’s just ashamed to say it and actually is focused on playing for the Magic, until his current team decide to deal him. It might not be anytime soon that Orlando trades him in exchange for veteran players, seeking to build around Howard and doing everything they can to keep him. His presence is a boon for spectators, and the Magic realize that he’s a ticket-seller, enticing fans to turn out in a large capacity at Amway Center.

For now, he is using his comical nature to downplay the discussion regarding any trade speculations, mocking the media and bringing laughter to press conferences on most nights. After this season, Smith and the Magic know they will lose Howard during free-agency in which he will test the market, no doubt, and could sign for millions in another city, another market, another organization, all for a compelling package.

The Lakers, a team in need of a taller and more physical superstar, can send Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum to Orlando in exchange for Howard, a 6-foot-11, 265 pound big fella with one thing on his mind: a championship. Or he can even end up with the Clippers, reportedly adding the Lakers’ in-town rivals to the list. Either way, that is, he is aiming to embark on a new path in Los Angeles.

He wants to play in Los Angeles, yes. He wants to leave Disney World and the humidity for Disneyland and the warm and breezy climate in Southern California, yes.

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