Lakers Draft Michigan's Darius Morris, Charleston's Andrew Goudelock, Some Other Guys

CHARLOTTE, NC - MARCH 20: Darius Morris #4 of the Michigan Wolverines misses a last-second tying shot over Ryan Kelly #34 of the Duke Blue Devils as the Wolverines lose 73-71 during the third round of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at Time Warner Cable Arena on March 20, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

41st Pick: Morris is a 6'5 point guard who's originally from Los Angeles. Draft Express says his best-case comp is Andre Miller, while his worst-case is Mustafa praises his size, finishing ability and first step while noting that he "doesn't possess any outstanding athletic qualities."

46th Pick: Here's the Ben Rosales take on Goudelock...

Goudelock is basically a poor man's Jimmer, as he has toned down versions of Fredette's strengths while more pronounced weaknesses. Like Fredette, he has insane range on jumpers off the dribble, augmented with the deft use of shot fakes to open himself up for midrange shots. Moreover, Goudelock blew away the shooting drills at the combine, notably his insane 21-21 mark on a timed shooting drill off the dribble. And while he's primarily concentrated on scoring, he does have some point guard chops, although one could safely characterize him as a combo guard. As I noted previously, the Lakers can live with guards like that, as Goudelock isn't required to always initiate the offense with Kobe and Odom on the team, but you can at least be assured that he'll throw the ball into the post every so and then. Goudelock's primary problems stem from his lack of athleticism, his solid testing at the combine notwithstanding, as he was a pretty poor finisher at the rim in college and didn't always have the burst to free himself for a shot off the dribble. As with most of these cases, one can probably split the difference and characterize Goudelock as average rather than deficient. Regardless, Goudelock's ability to stay with his man on the next level is always going to be a recurring problem.

Here's the Draft Express look at Goudelock. The scouting report is here.

56th Pick: Chukwudiebere Maduabum.... ?? No one seems to have heard of this guy. He's 6'9", he's from Nigeria and he averaged 0.7 points and 0.3 rebounds in the D League last year. I... I don't get this one. (Update: according to various sources on Twitter, this guy's being traded to Denver for a future second-round pick. Not yet clear if there are any conditions attached. If you're still curious about Maduabum, Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside has some intel.)

58th Pick: Ater Majok. Played a year at UConn, played in Australia last year. He'll play abroad again next season. Fran Fraschilla called him "a reach." At the 58th pick. Jeebus. And Ben Hansbrough and David Lighty were still on the board. Oh well... when you're a team with as much young talent as the Lakers, I guess you can afford to punt on a couple selections.

After the jump, a post-draft Laker depth chart....



2nd String

3rd String

4th String




Morris (a)



Brown (b)

Goudelock (a)


World Peace


Ebanks (c)





Caracter (c)



(a) - Drafted but unsigned.
(b) - Has player option for $2.4 million. Rumor is he'll not exercise it and instead become a free agent.
(c) - Unguaranteed for next season.

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