(Hypothetical) Trade Combining Recent Rumors

Part 1 of Trade

LAL gets: Andre IguodalaMartell Webster, Darko, Michael Beasley, and Jonny Flynn.

PHI gets: Ron ArtestLamar Odom

MIN gets: Pau Gasol

Part 2 of Trade 

PHI gets: The 2nd overall pick (presumably Derrick Williams? Kanter?)

MIN gets: Thaddeus Young

Caveat: TY is a RFA, and I think doing this part of the deal would be complicated by the CBA discussions and pending lockout.

Why LAL does this trade: 

1) Because the Lakers get deeper and younger 

2) Webster and a much more comfortable Steve Blake would provide better shooting 

3) We address a need at PG with Flynn

Potential Obstacle to LAL pulling trigger? Taking on more salaries, contracts, and basically, almost completely rehauling the team. Too much change for a team that was already built to win now.

Why PHI does this trade: 

1) They get two proven, solid, veterans that will help now and can help bridge the gap when the young studs are ready to take over. Artest, granted, is not what he used to be, but he's still one of the better defenders in the league, and playing out of the triangle can't hurt his offense/overall game. Lamar Odom would provide a lot of the versatility Iguodala would leave behind, could start or come off the bench and do everything else in-between. 

2) I don't know how much they trust in Turner, but Iguodala being traded would open up big minutes for Turner to take a step forward. Since I don't know that much about Turner, this could very well be as much a reason to NOT trade AI2.

3) If that Thaddeus Young for the #2 swap is feasible/happens, PHI now has another young stud to build the future around.

Potential Obstacle to PHI pulling trigger? Perhaps there are better trade offers out there. Artest's contract not worth the risk of potentially NOT having an amnesty clause?

Why MIN does this trade: 

1) Kahn has to win NOW. (Save his job, save face by not letting their 2012 pick the Clips have become a top pick, etc)

2) That whole rhetoric about the Rubio-Pau-Spain connection.

3) MIN is a CLE selection of Williams away from finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. We all know they'd much rather have Williams than Irving, and by trading this pick for Thaddeus Young (who probably would have been a top 3, 5 pick in this year's draft), they're avoiding that danger in addition to getting a fine young slasher to add to a core of Rubio-Johnson-Love-Gasol.

Potential Obstacle to MIN pulling trigger? If Thaddeus Young refuses to be signed-and-dealt to MIN?. Maybe there's a slight concern about the roster becoming thinner, but I think that core could actually attract a few more solid free agents than they have in past years.







I posted this on Canis Hoopus (MIN's sbn blog) and Liberty Ballers (PHI's sbn blog) as well. Both places said LAL are clearly getting the better end of the deal and, naturally, thought each of their respective teams were getting the worse end of the deal. Some of the responses (mostly negative ones)...

From Canis Hoopus:

Our roster isn't the best granted,

but seriously, a 31 year old center on a very rich contract and a RFA very green SF (T. Young) for half our roster AND the #2 pick?
No Thanks….

From Liberty Ballers:

I like trade number 2 where we only lose Thad.

I personally love thad but the guy isn’t a starter so i think any value he has should be used. I love a trade that involves us getting the number 2, keeping our 16, and keeping ET, Jrue, and Jodie.

Odom & Artests commitment to basketball is questionable.......(think about it)

after being spoiled in LA for the past few season’s / winning championships / mingling with socialites (Kardashians) becoming a reality t.v. “star” / promoting a rap career and whatever other buisness ventures he (ron artest) has going on at the time / Phil “The Zen Master”Jackson leaving / and then to top it all off by being dealt away to a young rebuilding team.

F.Y.I. – We have our own in house rapper already and his name is Lou “I’ma Boss” Williams (google it) so we don’t need any more musical acts, we need ball players!

The silver line i think i might see in this trade is maybe they don’t consider retiring after the move and the trip back to the east coast close to home ( both guys are from Queens, New York ) proves otherwise.

Interestingly enough, the common thread has been a critique on Thaddeus Young. I've always been high on him, and think he would have been a top 5 pick in this year's draft, but maybe they're right and that Thaddeus Young is just who he is, an athletic, slashing energy guy best suited as a 25 mpg bench player.

From the Wolves side, if established that Young is very much limited, I could definitely see where giving up 4 rotation players and the #2 pick for Pau and Young would seem questionable. But for me, I looked at it in terms of not who you lose, but the core you would end up with in Rubio-Wes Johnson-Young-Love-Gasol, which could attract more FAs than any putrid MIN roster has in the past 3-4 seasons.

As for the 76ers side, Odom is a STEAL (talent, affordable contract, team option on his last year), Artest would have a chance to feel more empowered as a veteran/defensive leader playing out of the triangle (and if not, and amnesty clause is ratified, then you can use it on Artest's contract), AND you'd be getting the #2 pick to add another young stud to a Holiday-Williams-Turner core. I think that's a solid return for Young/AI2.

One last thought is that, this trade would be a huge change for the Lakers. Would we then package Drew and some of the incoming pieces for Dwight Howard? Or would we roll with Drew as our official #2 guy? In terms of quantity, we're getting "deeper", but we're sending out 2 starters, and 3 of our top 6 players, and so, in quality, who knows if/how it works out. 

What are your thoughts, my SS&R compatriots? 

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