Lakers Draft Report: Point Guard Edition

Seeing as how the draft is just over a week away, I figured I'd put together a scouting report, of sorts, for SS&R.  The Lakers have 4 second round picks ( 11, 16, 26, 28) I figure any player projected by DraftExpress to go in the second round is game for the Lakers. Starting with the Point Guard position today:



Reggie Jackson
6'3 208lbs
Pts per 40min: 21.3
Assists per 40: 5.2
Steals per 40: 1.2

Reminds me of darren collison. Huge wingspan. Decent shot (37% from three). Has hops, and can flush it with authority in the open court. Crafty around the basket in the paint. Decent handles, not great. 

Darius Morris
6'5 190lbs
Pts per 40min: 17.3
Assists per 40: 7.7
Steals per 40: 1.2

Strong player. Has the potential to guard the 1 or 2. He can finish with contact at the rim. Racks up assists at an incredible rate. His shot could use some improvement. 

Nolan Smith
6'4 190lbs
Pts per 40min: 24.3
Assists per 40: 6.0
Steals per 40: 1.4

Was more of a combo guard in his career, so he still needs some development to run the show full time. Fearless leader type of guy. Has a lot of crafty moves in the paint, runners, teardrops, up-and-unders. Pretty average shooter. 

Norris Cole
6'2 175lbs
Pts per 40: 24.3
Assists per 40: 5.9
Steals per 40: 2.5

This guy can score. Dropped 41 on YSU, and 38 on Flordia A&M. Granted, he hasn't face tough competition this past season. Has a consistent jumper. Doesnt have an explosive first step, but does have impressive vertical jump. 

Shelvin Mack
6'2 210lbs
Pts per 40: 20.0
Assists per 40: 4.3
Steals per 40: 1.0

Really confident 3 point shooter. NBA range. Fast in the open court. Really strong guy. Not really a pure point guard, he played a lot of minutes off the ball last season, which is why his assists are down compared to others. 

Diante Garrett
6'4 190lbs
Pts per 40: 17.3
Assists per 40: 6.1
Steals per 40: 1.7

Good NBA size. Ability to hit tough shots off the dribble. Can finish with both hands. Inconsistent shot in general though. Not a very explosive or quick player but he is crafty with his ball handling.

Ben Hansborough
6'3 203lbs
Pts per 40: 20.8
Assists per 40: 4.8
Steals per 40: 1.4

Psycho T's little brother encompasses his older brother's competitiveness, aggressiveness and intense work ethic in a 7/10th sized package. The guy can stroke it from deep, hitting 43.5% of his threes. Great perimeter shooter. Below average athleticism, but makes up for it with his aggressiveness. Super efficient scorer, yet very unselfish.

Demetri McCamey
6'3 205lbs
Pts per 40: 17.5
Assists per 40: 7.3
Steals per 40: 1.2

Another perimeter shooter. Shot 45% from 3 point range last season. Deron Williams body type. Not very athletic or quick. Dishes out a lot of assists. A promising, talented point guard marred by "character issues." Was called out by his coach for off the court distractions. 

Isaiah Thomas
5'10 190lbs
Pts per 40: 21.1
Assists per 40: 7.6
Steals per 40: 1.7

They call him "Little Monster". This guy is a great leader. He can score in bunches too. If he was a couple inches taller, he'd be way up there on the draft board. There's concern about how his game translates to the NBA, but as we've seen with JJ Barea, being small doesn't mean you can't do damage. Super crafty in the paint. Changes direction really fast. Average shooting ability.


So, who do you want the Lakers to draft?

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