Benefits of a Lockout


First off, I feel that if any team is equipped in NBA history to accomplish what has never been done, it is a team with Kobe Bryant on it. It is this team!  Realistically though, I would just be proud if they could force a 6th game.

Truth is, it is probable that this is the earliest any of us thought we'd be thinking about the off-season. It may be good to contemplate what a looming strike could mean for our team. Could it benefit us?

With all that Stern is projecting, a strike seems inevitable. It may mean salary cap and roster changes, downsizing the league and a very different way in which teams can modify the roster, some of which could help the Lakers, but most which will hurt. The Lakers may not be able to move as many players as they need or want to. If a season is lost or post-poned for a long time,can that help us? I believe it could help a few of our guys.

Kobe I think needs some R&R big time. This year he really lacked explosion,speed and a vertical game. He is 15 years in, with almost 18 years wear. Yet he still is a top 5 player. If his body could heal over a year, he would come back as a lethal weapon. His work ethic would guarantee a vintage Kobe till his mid-30's. Strike a big plus for him.

Gasol could use some time away as well, both physically, but much more mentally. His profound collapse could potentially ruin his career. With some additional time off, he may have time to recover  and build a fire and zeal for redemption in his gut and time could allow fans to, if not forget, at least forgive his costly play this year. Strike a plus for him.

Bynum is so young, time away wouldn't hurt him. It could allow a complete healing of his legs, so that he would come back primed to be the #1 option potentially. Strike a plus.

A strike though would hurt Artest (who is likely gone anyway) Fish (who would probably retire if a season lost), Brown, who needs a great deal of development still, and Lamar. I think it could really hurt Lamar above all, as his work effort isn't always the best. This year he had all-star goals, was fresh off a leadership roll for team USA and was counted on early to excel. He did. With a lot of time off though, I think he will get out of shape and distracted and lose focus.

The rookies, Blake, Barnes(though they may be gone too) would be hurt too, as they need time to work and gain experience. The rest (Walton, Theo, Smith etc) it won't matter. They are done as regular players.

So I think overall a strike could really help our top 3 guys, but really hurt the rest of our team. Changes will be coming no matter what. The biggest being a new coach, which I think a strike may help with as well, giving more time for him to learn the best way to utilize his players. What do you think?

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