Give Me Everything That I Need

One of the biggest Laker fans out there is Ice Cube.  And, I think his track "Greed" really sums up Laker fans.

Because we're greedy.  We've been blessed as fans with an abundance.  And we still want more.


Lakers have been to the Finals around half the number of times there have been Finals.  They haven't won them all, true, but there are teams that have never been to their conference Finals.  And only 17 teams in the league have ever won a title.  The Lakers have done it 16 times.

Some teams have never had a hall of famer on their roster.  The jerseys of Wilt, Kareem, Baylor, Goodrich, Worthy, Chick Hearns and the logo of the entire NBA, Jerry West hang in the Staples rafters.

It's not enough though for a lot of fans.

The team's had a great run just a few years removed from another great run. 

The Lakers have 2 All Stars and 2 other guys who probably should have made it.  Kobe's obviously a sure thing for the hall of fame.  Gasol might make it based on international play (don't forget, those guys get to go in too).  I've even heard talk of Derek Fisher getting in, but to be fair I made most of that up. 

The Lakers have lost their starting center and made it to the finals, and had him at 20-30% and won two titles anyway.  But Laker fans want more.

Kobe was the point-per minute leader this year and his numbers have been around his career average despite his minutes being the lowest they've been in a decade.  He has given the Lakers everything his body has.  But it's not enough for some Laker fans.

And where would the Lakers be without Kobe's sidekick, Pau Gasol?  His game complements Kobe's quit well, because he can score off the ball, hit the jumper, or post up and hit Kobe for the J or the drive.  He's played or matched names like Duncan, Yao, Garnett and Howard.  And even averaging 14 and 10 as a third or fourth option isn't enough, Laker fans want more.

Lamar Odom has known Laker fans are greedy as hell for ages.  Odom's like the Playstation 3, he only does everything.  But for years Laker fans have called him overpaid and asked that he be shipped off for guys who aren't even in the league anymore.  We just are getting to the point now where I think, after giving up his body and saving the Lakers from the fire when Kobe couldn't do it, and Pau couldn't do it, that Laker fans appreciate it.  But I bet when push comes to shove, they'll tell you they want more.

Poor Andrew Bynum will probably limp all his life for us Laker fans.  He's given up his health and his knees for Laker fans, and his height has been a large part of why the Lakers have won titles,  but less than six months ago they were trying to ship him out of town for Chris Paul.

Artest has come up big when the Lakers really needed it, and his defense has covered a lot of the holes that an aging Kobe just can't handle anymore.  But that's not enough, Laker fans only look at shooting.

And don't get me started how greedy the Laker fans are about the point guard position.  I've written plenty about that  and won't belabor the point in this blog.

Yeah, Laker fans are hella greedy.  They own a mansion and a yaht.  But just the possibility that one ring might slip away from them is causing them to freak out like the dragon that killed Beowulf (another huge Laker and Ice Cube fan) because he was mad someone stole one little cup from him.

Hey I don't blame you guys.  I'm a Laker fan, and I"m greedy as hell too.  I want the Lakers to win all the championships and I don't care how they do it.  I guess all I'm saying is remember we're blessed, lucky, whatever you want to call it, and we shouldn't forget that as we cheer for more. 

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