"Getting to know the Goodfellas (and the QueenBee)" By Sarge

300px-goodfellas_medium I will now bring to you none other than C.A. Clark. He is the Boss, there is no higher, all respects are paid to him. He don’t need to stinking whack nobody, that my friends is why he has his Capodecina’s. Just don’t upset the Capo Famiglia and make sure to kiss the ring on your way in to see him and all will be well. 

He really is one of the nicest Blog Managers you will ever have the pleasure of having a conversation with. We all know he is very funny and can write the pants off of just about anybody, I know there is one writter *CoughAbbottCough* that wished he did not unleash the ire of Mr. Clark.

But on most occasions he gives us great insight into the Basketball world and of course our loverly Lakers! He somehow finds a way to make everything seem allright even when our "powerhouse" team can’t do the same. He not only loves, comments, and blogs on the Lakers it is done fair and impartial.

This will be the very first in a series of FanPosts brought to you by myself:  Sarge. We will after a fashion "Get to know" all the Goodfellas as well as the QueenBee. Most of them slap down another thread for us to read and we comment on what a loverly article it is and rave about it, then go off on our awesome little tangents on how much MOAT we had in this game, or even what "Tech N’ Talk" has to do with Lamar Odom getting 15 boards over a 5 game span. But all that is brought on by the great stories the Goodfellas write and the Credits (and awesome titles!) they bring us! Where do they unearth this sh*t, I have no clue, some of it must take a lot of digging to find.


"Jesu Cristo, that's a long list of questions.  Some of this stuff will be a little redundant, so I'm going to skip stuff I already covered in a previous answer."


1. When did you become a Lakers fan and Why?

"I became a Lakers fan on April 22nd, 1983, otherwise known as my birthday.  Actually, it's possible my fandom has longer tenure than my life, because, as the story goes, my mother would watch Lakers games while pregnant with me, and I would kick when the Lakers scored.  For as long as I can remember, basketball has always been my favorite sport of choice, because it was my father's favorite sport during my childhood, and for a kid born in Orange County and raised in San Diego, the Lakers were pretty much the only game in town."

2. What was your first piece of Lakers memorabilia and do you still have said piece?

"I have no idea, and I highly doubt it.  One of the more quirky aspects of my fandom for any sport is that I'm not a big memorobilia guy.  As things stand now, I have one Kobe Bryant knock off jersey, and a couple T shirts, and all of these items were gifts that weren't requested.  If left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't have anything at all.  For whatever reason, I just never saw the value in it.  But, just for fun, if I had to guess, I'd say the first piece I can remember is a Lakers Starter jacket that I had in the 8th grade.  The history of that jacket has been lost to me for well over a decade."

3. Are you married with children and if so do you sit on the couch watching Lakers games with them, or are they tired of your passion and root agianst you at all costs?
"I am married, but there are no children.  There probably will be sometime in the future, but we're not there yet.  My wife is a saint for putting up with my devotion to the team, but as I've documented before, our relationship is considerably stronger thanks to the miracle of DVR."

4. How many times have you had the opportunity to go to a Lakers game or event sponsored by the Lakers?

"I've been to enough Laker games over the years to stop counting, with the total probably somewhere in the high teens.  My dad and I always used to catch the preseason game the team would play in SD, and we saw a couple games at Staples as well.  Then, one of my friends in college was randomly the daughter of the trainer for the Golden State Warriors (and the niece of the trainer for the Detroit Pistons), so she would get me into one or two games a season.  Then there is the matter of the 2010 NBA Finals ..."

5. Has having this job afforded you the opportunity to be within touching distance of a Laker or anybody associated with the Lakers past or present in person or via technology?

"There have been a few perks associated with being the manager of SSR, some free books for review here and there, invitations to events, but all of it pales in comparison with the privelege of attending the 2010 NBA Finals with a full press credential.  I was in the locker room after every game in L.A., jostling for position to get solid soundbytes from everyone but Kobe and Pau (the main guys handle this officially through press conferences).  It was easily one of the most incredible and insane experiences of my life, something that can hopefully be re-called through my writings of the events."

"And in terms of being within touching distance, I was pushed in the back by a wet, towel-covered Pau Gasol going from one end of a packed locker room to the other.  Pau being who he is, the push was very gentle."

6. Has anybody that you know of associated with the Lakers ever visited SSR and seen what we are all about, or are we just so small of an entity that they could't care less.

"I don't know of any confirmation of somebody with the Lakers acknowledging or patronizing our site, but judging on the reaction I've had when introducing myself to other journalists and/or national bloggers, it seems clear we are on the radar.  If we are on their radar, its not a stretch to think we're on the team's or player's radars as well.  Besides, I wrote a piece early this season that was a plea for Pau Gasol to eschew the fade away jumper and take more hook shots.  The next game he attempted something like 13 hooks and one fade away.  Coincidence?  You be the judge."

7. Did you ever watch a Lakers game in Black and White TV, or are you just not old enough to know what i'm talking about?

"The only thing I've ever watched in black and white is Casablanca.  That's a bit before my time."

8. What are your personal feelings on A.C. Green and his personal life style? What are your feelings on Wilt the Stilts personal life style? (I love these questions, and your answers were right where I figured they should be.)

"None of my business.  A.C. Green played in the most consecutive games in the history of basketball, and Wilt averaged 50 points per game in a season, so it seems clear that neither lifestyle choice hinders the ability to play basketball.  That's where my interest on the subject ends."

9. Did you ever watch Firefly and if so do you consider yourself a browncoat? If not do you know what the hell i'm talking about?

"Somewhere in the middle I guess.  I've watched the whole series on DVD once, and it was a pretty solid show.  I was a huge fan of the irony of the space western, and the episode where they herded cattle across the universe had me rolling.  But I'm not devastated that the show got cancelled, I haven't even seen the movie, and I had no idea what a browncoat was until you made me look it up, even though I guess I technically am one."

10. Do you understand the method to DexterFishmore's madness? And do you have a good working relationship with him? Have you seen his house behind the dumpster, his van, OR have you ever seen him holding hands with the T-mobile girl off duty hours?

"Dex's method is simple.  He is smarter than you, and by you, I mean everyone.  I've yet to see any of the numerous future shooting locations of "To Catch a Predator" that Dex calls home, but Dex and I actually met for the first time quite recently, something which was way too long coming.  And I'm fairly certain that the moment Dex is allowed within 50 feet of T Mobile girl's hand, I'll be down one blogger."

"As for our working relationship, it's fantastic.  It has all the benefits of two smart dudes, sans any problems from two large egos.  We don't disagree often, but even when we have, it's never been the slightest problem.  And I think we all know that SSR could not function without him.  You all know about the writing and the threads, but Dex does so, so much work behind the scenes with logging his own stats (he's the reason you see so much more statistical stuff about the Lakers here than anywhere else) to helping me keep the entire writing team organized.  I can honestly say I wouldn't be half the blogger I am without him."

11. What pray tell is your favorite movie? And why? (the longer the explanation the more we will believe you...haha)

"That's a tough call, too tough for me to limit to one, so I'm copping out and choosing two.  It's pretty impossible to compare comedies to dramas, so I'm picking one of each.  The drama is American Beauty.  Laugh at me if you want, but the whole premise of the movie, the one that's been mocked everywhere from Family Guy to stand up comedy, I totally buy into it.  I'm not sure at this point whether that movie instilled the philosophy within me, or if it just spoke to a philosophy that I already had, but I really find it hard to be angry at anything when every little thing in this world is a miracle.  Plus, Kevin Spacey kicked ass.

For the comedy, Rushmore.  I love Wes Anderson movies in general, and Rushmore is by far the greatest.  So many great moments and lines, but the musical montage of the war between Max and Herman Blume is my single favorite sequence of any movie.  It's spectacular."


12. How many Ron Artest mix-tapes do you own, and if so are they in constant rotation in your hooptie? Do you think Ron Artest would have stolen your lunch money in high skool?

"None, but not because I don't appreciate the musical stylings of Ron-Ron.  I just don't appreciate the musical stylings of anybody.  I'm just not that into music these days.  I'm a strange dude, and I usually use the time spent driving to and from work in silence, running new ideas through my head for my writing, or just generally thinking about shit.  And no way would Ron Ron steal my lunch money in high school, because I would have found a way into his posse."

13. What other sports do you like and who are your favorite teams?

"Aside from basketball, the sport I love is soccer.  At this point, only the Lakers keep soccer from being my favorite sport.  If I had to choose to watch a great match/game between two teams for whom I have no rooting interest, soccer would be my sport of choice.  Arsenal is my favorite team, and a clear 2nd place in my sports hierarchy, I never miss a US mens national team match no matter how arbitrary, and I show the L.A. Galaxy some love as my local team as well.

After that, I carry loose affiliations to both San Diego pro sports franchises, University of Tennessee athletics (through my father), and I'll pay attention to either local hockey team if they make the playoffs.  I'm also a nut for anything international, like the World Cup and the Olympics.  Honest to God, Curling might be my third favorite sport to watch.  That shit is fascinating."

14. Besides the Lakers players, name some other players you happen to like and root for and why?

"Outside the Lakers, I don't really root for players or teams in any meaningful way.  I just want to see awesome basketball.  Double overtimes, game winning shots, great drama is what I care about.  I like watching teams that are unique in some way, like the 7 seconds or less Suns, or even the current Celtics for their ridiculous defense.  In terms of players, if you aren't wearing purple and gold, you better be funny.  That's why I like dudes like Steve Nash, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzky and Greg Oden.  And pretty much the entire Spurs roster."

15. Besides the obvious Magic and Kobe, what second tier players have you always loved past present and future (Laker-wise)?

"My favorite non big name Laker will forever be Nick Van Exel.  When Nick was doing his thing for the Lakers was right around the time when I was getting old enough to understand basketball (side note, you want to talk about being a diehard Laker fan, I didn't "survive" the dark ages of the early years, that's when I really started being a fan).  My favorite current Laker is Lamar Odom, because his do everything the team needs thing, no matter how much or little flash is involved, is exactly the type of person I strive to be.  And I'll always be fond of the names of players you can drop to let people know you know what you are talking about, like Travis Knight or Mike Penberthy."

16. Who was your favorite action Star growing up and why? We as males always want to grow up to be like them (And in our own brain may have even accomplished this too) give me some insight to if this has happened yet...and if not, how long will it take you to become as badass as said action star?

"Honestly, I got nothing.  I've always known that my brain would be the path to any success I'd find.  The most badass character in a movie that I ever wanted to be like would probably be Will Hunting, because he was a genius who was still a bad ass, but he's hardly an action hero."

17. What kind of car do you drive? And is it the automobile of your dreams, if not what is, and why do you not won said car?

"I drive a sexy 2006 Kia Optima.  I'm not really a car dude, so the car of my dreams is one that causes me as little hassle as possible, and I guess my baby fits the bill.  It's no dream car, but if it were a stick, it'd be pretty close."

18. What do you think of the SSR faithful? Are there any that you read their comments and really LOL alot? Are there any that make you constantly get ready to smash the Ban-button? Are their any that you just cant wait to read their opinions on said articles you write? I know alot of these folks are curious and maybe a name or 2 for validation (plus they'd get some braggin right gettin "named" by the great C.A. Clark) Maybe you could just write a long ass paragraph on certain fun times and conversations on SSR.

"I love the SSR faithful.  I'm not going to give any specific shoutouts, but the whole lot is an awesome, hilarious group of people, and by and large, they do the SSR mission statement (to be a community of Laker fans that gives the entire fanbase a good name) proud.  I think we do a great job of keeping out a lot of the negatives that plague a normal internet community, and we do so with a self awareness that holds our own members as accountable as visitors, which can be a refreshing change from most of the internets.  But, even as we're doing a good job, I still think we could do a better job.  I still see the occasional rival deemed a troll for harmless stuff, or opinions that have weight get shouted down because they are contrary to popular opinion.  SSR in general has a more open mind than most team sites, but we can always improve in that regard."

19. Do you force (offline) people to REC all of your comments in the C.A.C. thread, or do you have a writter from the Laugh Factory write ur shit? LOL Oh and can you force Dexter and a few MODs that have not done it to do one in the near future (just tell them you are curbing their paycheck until they do it)

"Force other people to rec my shit?  No need.  I have like 15 SB Nation accounts, and I vote for myself with each one.  Hell, I'm not actually sure anybody else even rec's my posts, because I rec them so much myself that there's really no need.  Honestly though, I'm just honored that folks seem to appreciate my sense of humor.  And I'm pretty sure Dex stays out of those things on purpose, because let's face it, he'd just superimpose T Mobile Girl onto a LOLcat and win every single week.  It wouldn't even matter that his caption and picture had nothing to do with the original.  Thanks for keeping the CAC contest in suspense, Dex."

20. Weren't you ecstatic that MY Packers won the SB? Ok, got it, you dont give a question.

"Football is dead to me, but as long as you're happy."

21. What do you do for a living outside of SSR??

"I'm an accountant, and it is every bit as boring and uneventful as you would imagine it to be.  Thank God I can add part time blogger to my resume to spice things up."

And as always here is the man being as nonchalant as ever, he is a "cool customer", a "cool cat", nobody is a chill and laid back in demeanor. But don't take his kindness for a weakness all he needs to do is "say the word" and one of his Capo's will fire you up...

The Boss C.A. Clark

Kiss the ring Silver Screen and Roll, the Boss is seated...


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