Steve Nash for Andrew Bynum

Hey guys and gals. My name is Evan Levine and I wrote over at faketeams for the fantasy football season. Like most of you, I follow the NBA very closely (Knicks fan), and I constantly play with the NBA Trade Machine. I actually don't believe the Lakers need to make a trade, but I know a lot of the fans and critics of the Lakers do. Last night I made a 3 way trade between the Lakers, Warriors and Suns. Yes, I know all 3 teams plays in the same division, so this is unlikely but I want to know your thoughts on this trade I made. I showed this to a couple of my friends and they believe its a slam dunk for the Lakers. I am not sure how attached the fans and management are to Andrew Bynum. I absolutely love him, and I would have a hard time dealing him, but what if you got Steve Nash 

Lakers - Steve Nash 2 Years 10.3 Mill, Andris Biedrins 4 Years 9.0 Mill, Hakim Warrick 3 Years 4.2 Mill

Suns - Stephen Curry 2 Years 2.9 Mill, Theo Ratliff (Expiring Contract), 4.3 Mill Trade Exception and Devin Ebanks 2 Years under 500K

Warriors - Andrew Bynum 2 Years 13.75, Derrick Caracter 2 Years under 500k

Lakers - So many people believe the Lakers need a point guard, and the best point guard who could be made available is Nash. While the Suns haven't made him available, I believe for the right deal everyone can be had. The Lakers get the point guard which many people believe they need and Biedrins who is a solid center. Is he Bynum? Of course not, but he spreads the floor and he would contribute to the finals run. I had to add Warrick because the Suns need to dump one of those awful contracts, if they are going to deal Nash. So congrats Lakers fans, you get Warrick.

Suns - It's possible there is not a team in the NBA in a worst situation then the Suns. They have terrible contracts and outside of Nash and Marcin Gortat they don't have any NBA starters. They make the deal for Curry and get the point guard of the future, while still giving the fans something to get excited about. They take on some expiring contracts which is no big deal what soever.

Warriors - Honestly, I think this is a slam dunk for the Warriors. Curry and Monta Ellis while entertaining together are not going to bring the Warriors to the playoffs. This move allows Ellis (who is the future in Golden State) to be the point guard for the foreseeable future. Ellis,Bynum, David Lee and Dorell Wright is a solid core for the future, especially with money coming of the books. (I had a deal with the Warriors also getting Richard Hamilton, but I kind of think he is over the hill)

So this is my explanation for the trade. Please give me your thoughts. As I see this trade only being questionable for the Lakers, but its possible a lot of you think this is a slam dunk trade. Look forward to reading your comments.


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