Blazersedge = Fox News

as in they provide good entertainment..and nothing else.

so I was reading their blog for some Brandon Roy news..and stumbled upon this nugget in the "Through the Looking Glass: Revelations from the Chris Paul Non-Deal" article written by Dave:

How are the Lakers, nearing the end of a long title-level run, even able to sniff at Paul in the first place without giving up their own superstar or at least their young center? This is the problem with built-in inequities: they perpetuate themselves beyond a single generation. The Lakers are one of a handful of teams with the economic resources to afford multiple stars, the marquee status to become a destination for said stars, and the depth of talent to exchange their 2nd-5th best players for someone else's absolute best. Granted Paul has been chronically injured but he's still a statistical superstar and one of the top two free agents on the market (the other of which the Lakers are also likely to get). The more this happens the more well-worn the perceived path to stardom in purple and gold becomes and the more unique it seems. The cycle perpetuates. The imbalance has become so profound that half the league's observers--and apparently owners--groaned at yesterday's trade announcement. It was the equivalent of the 99% rising up to complain about the 1%. Something's deeply wrong when, in a league full of people desiring Chris Paul, the first go-to is the same old favored franchise.

-Wait a minute Dave, are you saying that for this to be a fair trade, we'd have to TRADE KOBE?

-And are you saying that Andrew Bynum, with his glass knees, immaturity, and thug records, represents more value than Pau Gasol (arguably the 2nd best European player ever) AND Lamar Odom (Mismatch nightmare + 6th Man of the Year)?

-In what world is Pau Gasol not considered a "superstar?" Could it be that a team can only have one "superstar?" So, who's the "superstar" in Miami? Is it Wade or LeBron? and what do you call the runner up?

-Correction on "2nd-5th best players" it's "2nd-3RD best player." You're basing the fairness of this trade on the pecking order of each player within his team. Now I know Chris Paul is a legit "superstar" but it's not like we were giving up only Gasol or only Odom. Both. I think that's a fair price, if not a steep price to pay. 2/3 of our championship front line. And oh, by the way, no way in River Styx I'm trading my 2nd (Gasol) or 3rd (Odom) best player for YOUR BEST (Aldrige?) player. In fact, I wouldn't even trade just my 3rd best player for your best player. Based on your argument of value according to pecking order you would be saying that I am ripping off every team if I'm trading my no.2+no.3 for their no.1 If I offered you Gasol and Odom for your "absolute best" in Aldrige, I assume I am ripping you off.

-Same old favored franchise? Not according to David Stern..not at all Dave, not at all. And it was the Lakers because the we were able to offer the best package in this deal. Just so happens that it was the Lakers. You can resume your boohooing.

But it looks like I didn't need to ask these questions, because Dave goes on to contradict himself:

You know who gets screwed in this? The Hornets. They're the one team involved that desperately needed something good to happen. Losing the face of their franchise wasn't the best news but they were getting some big names in return. Now Paul will be cranky when he puts on their uniform. When he decides to leave the team as a free agent at the end of the season nobody, not even Stern, will be able to stop him. If they can't trade him, New Orleans will lose him for nothing. Houston will get value for the players it trades. So will the Lakers. The Hornets will be left holding the bag. In doing right by the little guy the commissioner ran over the little guy.

-So what will it be Dave? the Hornets will now ask you, "What should I do?" You didn't want them to get ripped off by getting Scola, Martin, Odom, Dragic, and a first rounder in return, nor do you want them to get screwed for nothing after CP3 leaves. Are you this wishy washy around your girl too?

But of course, this being Blazersedge, the comments were full of "WELL DONE DAVE!" "BRILLIANT ANALYSIS DAVE!"

I didn't bother reading the rest of the article but I'm sure you can find more entertainment there if you do go through it. And I'm not sure this post will last as long as Chris Paul's Lakers tenure if I post it on Blazersedge.

Let me offer you Bynum, our 4th best for Oden, your 3rd best. Wait, no deal because Bynum's pecking order is lower on our totem pole? Well..fine then. Keep your Greg Oden.

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