Gilbert Arenas: A Potential Lakers Pick Up?

My friend and I were talking about what types of moves the Laker front office may be considering now that they are out of the running for Chris Paul. Definitely wish him the best of luck in Clipper land. But in terms of the "Big Moves" that Mitch Kupchak has been talking about to quell everyone's nerves, it seems that Dwight Howard is still on everyone's mind. This really got me thinking about what types of moves we could potentially make to boost our team for this year's run at a championship, while perhaps laying a foundation for a run at the Dwight Howard Sweepstakes.

This is going to sound CRAZY!!, but the Lakers should consider picking up Gilbert Arenas!! Yes I'm for real and here are the reasons that I think it may be a good idea.


1) Bargain Price - Agent Zero just cleared waivers recently, and could potentially be brought in for a low salary considering he gets the chance to play with Kobe, Pau, Artest, etc. and potentially contend for a championship this year. Mitch will unlikely have to even use the newly acquired trade exception for the deal. I anticipate a signing similar to that of Matt Barnes from last year.

2) Addressing Speedy Point Guard Need - now I know he's not the same Gilbert that torched us for 60 points back in the 2006-07 season, but this man can still ball. He can be an point guard upgrade (sorry DFish), when it comes to guarding some of the blazing point guards in the West. He doesn't need to dominate, only not get obliterated as has been the case in recent years. Rewatch the Hornet playoff series and you know that could easily have been a sweep if we had a point guard that could hold his own.

3) Quality Depth to the Bench - with Mike Brown appointing Ron-Ron/Metta World Peace as the unofficial captain of the second unit, Arenas would no doubt provide a much needed scoring boost when he is out there on the floor. Granted we still need more front-court depth, this gives our 2nd unit a potent offensive and defensive presence in Arenas and Artest respectively. Like Artest, Arenas can easily be swapped to play with the starting line-up should Coach Brown call his number (or lack of number..haha)...but I digress...

Possible Downsides:

1) Disruption in the Locker Room? - Come on, he's playing alongside the most unstoppable SG of his era in Kobe Bryant, a sure-fire future Hall of Famer, with an unparalleled work ethic for improving his game. I expect them to be very compatible and as I recall, Kobe has a deep respect for Arenas' game back in his days in Washington. Kobe should provide a positive influence on Arenas who could be the veteran (who is only 29 by the way), that can help us transition to the next phase of Lakers history.

2) Motivation - If playing underneath the 16 championship banners with Kobe, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, etc. with a chance to go for a 17th championship this year does not provide enough motivation, I don't really know what would be. At this point, I think Arenas just wants to feel needed, his presence would definitely be valued in Laker Land.

Final Thoughts:

I think when it comes down to it, Gilbert Arenas would be a solid pickup for the Los Angeles Lakers in continuing to contend in Kobe's prime. I'm sure Mitch can offer a good pitch to bring in Arenas at a bargain price for a run. Plus the caveat in all of this is, that Gilbert and Dwight Howard have already expressed interest in playing an entire season together. Sources say that Gilbert is weighing his decision to sign on where Dwight Howard wants to play. And Los Angeles still remains a viable candidate. This pickup may even have the benefit of helping to draw Dwight Howard to Los Angeles in the upcoming year, whether via trade or as a free agent pick-up. What do you all think?

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