The Fall of the Creature Of The Night - Final Part

Hey, be sure to check out chapters one and two my story if you don't know what's going on. This is the last chapter, and I have had a lot of fun doing this. I spent quite a few days on this because I could only write a little bit at a time. But this way, I was still able to reserve enough time to study. I assure you guys, this didn't affect my normal schedule in any way. Thank you to everyone who read this, and thanks for all the support, comments, and recs. Hope you like the ending!


Like a phantasm, CreatureOfTheNight floated silently through the forest, gripping Cup Noodles' body like a rabbit in a lion's mouth. She carried him back to the altar from which she rose out of, and set Cup Noodles on his back on the surface of the dome. She snapped her fingers, and instantly I3oh and crushmybones appeared at her side, bowing to her on one knee.

CreatureOfTheNight: Let us begin...restrain him...

I3oh gathered some thorny vines growing from the side of the dome, and tied them to each of Cup Noodles wrists. The thorns were pricking her skin, but she did not even flinch. Her senses had been completely dulled. Meanwhile, crushmybones picked up some heavy stones, and arranged them in a pattern around the altar. CreatureOfTheNight took a stick and traced runes in the dirt. Once all the stones were in place, the runes began to glow. This caused Cup Noodles to awaken.

CreatureOfTheNight: Servants...a night that has been postponed for far too finally upon us...tonight, the stars are aligned, the cryptic runes have been written, and the ceremony is in motion...the Holy Sacrifice is all that remains...

Cup Noodles: What do you mean, Holy Sacrifice? Why me?

CreatureOfTheNight continued as if he hadn't even spoke.

CreatureOfTheNight: We shall offer this young male nearing manhood to the Underworld...and our Queen...will rise again...

Cup Noodles: I hate it when this happens.

But nobody knew that from a far distance, lakergirl, tiger child, shaqfor3, gen!e, LakerAce, and rs850_Lakers were tiptoeing towards the ceremony grounds, staying as silent as possible and whispering.

shaqfor3: What are we going to do? If we go in there without a plan, they might react before we do and use Cup Noodles as a hostage.

rs850_Lakers: We'll need to use the element of surprise. Hit them before they have a chance to react.

LakerAce: It comes down to what's the last thing they would expect us to do.

Oblivious, I3oh and crushmybones paced around the dome, looking at Cup Noodles. He tried to move his arms, but he only cried out in pain as the thorns dug into his skin. He looked at his friends desperately.

crushmybones: Struggle all you want, little will only help your life force ebb away to the thorns...  

Cup Noodles: You guys...why? Why are you siding with her?

I3oh: With your death, you shall help usher in a golden, everlasting age...our clan shall control this land should feel honored...

The runes were glowing brighter. The earth began to quake. CreatureOfTheNight began chanting an incantation.


This sent shivers down everyones' spines.

LakerAce: We're out of time! We have to act now!

tiger child: We'll rush in at the same time! Aim for the dome, we have to protect Cup Noodles at all costs!


Everyone yelled and ran through the trees. They poured onto the grounds, stopping the ceremony. lakergirl jumped in the air and delivered a flying kick right at CreatureOfTheNight's stomach, sending her stumbling backwards. gen!e and rs850_Lakers dove at I3oh's legs, knocking her over, while LakerAce and shaqfor3 grabbed crushmybones' arms and pulled her away from the altar. tiger child jumped onto the dome, pulled out a scalpel, and slashed the vines, freeing Cup Noodles. He eagerly got away and stomped on the runes.

Cup Noodles: Everyone! You came for me!

tiger child: Of course we did, buddy. You didn't think we'd let you die, did you?

But CreatureOfTheNight, reacting quickly, snuck up from behind and wrapped one of her arms around tiger child's chest.

lakergirl: TIGER CHILD!

lakergirl advanced towards them, but with her other arm, CreatureOfTheNight placed her claws on tiger child's neck.

CreatureOfTheNight: FREEZE...

Everyone stopped in their tracks. lakergirl's eys were glazed with fury.

CreatureOfTheNight: That's better...

CreatureOfTheNight looked at I3oh and crushmybones, and then at lakergirl.

CreatureOfTheNight: Ladies...turn that pestering rat into a nice little mouse...if any of you resist at all, I will cut your friend's throat...

lakergirl: You's not enough that you're already using our own friends against us.

lakergirl's fists shook uncontrollably.

CreatureOfTheNight: Relax...soon, you shall learn to love me too...

Everyone watched helplessly as I3oh and crushmybones surrounded lakergirl, their hands running through her shoulders and hair.

I3oh: lakergirl...

crushmybones: Come join us, lakergirl...

I3oh: It's so much fun...

But before they could hypnotize lakergirl, a loud smack rang out in the silence, followed by a scream from CreatureOfTheNight. She let go of tiger child and clutched the back of her head. tiger child used the opportunity to shove CreatureOfTheNight and get away. Standing behind both of them, tossing a rock to himself, was firstto100.

firstto100: Now that's what I call...a BYNUM SMASH.

LakerAce: FIRSTTO100! Just in the nick of time, buddy!

gen!e: You can say that again. You saved our lives!

firstto100: Cup Noodles, tiger child, thank goodness you're all right. Everyone, I brought the portal with me. It's just a few yards away. I was going to bring it closer, but I could hear what was going on in the distance, and I had to move more quickly.

lakergirl: Does it work?

firstto100: Yeah. I've got it up and running.

tiger child: We can win now!

CreatureOfTheNight stood back upright, and screeched horribly.

CreatureOfTheNight: This cannot be happening...I cannot lose...

She gestured at I3oh and crushmybones.

CreatureOfTheNight: Get them...Do whatever you wish with them...But leave her...That wench is MINE...

I3oh and crushmybones ran at firstto100, fists flying. Cup Noodles jumped on crushmybones to stop her and trip I3oh, while everyone except lakergirl ran into to join the brawl.

lakergirl and CreatureOfTheNight stared each other down, hatred on both of their faces.

CreatureOfTheNightHow dare you disturb our shall pay with your life...

lakergirl: You have no honor. You make us fight our friends because you know we cannot harm them.

CreatureOfTheNight: I will not be defeated by mere humans...

CreatureOfTheNight kicked lakergirl in the shins, then threw her down. She sat on top of lakergirl and pinned her arms to the ground, her face inches away from lakergirl's. 

CreatureOfTheNight: First, I shall torture you...then, I shall enervate'll be my plaything...

lakergirl: NEVER!

She headbutted CreatureOfTheNight in the cranium, then bucked and rolled over, freeing herself. In the process, , her cellphone fell out of her pocket and flipped open. On her main wallpaper was a picture of Brian Shaw with Rick Fox. As soon as CreatureOfTheNight saw the photo, she froze.

lakergirl did not have to look twice to know what was going on.

lakergirl: It is the power of Shaw...that compells you.

She picked up her phone and pointed the screen right at CreatureOfTheNight. Everyone stopped fighting and gathered behind her. CreatureOfTheNight cowered in fear.

lakergirl: The power of Shaw compells you! The power of Shaw compells you! Everyone, help me!

CreatureOfTheNight: You wouldn't dare...

tiger child: The power of Shaw compells you!

rs850_Lakers: The power of Shaw compells you!

LakerAce: The power of Shaw compells you!

CreatureOfTheNight: Be silent...

shaqfor3: The power of Shaw compells you!

Cup Noodles: The power of Shaw compells you!

CreatureOfTheNight: Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP...

gen!e: The power of Shaw compells you!

firstto100: The power of Shaw compells you!

CreatureOfTheNight: THE DEVIL TAKE YOU ALL...


CreatureOfTheNight covered her face with her hands and curled up into a ball, shivering and sobbing.

lakergirl: She's weakening! firstto100, is the dimensional portal ready?

firstto100: I've got the coordinates set. The only problem is that I have no idea what time frame or location this

portal will lead to.

shaqfor3: Hopefully somewhere in which she'll never be able to harm anyone again!

tiger child: What are we waiting for? Everyone, grab a hold of her!

lakergirl, firstto100, tiger child, and Cup Noodles eached grabbed one of her limbs. rs850_Lakers, gen!e, LakerAce, and shaqfor3 held I3oh and crushmybones back.

lakergirl: Time to send ol' AttentionWhoreOfTheNight on a one way ride to Dimension Whatever!

They ran at the portal, a rippling mirror surrounded by circuits and wires. After a two swings, they let go, sending CreatureOfTheNight sailing into the fissure and disappearing forever.

Cup Noodles: Smell ya later! NOT!

Instantly, I3oh and crushmybones fell to the ground, groaning. I3oh clutched her chest while crushmybones rubbed her forehead.

I3oh: Where am I?

crushmybones: What's going on?

gen!e: It worked! CreatureOfTheNight's enchantment can't reach across another dimension! Her spell is broken!

firstto100: Are you guys all right?

I3oh: Everyone, what have I done?

crushmybones: Tell me this was just a bad dream...isn't it?

tiger child: What you did, you did under CreatureOfTheNight's influence.

rs850_Lakers: It's all right. We're all safe, everything's back to normal. There's nothing to worry about anymore.

LakerAce: Let's all go home.

Cup Noodles: I tell you, home never sounded so good.


As for CreatureOfTheNight, she fell through a starry expanse for what seemed like an eternity, before finally landing in a chair in front of a desk in the middle of a classroom. Sitting right next to her at an adjacent desk...was her worst nightmare.

WaveOcean: Hey! You made it. You're just in time. I was starting to wonder about you.

He was quite cheery, but CreatureOfTheNight was not.

CreatureOfTheNight: In time for what...

At this, WaveOcean stared at her as though she were insane. He raised his eyebrows.

WaveOcean: Uh, you're joking, right? The exam?

CreatureOfTheNight's jaw dropped.

CreatureOfTheNight: The exam...on what...

WaveOcean covered his mouth, trying not to laugh.

WaveOcean: Um, analyticity, harmonic functions, and complex line integration? Remember?



(Cut back to the campfire)

Marty Mart: So let me guess what happened after that. She flunked it?

California Waves: No. Way worse.

Vmuse: She was caught cheating?

California Waves: Naw. Basically, not only did she get every problem wrong on the exam, but the university

sentenced her to one year of academic probation. She has to get her GPA above 2.0 within two semesters.

Marty Mart: Or else she gets expelled?

California Waves: Yep.

Jelly Bean: Doesn't that shit only happen in the UK?

California Waves: No, sweetie. You're thinking of Wikipedia's definition.

Jelly Bean: Ah.

California Waves: Also, she has to spend several hours a day in the tutoring center every day. WaveOcean has told me she is the worst student he's ever worked with. She can't do basic arithmetic with fractions, she can't factor polynomials, she's terrible with right triangles, she's embarrassing on exponents, and she doesn't know how to use a TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. He had to teach her how to graph her own functions.

Jelly Bean: (whistles loudly)

Marty Mart: Damn! That's bad.

Vmuse: I'm not one to brag or anything...

Marty Mart: Yeah you are.

Vmuse: (Bursts out laughing) Yeah, I am. But I could do better!

Marty Mart: We all could.

Jelly Bean: All in all, serves her right. It couldn't have happened to more of a witch.

SoCalGal stood up, picked up her bucket of water, and poured it on the campfire.

SoCalGal: I declare this meeting of the Midnight Society closed. Happy Halloween, everyone.


And they all lived happily ever after...OR DO THEY?


(Cut to some dimly lit cubicle)


Koshu: Can you believe it, guys? The writer left us out of the Halloween story!

cldpc: Are you sure the land phone is working? (2NASHTY picks it up)

imposibol: Hang up! (2NASHTY quickly slams down the phone) He could be trying to call us right now!

Ben R: I knew we should have sent him a muffin basket!

(Phone rings, bluexfalcon answers it)

bluexfalcon: Silver Screen and Roll, this is bluexfalcon. Yes..just a second. (Puts hand over mouthpiece) Do we

want to do a commercial for something called "The El Paso Patriots"?

bernel: (shrugs) Ehh, work is work.



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