The Fall of the Creature of the Night - Part 2


This is the second part of an ongoing story. Read part 1 if you have not done so already.

gen!e leaned against a streetlight in a busy street. He arranged to meet with shaqfor3 here, not wanting the two of them to be alone, afraid for both of their lives. He glanced at his watch, tapping his foot nervously. Finally, he heard footstepts and saw a shadow approaching.

shaqfor3: I came here as soon as I could. What's going on?

gen!e: We've got a major crisis situation. The enrapturing fiend herself, CreatureOfTheNight, has returned! And if my worst fears are true, she's probably captured I3oh! We've got to do something!

shaqfor3: I know just what to do. We've got to talk to firstto100. If anyone knows how to deal with dastardly djinns, it's him.

Meanwhile, in a research labratory not too far away, two other people were fretting over what was happening around them.

tiger child: I'm getting worried. gen!e and I3oh have been gone way too long.

lakergirl: Shoot! I feel like I should have told gen!e about CreatureOfTheNight instead of making up a story about and experiment the two of us were working on.

tiger child: It's not a big deal. I3oh knows exactly what needs to be done. What I'm concerned about now is how we can make contact with them.

At that moment, a banging sound on the door rang out. tiger child opened the door, and in burst two people, one covered in dirt.

LakerAce: Thank god you guys are here. Something terrible has happened to crushmybones.

lakergirl: What? What is going on?

rs850_Lakers: We were separated from her over half an hour ago.

tiger child: What do you mean, separated?

LakerAce: crushmybones and I went out into the night to investigate the small earthquake that occured about an hour ago. There was a green glow of light somewhere in the woods, and we headed in the general direction of it. But along the way, the ground opened up underneath us, and swallowed me all the way up to my neck. I couldn't move at all. At the same time, I saw I3oh leap out of a tree and tackle crushmybones. There was something dreadfully wrong with I3oh. I'd never seen her so pale, and so...inhumane.


I3oh: My mistress has prepared a very special game...And I want you to be my playmate...

crushmybones: I3oh, what in God's name has come over you!?

I3oh: We're together now, you and me...You shall serve my mistress alongside me...

crushmybones: Someone's controlling you! You've been turned against me!

I3oh: No crushmybones, I don't want us to be against each other...From now on, you and I are going to be best friends forever...

Then I3oh opened her mouth, and blew out a green haze that shrouded crushmybones' entire face.  In a matter of seconds, all the color left crushmybones' cheeks, and her eyelids drooped, staring at I3oh with a blank smile.


LakerAce: Then she stood back up on her feet, but the crushmybones I knew was no more. Her face was devoid of all feelings. She and I3oh then giggled to each other, and spoke of how superior CreatureOfTheNight and her followers were.

lakergirl: Did you say CreatureOfTheNight?

LakerAce: Do you know who that is?

lakergirl: Yes. I will explain. But finish your story first.

LakerAce: Well, they also spoke about a holy sacrifice they were going to make, and then left me to rot. Had rs850_Lakers not gone out herself to investigate and found me and got me out, I'd probably still be there, struggling to get out of the compact earth.

lakergirl: If I3oh and crushmybones are indeed as you say, I'm afraid this is a very dire situation indeed. We are dealing with a very dangerous foe, by the name of CreatureOfTheNight.

rs850_Lakers: Who's that?

lakergirl: She is a demon from the past, who seeks to engulf the entire Laker fanbase. Our forces have supressed her time and again, but every Halloween, she rises from the Underworld once again.

tiger child: She has the power to transform any human into her own minion. I am certain that is what she has done  to I3oh and crushmybones.

LakerAce: This is terrible! We have to help them! But how?

firstto100: Perhaps I can be of some assistance.

Everyone's heads turned to see firstto100 standing in the doorway. Behind him were gen!e and shaqfor3.

rs580_Lakers: firstto100! genie! shaqfor3!

lakergirl: gen!e! Thank goodness you're all right!

shaqfor3: Yeah...but we can't say the same for I3oh.

tiger child: We know. LakerAce just filled us in.

firstto100: And our troubles aren't over yet guys. We need to work quickly. But I might have a solution. Lately, I've been working with my fellow scientists lakergirl and tiger child on a dimensional portal capable of transporting anyone to an alternate time period. Our hypothesis is that if we send CreatureOfTheNight through this portal, her magic can no longer reach us, and I3oh and crushmybones will be released from her grasp.

tiger child: There's just one problem...we've never really tested it.

lakergirl: But we don't have the time anyway. This "holy sacrifice" that LakerAce spoke of? There are others like  CreatureOfTheNight, salivating to torment SSR. And there is a diabolical Queen that reigns over them. To resurrect the Queen, CreatureOfTheNight will conduct an evil ceremony.

LakerAce: I bet that's why she attacked I3oh and that they would assist her.

lakergirl: To make the ceremony complete, they must offer up a teenage boy as a sacrifice.

rs850_Lakers: Who would they target?

The room fell silent, and then the answer hit everyone like a horrible electrical shock.

Everyone: CUP NOODLES!

At that moment, Cup Noodles was in grave trouble. His home had been broken into by two people who were staring at him with a hungry, threatening look on their faces.

Cup Noodles: What's going on here? I3oh? crushmybones? What are you doing here? And why are you looking at me like that?

I3oh: Oh ho ho ho ho...silly, silly boy. Whatever are you doing wandering around, all alone...

crushmybones: Eee hee hee hee...we have found you, young virgin...

This frightened Cup Noodles even further. He started staggering backwards.

Cup Noodles: Uh, guys? What's going on? What are you saying?

I3oh: You shall come with shall complete the shall revive our Queen...

crushmybones: We will have is useless to resist...let yourself be snared and make it easier for all of us...

Cup Noodles turned and ran, but crushmybones was faster. She grabbed Cup Noodles by his neck and exhaled her devilish green haze.

I3oh: When we offer the virgin to our Holy Queen...

crushmybones: This land shall be stricken with eternal chaos and despair...

 As soon as Cup Noodles breathed in the evil gas, he fell to the ground, unconscious. Then, CreatureOfTheNight materialized before the three of them.

I3oh: He is all yours, my mistress...

CreatureOfTheNight: Well done, my servants...the plan is in motion...our rites will succeed, and there will be no one who can stop, go and finish what you started...take care of the others...

crushmybones: Yes, my lady...I live only to serve you and to satisfy your every whim...

CreatureOfTheNight: And so you, go...

Back in the lab...

shaqfor3: This is serious! We've got to find him before they do!

tiger child: But shaqfor3, what can we do? We have no idea where this ceremony will take place.

firstto100: That's right. For all we know, they might have gotten him already.

I3oh: How right you are...

LakerAce's heart sank. He knew that voice. The door burst open, and in walked I3oh and crushmybones. They folded their arms, staring at their friends as if they didn't even know them.

LakerAce: I3oh! crushmybones!

lakergirl: Careful, LakerAce! Remember, they're not themselves anymore!

crushmybones: Indeed, you are all too late...The foolish boy is already in the clutches of our beautiful Lady CreatureOfTheNight...

I3oh: Our destiny shall be fulfilled...

crushmybones: And shall join us...

firstto100: Damn it. I never thought I'd have to fight you like this, but I guess I have no choice!

With a pained cry, he lunged at crushmybones, trying to grab her arms and pin her to the ground. I3oh responded by grabbing his hair, trying to pull him off. He screamed from the pain.

rs850_Lakers: Come on guys! We gotta help! We can't let them beat us!

A tremendous struggle ensued. gen!e and shaqfor3 grabbed I3oh's arms and pried her fingers loose from firstto100's hair. crushmybones bucked her hips and kicked firstto100 away. lakergirl and tiger child grabbed crushymbones' feet, while rs850_Lakers took hold of her arms. I3oh pulled back her fist with the intent of punching gen!e in the face, but LakerAce grabbed her wrist before she could. shaqfor3 grabbed her other arm. gen!e took hold of her shoulders.

gen!e: Come on, I3oh! Don't you recognize me? It's me, gen!e!

shaqfor3: Yes! We're your friends!

I3oh merely looked up at the ceiling and cackled.

I3oh: Those who do not love my beautiful Lady CreatureOfTheNight...are my enemies...

LakerAce: It's no use. We can't reach them at all.

lakergirl: Well, we can at least drive them off!

firsto100 swept I3oh's feet and took hold of them. The whole team then carried the two women out of the lab and threw them onto the ground outside.

I3oh: It appears we are outnumbered...

crushmybones: Perhaps...but never outclassed..

I3oh: Let us go...they can do nothing to stop our sacred rites...

And with that, the two stood up and started gliding away.

tiger child: We have to go after them.

lakergirl: Agreed. It may be our only chance. They might lead us to the ceremony.

shaqfor3: We'll have to follow them at a distance.

firstto100: I must stay behind. One of us has to be ready with the dimensional portal. It is our only hope of foiling CreatureOfTheNight once and for all.

rs850_Lakers: Let's hurry. We don't have much time!

Indeed, even as she spoke, CreatureOfTheNight was gliding through the forest, an unconscious Cup Noodles cradled in her arms.

Our heroes have successfully fought back CreatureOfTheNight's forces. But now it is only a matter of time before her wicked ceremony begins. Will Cup Noodles survive? Can the gang save him? Or will the Queen of the Underworld be revived? Stay tuned...FOR THE EXCITING CONCLUSION!

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