The Fall of the Creature Of The Night - Part 1


This is a longer story than I imagined it was going to be at first, so I'm going to have to split this into parts. I don't see it going more than 3 chapters, though. And, believe it or not, this is based on a true story. I really mean it. At the very end, if you want, I'll tell you guys that true story. I hope you guys like it. This is my gift to all of you.


(Five people are gathered around a campfire somewhere in the wilderness, in the middle of the night.)



SoCalGal: We're called The Midnight Society. Seperately, we're very different. We like different things, we have different jobs, and we have different friends. But one thing draws us together: the dark! Each week, we gather around this fire to share our fears and our strange and scary tales. It's what got us together, and it's what keeps bringing us back. This is a warning to all who join us: you're going to leave the comfort of the light and step into the world of the supernatural.

Marty Mart: You may call me Marty Mart. I like reading, watching movies, playing video games, and expanding my horizons.


Vmuse: Hey, I'm Vmuse. Little things used to mean so much to her- I used to think they were kind of trivial. Believe me, nothing is trivial.

Jelly Bean: Jelly Bean here. Hate me or love me. Its one or the other; always has been. Hate my game, my swagger. Hate my fadeaway, my hunger. Hate that I'm a veteran. A champion. Hate that. Hate it with all your heart. And hate that I'm loved for the exact same reasons. That's straight out of the Black Mamba.

California Waves: And I'm California Waves. Basically, if WaveOcean was a girl, and wasn't so socially awkward and serious-minded all the time, I'm who he'd be.

Jelly Bean: It's Halloween. A most sublime opportunity for whoever dips into their well to share with everyone else.

Vmuse: I did the last story. It was about a Super team of Kobe, CP3, and Dwight Howard working together to take down Emperor Stern.

Marty Mart: Oh man, that was legendary. But yeah, it's your turn, California Waves.

California Waves: I have just the tale. But I will need the help of some magic dust.

SoCalGal reached down to the side of her, and lifted up her bag of dust the Midnight Society always used for storytelling. She handed it to California Waves.

SoCalGal: All yours. But watch yourself, Wave.

California Waves reached into the bag, and took out a handful of dust.

California Waves: Submitted for approval by the Midnight Society. I call this story...The Fall of The Creature Of The Night.

She threw the dust into the fire, making it billow brightly.


It was nearly midnight, and the full moon could be seen hovering over the landscape, high above. Crickets chirped, owls called into the night, bats screeched, and two figures tiptoed through the woods, seeing their own breath in the cold, autumn pall.

gen!e: I still don't understand. Aren't tiger child and lakergirl the scientists who are studying the genetic engineering of alfalfa or something like that? So why are we the ones wandering a dark, thick forest with fog and sounds of nocturnal animals everywhere?

I3oh: Again, we're not here to do any research experiments. We're here because a demonic soul slumbers in this realm of shadows. A being of utmost cruelty and wickedness. The one they call...Creature Of The Night.

gen!e: WHAT?! How can that be? I thought she was just a Celtics troll!

I3oh: No. Much worse. She is a monster with evil powers, shrouded in darkness, consumed by bitterness, and thoroughly impossible to be reasoned with. That is why we have been charged with the task of bringing her down once and for all.

gen!e: And how do we do that?

I3oh did not answer, but held up a hand.

I3oh: Wait a sec...we're here!

They found themselves staring at a dome shaped structure made of marble. An image had been carved into the surface of the dome. An image of two waves separating to reveal the letter C, engulfed in flames. gen!e flinched. I3oh's eyes narrowed in recognition.

I3oh: There is no doubt about it. This is definitely the infernal shrine of the damned, the unhallowed resting place of CreatureOfTheNight herself! We must destroy the altar. Every Halloween night, CreatureOfTheNight rises from the altar to wreak havoc on SSR. We must break the cycle, now!

No sooner had the words left her mouth than a putrid, sickening hue of green engulfed the dome. The entire ground on which I3oh and gen!e stood began to shake violently.

I3oh: No! It can't be! It's too soon!

The hue grew brighter, and began to gather at the top of the dome. I3oh and gen!e watched helplessly as the light took on the form of a figure standing upright.

CreatureOfTheNight had risen again.

CreatureOfTheNight: me...

She lifted her arm and beckoned. gen!e shrieked.

gen!e: RUN!

I3oh and gen!e dashed off in opposite directions. CreatureOfTheNight took one look at gen!e, and then one look at I3oh. She hissed, bent her knees, jumped off the dome, and began to give chase...after I3oh.

gen!e didn't stop running until he was safely out of the woods and back on paved road. He panted, out of breath, and then turned around to look back.


gen!e: Huh? She's not chasing me anymore? Heh, that's too bad. Looks like you need to work on your metabolism and stamina, freakazoid!

He chuckled, quite pleased with himself, but after a few seconds, his smile died instantly.

gen!e:  Wait! What could I have been thinking? I left I3oh all alone! If the monster's not chasing me, than it must be after her! What if it caught up to her? What am I going to do? I've got to find! I've got to find shaqfor3! He'll know what to do!


The situation took at turn for the worst. For CreatureOfTheNight had managed to catch I3oh. She took hold of I3oh's arms and pinned her against a tree. She had a wicked, hungry smirk on her face.

CreatureOfTheNight: I knew you couldn't resist me forever...

I3oh: Let go of me, you scum queen!

I3oh was so outraged and so angry, she spat in CreatureOfTheNight's face. But this didn't even phase CreatureOfTheNight. She merely licked the spit off her lips.

CreatureOfTheNight: taste divine, pretty one...

I3oh's eyes widened in horror and revulsion.

I3oh: Okay, you're just sick! You're into some really freaky shit!

CreatureOfTheNight frowned and shook her head.

CreatureOfTheNight: No no no...such ugly words must not leave the lips of a living thing as beautiful as yourself...

I3oh: Yeah? Who asked you? I can scream and shout whatever the hell I want and there's nothing you can do about it!

CreatureOfTheNight: Ah, but there see...I want to play a wonderful game with you...

I3oh: You can go play with the fungus growing on your feet!

I3oh was angrier than ever, but also very frightened. She kicked at CreatureOfTheNight with one foot desperately.

CreatureOfTheNight: And you are going to play with me...whether you want to or please...allow me to relieve you of your torment...

CreatureOfTheNight leaned forward, and exhaled through her mouth. Out from her lips billowed a green zephyr that completely surrounded I3oh's face. Suddenly, I3oh's eyes closed, and her entire body went limp. She fell to her knees, her face flushed, and her head pointed to the ground. 

CreatureOfTheNight: Now...rise, my treasured will now do anything to please me...

I3oh slowly lifted her head and opened her eyes, gazing at CreatureOfTheNight. There was no emotion in those eyes.

I3oh: is my only may I serve my mistress...

CreatureOfTheNight: You know what they say...the more the merrier...invite your friends to play with us...make them come if you must...

I3oh: At once, my lady...


Oh no! I3oh has fallen into CreatureOfTheNight's sinister enchantment! What evil plans does CreatureOfTheNight have up her sleeve? Is I3oh's soul lost forever? Or can gen!e somehow gather the rest of SSR to help combat this enigmatic foe? TO BE CONTINUED.

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