NBA 2K11 Info thread

So as I was reading through the credits for today, it was called upon to create a space to discuss all things NBA 2K11. So yeah, here we go.



Boom, it begins.

There are a lot of major differences in this NBA 2K. The biggest being the interface focuses mainly on one central player instead of on a generic backdrop. From opening trailer to the menus, Jordan will be all over this game. So I'll get Jordan's stuff out of the way first.

- You know about the Micheal Jordan challenges already and 2K went out of their way to make it as authentic as possible with authentic jerseys, every single pair of Jordan shoes, and even every single lineup that Jordan faced in those days. No no. 99s on the floor. lol.

- Its quite in depth to the point that each individual star has their own style of play and the commentary is even centralized on that event and not just the generic commentary you find in every other normal game thats a part of the regular modes

- Jordan's skillset changes over time from high flyer to shot maker

- They even went so far as to add different attributes for each Jordan shoe when you create a player with them

- Upon completing all of the Jordan Challenges, you get MJ Create-a-Legend mode where you take rookie Jordan and place him on any team and then try to play through his career and try t o recreate or better the Jordan that he became. Think My Player mode, except you play as Jordan instead of creating yourself.

There are plenty of other changes aside from Jordan in this game though and a couple continuations.

First, there is a continuation of the little known Total Control Passing. For those who never used it in NBA 2K10. You can push the right bumper and it will toggle the symbols/letters of the player you want to pass to.

- If you just tap the button it passes to them

- If you hold the button down you can direct them where you want them to go and upon release you pass it to them where you want it

Secondly, they revamped animations to include a ton more breaks in movements. They even included the collision animations from FIFA that allow you to react to collisions instead of feeling helpless

- This gives freer range of moves without movie animations of certain moves they expect you're trying to do.

- Opposing players can interrupt your movements and you have more freedom to respond in-air or on the ground with your movements with a lot more variation.

Third, dribbling has been revamped back to the classic IsoMotion control. Instead of switching between the L/R trigger, most of the dribble combinations are done while holding the left trigger. Dex included a video of some of the moves that you can do. The moves aren't new, but its a now more simplified version of doing the moves.

- Each individual player has some of their specific moves now too, including personalized gather steps and size up moves, as well as signature moves such as the Kobe Bryant dribble spin move fadeaway.

Fourth, playcalling has been revamped to be more player specific. You just push down the left bumper and click on a player and it will bring up specific plays for that player. Pretty cool and puts a lot more plays at your fingertips.

Fifth, the usual updates in graphics accompany this one. Faces are more defined, player specific reactions are put in, and even the cheerleaders look better and less polygonal. The usual upgrades that take place really.

So yeah those are some of the key differences that I found in my short term research on the topic. Enjoy discussion and digesting information everyone. If you want to look into it some more, I recommend looking at IGN. Sure it links to the PS3 version, I have no bias at all. lol.

Sidenote: The PS3 version will have 3D capability and will be compatible with Move, although if you've ever played NBA 2K10 on the Wii I don't think that entices you at all, especially since its only compatible with the wand and not the joystick part. lol. 3D does seem interesting though. 

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