Rough Cut: Ron Artest, Cycling, me, and Bluexfalcon

  So… I ran and ran and ran… and the pain kept getting worse and worse.

Why was this? Why were my days of playing basketball, tennis, and soccer catching up to me and making my right knee, ankle and arch hurt so annoyingly. I’d wake up in the morning and limp around barely able to walk for the first 20 minutes because my body would be revolting against itself. I had to do something.

So, I kept running. I started sprinting more, and long distance running less. And the pain stayed the same.

I wear inserts. Montrails. Still weren’t enough. I was losing a battle with my body. My legs were betraying me; and I was beating them up.

Mind you, I’m not a small guy. 5’10 and was about 210. Not fat, just strong. Running every day was hurting me, and I even got to the point of needing crutches for a few days.

Why? Why! Then I read an Artest article.


My secret weapon is spin class. It’s crazy. My first time there, I’m like, "What the hell is this? A bunch of girls and old people on bikes? Easy." So I get on the bike, and within 10 minutes I wanted to quit. But I can’t when these girls are hardly sweating. Can’t quit. So I kept going. When it’s over, I’ve got a pool of sweat under me. I’ve never done anything so hard in my life."

But there’s more. He’s mentioned it before. He mentioned it in some interview when he talked about dropping weight mid season. I thought; damnit, here I come spin bike.

Every day. 20-40 minutes. No missed days.

2-3 months later.….


All results.
Pain gone.
No pain in right side.
Little to no right knee pain.
Little to no pain while playing basketball.
Dropped weight? 8 or so lbs. Nothing really noticeable.

Cycling is changing my life. I have a room where I cycle and re watch Laker games or watch the Fibas or watch football while I get at it, and it is wonderful. After the cycle, a little incline ab work, weights on the odd days, some stretching and I’m done. It is such a blessing. I cannot believe the transformation I’ve experienced since. If you haven’t taken a spinning class, I suggest you do so. I mimic the moves experienced when I take spin class. I do peaks, standing ups, sprints, up hill climbs while seated, and I c


lose the door and turn off the AC to the room.

cycle set up:



*notice the coolest ass dog on the planet, in maximum-chill-out-mode-9, relaxing while I put some work in

**notice reflection of basketball game from tv in corner, and perfect pull up workout plan on top of tv :)  gotta love perfect pull up thing


current physical condition as of tonight :



*notice crappy HTC Pro Touch 2 that someone paid too much for.  I miss the old brick phones.  Or no phones at all.




Oh, yea... and.. this post needs more Ron without a shirt on making me feel simultaneously motivated and bad about myself.




*Ron Ron aka Crazy Pills aka Acknowledge Me!! aka Say Queensbridge!!! is my hero.  PSA finished.

PS: When the hell does the season start!!!?!?!?!  Thanks Bluexfalcon for egging me on and helping me disguise my ignorance format.

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