Rough Cut 7/7 - Favorite Musical Genres

I've been enjoying the Rough Cut fanposts people have been writing. They provide good threads for people to talk about whatever they want. I believe this was a trend started by bluexfalcon, and it's been picked up by 67MARQUEZ, shaqfor3, and SoCalGal. Unfortunately, there haven't been any new ones since the fourth of July. I feel they should be continued, and I've taken it upon myself to keep them going.

I want to thank jnguyen0390 for giving me the idea for today's topic: musical genres. WaveOcean wanted to divulge his thoughts about music. Let's get his input out of the way first:

Music has been a part of me since I was a kid, as I played the violin throughout all of grade school. Growing up in the 90's and 00's, while my classmates were listening to Backstreet Boys, N'SYNC, and 98 degrees, I was listening to Cheb Khaled, an Arabic rai musician from Algeria. Rai is basically the North African equivalent of pop music. He was my favorite artist in the 90s, and I still remember having a cassette tape of his "Sahra" album in my childhood.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I pride myself on having a lot of different tastes in music. I collect soundtracks from around the world. I've listened to albums by artists from Puerto Rico, Ireland, South Africa, and India. And what a blessing it is to have a record label like Putumayo. If you've never heard of this label, they sell compilations of music from different nations. I have three CDs in my possession: Arabic Groove, Sahara Lounge, and Puerto Rico. I might try to get Asian Lounge at some point. And I know you are Laker fans, but as a former violinist, I have a great deal of appreciation for the artistry behind Celtic music.

But North Africa and the Middle East are my favorite. I'm going to give links to some works by my five personal recommendations of singers:

Sahra by Cheb Khaled 

Ana Al Ghaltan  by Cheb Rizki 

Khuttar by Ilham al Madfai 

Boss Ba2a by Sherine (skip to the 4:24 mark in the video) 

Kedba  by Najat Aatabou (That's right, the hack rappers who came up with "Galvanize" were ripping off this wonderful artist!) 

But enough of about him. Let's talk about me. After all, I know you prefer my...(flips hair) his...if you know what I mean. (licks index finger)

I enjoy collecting sensually soothing music. Anything that's steamy while relaxing is what I go for. The more passionate and slow-paced, the better. Such music is so multi-purpose. It blends in with anything sexy and romantic that isn't wild and out control, such as making out (depending on who you are) or close dancing. It's also perfect when you're trying to settle down and you want to give your senses a massage, such as when you're in the shower, or even when you're just lying in bed, with or without another person. shaqfor3 knows what I'm talking about...I've exposed him to my choices of music every time he has had trouble falling asleep. And it works wonders on him, because he doesn't write another comment until the next day.

Of course, I also have a soft spot for certain boy bands. Just listening to their voices, you really feel as though to them, breaking your heart is the most horrible thing that could ever happen, and they would never forgive themselves if they committed such a disgusting deed. Being told that someone cares about how you feel is priceless.

Here's my fave 5:

Irresistible by Jessica Simpson

My Everything by 98 Degrees

If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez

I'll Never Break Your Heart by Backstreet Boys

Free Me by Emma Bunton

If you want, talk about your favorite genre, and if you want to give recommendations, post links to songs you think others would enjoy too.

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