Hi there.

So with babbles about the Heat and the reemergence of some defensive Lakers fans, I thought I'd chip in.

All's well that ends well.


That phrase and arrangements of it constantly ran through my mind for weeks, both during the '09 and '10 playoffs; it and heaping doses of Beatles were what kept me sane while the Lakers experienced their maddening, periodic bouts of inconsistency and...well...what seemed to be perceived laziness. Odom took and clanked another three-pointer? Artest too? Kobe hobbling down court with a plethora of ill-timed injuries? remedy: Oasis - "Don't Go Away" Beatles: "Help!"..."Here Comes the Sun"

It's nice to have some practice with keeping calm, cool and collected - ironic how a team with the chillest coach in the Zen Master becomes the root of all fans' frustrations, nerves, and 30-second splutters of "DON'T TAKE THAT THREE. DON'T---you... -___-" havoc. Hell, this is why I tend to watch games with a couple of friends, rather than be surrounded by a playoff party of basketball-naive people; not the greatest setting for establishing first-impressions Maybe it's just my seasonal May-June allergies that causes the ecstasy of emotional bombardments. Rants about how the Lakers should trade Odom and Artest for the next Stephen Curry-like draft pick? Bynum and Artest for the inevitable Deron Williams/Chris Paul sign-and-trade in '12-'13? Been there, done that. 

But, in the end, it's worth it. Once the back-to-back's are secured, the rings minted and polished, the suffering toll and eventual joy that concedes to bouts of idiotic smirks are simply part of the fan experience, an aspect that's been part of many of our lives. Sometimes, I don't understand why people ascribe negative connotations to the Lakers bandwagon; maybe that's because of cyclic flux of ignorant and temporary "fans" who should be tossed off as being too irritating for their own good....but other than that, we've all jumped onto the wagon at some points in our lives.  I've been hanging on there through bumps and detours since '01, and I'm buckled down for more. The credo (and cliche) rings true: loyalty counts.

The Heat won't die down for quite a while: Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are the present. But look at the past litter of Larry Brown led Pistons, nonexistent Kings, rattled Spurs, and yellow, withered Celtics.

Hopefully, this post can serve as a memento for 7 years down the road, because I want to look in retrospect and repeat the exact same things I just said, with a tiny change. I'll add the Heat to the ashtray, and replace it with...well, that's a bit far and I don't have a clue. 

In the meanwhile, lets just wait and see how this little jiffy turns out.

Pardon any grammar mistakes or somethin'. I'm going to switch on my Odom impersonation and leave those for another time...when I feel like it.

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