Jordan Farmar just made me feel stupid

Ok, so why do I feel stupid? I feel retarded because I just spent 4 years defending Jordan Farmar as a potential starting PG for our triangle, or another offensive set in the future that more displays his speed and quickness. Well, apparently Farmar wanted the latter, and wasn't willing to be patient, even at 23 years of age. Well, the comments he made yesteday totally floored me, and I personally can't wait till Bynum drops the hammer on his head. Here's some of Farmar's comments.

Farmar wants to prove himself.

"We talked about it, and it wasn’t really how I wanted to spend my whole career, being a backup in a triangle (offense)," the Nets’ new backup point guard explained yesterday.

Farmar said he only went to UCLA because the program was a disaster and he wanted to rebuild it.

He said he has come to Jersey because he wants to prove to the rest of the league that he’s not just a spot-up shooter on the weak side, he’s a starting-quality point. He said he’s leaving his beloved L.A. because it’s time to escape the cocoon.

Farmar leaves rings behind to start something new.

"The only way to play in this league is to play, to be on the floor," Farmar said. "That was important to me, and not just on the floor standing, but on the floor doing things and being a part of the game. If they double team and kick it out, I'm going to knock it down or make plays for my teammates. That's what intrigued me about this situation."

The most difficult part of his decision was the realization that he was leaving home and the organization he grew up loving as a kid.

"You have a little window where you can do as much as you can, and, for me, I wanted to see what type of player I could be in this league," Farmer said. "I'm taking this opportunity to really try to improve and make the most of my potential and my ability, so when I look back on my career, I know I gave it my best shot to see what I can do in this league."

And the coup de gras... Farmar says the Nets will win the NBA Finals next season.

"I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life," Farmar said. "It's time to show people what I can do with the ball in my hands."

He balked when asked who would win a seven-game series between the Lakers and Heat. "I think the Nets are going to win the championship this year," he said.

One last note for Farmar. You do realize that your head coach is Avery Johnson, and that the starting point guard for your team is Devin Harris. Those two have some history. It's not like Avery didn't coach Devin all the way to a 2-0 NBA Finals lead only 5 years ago.

So good luck with taking Harris' job while AJ is the coach Farmar. Goddamn dumbo.

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