Categourising the Free Agent Class of 2010

Sorry, Saurav. I couldnt refuse. I always notice the "OU's" in some of your words and the "S's", instead of the "Z's". Categorizing was just to good of an option to let it go. Anyways..............

I wrote a post a week or so ago, of all the free agents this year, which was helpful to me and hopefully some of you, but I thought is there a way I can categorize this information even more, which would be more helpful to us when trying to find out who the Lakers can afford in this free agency market, considering they steered clear of the PG's on draft day.

Below I have categorized all free agents in the 2010 offseason by their respective positions, as well as sorting them by their current talent level. (Many players can be lumped into two positions. I tried to categorize them by the position they play the most on their current team). I lumped each postion into 4 categories (Tier 1 -4). Tier 1 will be the most expensive and sought after free agents. Tier 2 will be players who would most likely start on an NBA roster. Tier 3 will be bench players and Tier 4 will be roster fillers. All tiers are formed on my opinion, while taking into consideration their role on last years team as well as last years contract.

Let your minds wander in the endless possibilities. Brown has already opted out, and lets assume Farmar will be leaving, Powell and Mbenga will not be re-signed, and Fisher WILL be re-signed. That leaves us with 8 current players under contract for next season:

PG: Derek Fisher
SG: Kobe Bryant, Sasha Vujacic
SF: Ron Artest, Luke Walton
PF: Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom
C: Andrew Bynum

We should all know that we need depth at the PG  position, as well as some depth on our bench with players who can shoot the 3. Ebanks should make the roster, possibly as the backup SF, if Luke is still injured and we dont sign a free agent SF. T-Mac and Matt Barnes have been linked to the Lakers in recent articles, so he amy be our 3rd SF. I think he will end up splitting tiem with Luke. Caracter has an outside shot at making the roster if he shows the maturity and will to better himself. I hope he does as he could be an immense talent of the bench. Imagine a much better Big Baby, who is real good at post moves and can even his the occasioanl 3. He has great potential, but will his attitude be in check on this team. Also, if Buss doesnt want to spend the money, than Caracter will mos tlikely make the roster as he will be a cheap roster filler. Enjoy the list below and let the discussions begin.

             ETO = early termination option (Player can choose to terminate the remaining year(s) on his deal and
                         become an unrestricted free agent)
             P      = player option (player can choose to opt out of the remaining year(s) on his deal and become an
                         unrestricted free agent)
             T      = team option (team can choose to terminate or extend the remaining year(s) on the deal)
             R     = restricted (players team can match any offer made by any team)

             K     = thousand dollars
             M     = million dollars

Point Guards
             Tier 1: none

             Tier 2: Will Bynum (R,825K), CJ Watson (R, 1.0M), Kyle Lowry (R, 2.0M), Jordan Farmar (R, 1.9M), 
                       Mario Chalmers (R, T, 756K), Randy Foye (R, 3.5M), Raymond Felton (5.5M),
                       TJ Ford (P, 8.5M), Steve Blake (4.0M), Derek Fisher (5.0M), Luke Ridnour (6.5M)

             Tier 3: Mardy Collins (R, 1.8M), Nate Robinson ( 5.0M), JJ Barea (1.6M), Anthony Carter (825K), 
                       Jannero Pargo (1.9M), Acie Law (2.2M), Carlos Arroyo (825K), Sergio Rodriguez (1.5M), 
                       Chris Duhon (6.0M), Eddie House (2.8M), Rafer Alston (5.2M), Chris Quinn (1.0M), 
                       Earl Watson (2.8M), Anthony Johnson (2.0M), Jason Williams (825K),
                       Javaris Crittenton (1.4M), Shaun Livingston (2.2M), Earl Boykins (752K),
                       Allen Iverson* (650K), Speedy Claxton (5.2M),  Sebastian Telfair (P, 2.5M)

             Tier 4: Bobby Brown (R, 736K), Mustafa Shakur* (R, 40K), Patrick Mills* (R, 457K), 
                       Marcus Williams (825K), Jamaal Tinsley (738K), Royal Ivey (1.0M), Kevin Ollie (825K),
                       Travis Diener* (208K), Sundiata Gaines* (269K)

Shooting Guards
             Tier 1: Joe Johnson (14.9M), Ray Allen (18.7M), Dwayne Wade (P, 15.7M)

             Tier 2: Anthony Morrow (R, 736K), Ronnie Brewer (R, 2.7M), JJ Redick (R, 2.8M), 
                       Wes Mathews (R, 457K), Rasual Butler (3.9M), Quentin Richardson (8.7M), 
                       Michael Redd (ETO, 17.0M),  John Salmons (ETO, 6.4M), Tracy McGrady (22.8M),

             Tier 3: Tony Allen (2.5M), Marquis Daniels (1.9M), Larry Hughes* (160K),  Flip Murray (1.9M), 
                       Devin Brown (1.1M), Desean Stevenson (P, 3.8M), Raja Bell (5.2M), 
                       Shannon Brown (1.9M), Jerry Stackhouse* (422K), Wille Green (ETO, 3.6M), 
                       Roger Mason (3.7M), Kyle Korver (5.1M), Mike Miller (9.7M), Ricky Davis (2.3M)

             Tier 4: Mario West* (R, 451K), Michael Finley (2.5M), Joey Graham (825K), Luther Head (825K),
                         JR Giddens (1.0M), Keith Bogans (825K)

Small Forwards
             Tier 1: Paul Pierce (ETO, 19.7M), Lebron James (P, 15.7M),

             Tier 2: Rudy Gay (R, 3.2M), Chris Douglas-Roberts (R, T, 736K), Grant Hill (P, 3.0M), 
                       Richard Jefferson (ETO, 14.2M), Josh Childress (R, N/A), Bobby Simmons (11.2M), 
                       Peja Stojakovic (ETO, 13.3M), Josh Howard (T, 10.8M)

             Tier 3: Linas Kleiza (R, N/A), Maurice Evans (P, 2.5M), Kelenna Azubuike (P, 3.1M), 
                       Devean George (1.6M), Vladamir Radmonovic (ETO, 6.4M), Steve Novak (1.0M),
                       Travis Outlaw (3.6M), Dorell Wright (2.7M), Sasha Pavlovic (1.5M),
                       Damien Wilkins (3.6M), Jarvis Hayes (2.0M), Matt Barnes (1.6M), Jason Kapono (P, 6.2M)

             Tier 4: Jawad Williams (R, 825K), Adam Morrison (R, 5.2M), Dominic McGuire (R, 825K), 
                       Stephen Graham (825K), Joe Alexander (2.5M), Chris Hunter* (632K), 
                       Yakhouba Diawara (945K), Trenton Hassel (4.3M), Sean Williams (2.0M),
                       Jonathan Bender* (597K), Rodney Carney (825K), Antoine Wright (1.8M),
                       Quinton Ross (1.0M), Desmond Mason (1.1M)

Power Forwards
             Tier 1: Dirk Nowitski (ETO, 19.7M), Amare Stoudemire (ETO, 16.3M), Chris Bosh (P, 15.7M), 
                       Carlos Boozer (12.3M)

             Teir 2: Tyrus Thomas (R, 4.7M), Luis Scola (R, 3.2M), Kenyon Martin (ETO, 15.8M), 
                       Udonis Haslem (7.1M), Al Harrington (10.0M), Carl Landry (T, 3.0M)

             Tier 3: Leon Powe (T, 855K), Tim Thomas (825K), James Singleton (1.0M), Malik Allen (1.3M), 
                       Drew Gooden (4.5M), Craig Smith (2.3M), Darius Songalia (ETO, 4.5M), Joe Smith (825K),
                       Louis Amundson (855K), Matt Bonner (3.2M), Anthony Tolliver* (437K),                        
                      Chris Wilcox (P, 3.0M), Steven Hunter (3.6M), Kris Humphries (P, 2.9M),
                       Kenny Thomas (8.7M), Amir Johnson (3.9M), Jared Jeffries (6.4M), Juwan Howard (825K)

             Tier 4: Jon Brockman* (R, 457K), Brian Scalabrine (3.4M), Hakim Warrick (3.0M), 
                       Brian Cook (825K), Josh Powell (959K), Shavlik Randolph (43K), Oleksiy Pecherov (2.5M),
                       Ike Diogu (825K), Sean Marks (825K), Brian Cardinal* (111K), Sean May (825K)

             Tier 1:  Yao Ming (ETO, 16.3M), David Lee (7.0M)

             Tier 2: Tyson Chandler (ETO, 11.7M), Brendan Haytwood (6.0M), Shaquille O'Neal (21.0M), 
                       Jermaine O'Neal (23.0M), Joel Przybilla (ETO, 6.8M)

             Tier 3: Joel Anthony (R, P, 825K), Josh Boone (R, 2.0M), Nazr Mohammed (ETO, 6.4M), 
                       Theo Ratlifff (825K), Brad Miller (12.2M), Zydrunas Ilgauskas (925K), Ben Wallace (825K),
                       Chuck hayes (T, 2.1M), Kurt Thomas (3.8M), Mark Blount (6.8M), Etan Thomas (7.9M),
                       Nenad Krstic (P, 5.1M), Channing Frye (P, 1.9M), Tony Battie (6.6M),
                       Hilton Armstrong (2.8M), Mikki Moore (6.0M), Rasho Nesterovic (1.9M)

             Tier 4: Nathan Jawai* (R, 736K), Aaron Gray (R, 1.0M), Kyrylo Fesenko (R, 870K), 
                       Jason Collins (825K), Randolph Morris (855K), Sheldon Williams (825K),
                       Johan Petro (825K), Kwame Brown (4.0M), Brian Skinner (825K), DJ Mbenga (959K),
                       Jamaal Magloire (825K),Primoz Prezec (825K), Darko Milicic (7.5M), Eddy Curry (P, 10.5M),
                       Adonal Foyle (825K), Francisco Elson (1.7M), Jarron Collins (825K), Ian Mahinmi (989K),
                       Patrick O'Bryant (855K), Fabricio Oberto (1.9M)

*Contract was only for a portion of the 2009 - 2010 season.


If you see any mistakes or additional players I left out, just post a comment about it.


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