FanPost it too early to think about who's gonna coach the Lakers next year?

First off, let me directly address Phil for a sec:

Hey buddy! Congrats on the 11th ring. You know you wanna make it an even dozen before you sail blissfully into the sunset. And we ALL want you back! Seriously, it's been a week already, this retirement sh*t ain't funny no more!

ahem...sorry, I lost my cool there a little bit. 

With the depressing news that Brian Shaw is checking out Cleveland (oh God I hope not), who're our candidates?

This is just my opinion, and if you must be mean and bash me, oh wellz, I heard "you're adopted" is always a good comeback line...


Here're our top 2 contenders: Byron Scott or Brian Shaw

So if Shaw is thinking about Cleveland, he must see that 1) Phil is staying, 2) Buss family wants to terminate the triangle offense or 3) Cleveland is waving a lot more mullah in his face 

Either way, I hate this new development because this means Byron Scott is either the favored first choice,, or he just become one. You don't get to coach the Lakers without being an A-lister yourself, and I don't see any viable candidates throwing their hats in yet. So if Shaw doesn't think he has a shot, then crap, that could mean that Management sees Byron Scott as the next coach.


And here's why I don't like it:


  • His track record in NO: He has one good season, and everybody was dubbing them the "up-and-coming" team of the NBA (a title that OKC has rightfully won this season). What happened after that? Well, not much. He eventually got fired, and from the stuff I read about him, he doesn't seem to be a good coach. you've heard the golf story, you've seen him go with weird rotations, you've heard how he's CP3's buddy, but not coach. his performance there raised a bunch of red flags for me, personally. 
  • He has a new system in place of the Triangle and whatever Defensive Scheme we've cooked up. And new systems don't get inside of your brain till next next year. Are we seriously doing this in the middle of a 3peat attempt. SERIOUSLY?!?
  • Brian Shaw offers stability and locker room respect that a 3 peat attempt team needs. He knows the system and he can run it. He won't be Zen Master, but he's the closest thing we have .
  • The guy is known to "wear on role players". Yeah, like that'll help our 2 drafted prospects and Sasha/Luke/Odom. Can he stand up to Kobe? Or will he just be his golfing buddy? (or worse, will he be just Jerry and Jim's golfing buddy?)

So yeah, I have a few issues with him, and I would much rather prefer Shaw at the helm. I like our system, and I don't see why we need to change it. I want a stable transition in the midst of our championship window. (and you can fuck around all you want after it closes) Shaw is the best candidate for that and I hope he doesn't take the Cleveland offer. 

But assuming PJ and B Shaw is gone, and by God's good grace Byron Scott is NOT it, what do we have?

JVG- there's a reason why he's free to bash on NBA refs when they fuck up- it's cuz he's never coming back to the jungle (or at least he's confident that he's not going back)

Marc Jackson- I really haven't thought of him as a candidate, and he hasn't really done any high-profile coaching job to impress me.

Hubie Brown- As old as a dinosaur, but I like his analysis and basketball mind. I guess Fish can handle rallying and inspiring the troops?

Those aren't MY picks however. The dark horse I'm personally rooting for will shock you to say the least. That man is Mike Brown


I know, I know. He is the "incompetent" coach that led a favored Cavs to their demise again. But if back to back 60+ W's is "incompetent", then what are those <30 W coaches? Legally Braindead?

I always thought he was the prop to LeBron's "I'll do whatever I want" offense, but after reading this article by David Friedman, the same man that wrote this beautiful piece on how the Sports Media have no f*cking clue who the hell  Kobe Bryant truly is, I'm a believer. 

Here's his passionate defense of Coach Brown:

If your morning cereal can't last that long, let me bring out the key points:


  • He's the convenient scapegoat for the fallout. You can't be that incompetent if you led your team to back to back league-best records in the reg season and raised your team's league rankings on both sides of the ball.
  • If the management had any responsibility/balls, they'd ask LBJ to come in and pop in a DVD of games 5 and 6 and ask him, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT WEAK-ASS SHIT?!?!" 
  • He came from Pop's lineage. I know Pop is a classy man, but he doesn't waste time on incompetent idiots. 
  • He came from a defensive-oriented approach, and he did it. The Cavs have league-leading defense not just because of those nice highlight reel blocks from LBJ, but because he somehow made defensive liabilities like Z and Shaq meld into a decent team defense.  


So here're my main reasons for supporting him (if we can't get B-Shaw or PJ):

  • He knows defense. And Defense wins Championships. So even if we run some dumbass version of "Let Kobe bail us out" offense (which we're known to do from time to time), we can still win them ugly low-scoring games. We have 4-5 defensive pieces for him to work with, and only one huge hole in DFish. I'm sure he can think of some clever scheme. 
  • And as the article pointed out, it's not as if he's an offensive moron. He has a few sets going for him, and if not, he can always pick up the triangle~
  • The Cavs lost because they didn't put forth the effort, and you really can't pin that on the coach. The team captain sets the tone for the team and leads by example. So if your captain is sulking that some punkass named Rajon is outshining him, well, your outlook on the series won't be so sunny either.  
  • He's a good coach who got fired because the front office is being held hostage by an ingrate 16 year old teenage girl. If he was coaching Orlando, he'd still be onboard. But because he's in Cleveland, and the true "Master of Panic" Dan Gilbert firesaled a championship contending team just to placate that spoiled brat, and as a result,  canned him. Which part of that seems fair to you? 
  • How cool would it be to win ANOTHER ring in LeBron's face, with his ex-coach!?! If you can think of a bigger middle finger to him, LET ME KNOW!

So yeah, I hope I've made my case to you guys. Feel free to comment and get in the mix. Hopefully I made a lot more sense than that Bill_Walton troll.

Sorry for the length. I didn't know the Spirit of Josh Tucker would possess me tonight and make me go apeshit on this fanpost. This is my first serious post, and I'd have to say, writing long shit is fun!

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