Lakers Game 7: Revenge, Redemption, and REPEAT!



Hello fellow Lakers fans,

  My name is John and Ive been a die hard East Coast Lakers fan for almost 25 years now.  This team has been my passion in sports and Ive followed them extensively throughout my life.  I have spent many late nights staying up watching the games and post game because I love this wonderful organization, team and joy they bring me.  I have even travelled to every Finals the Lakers have been in since 2000.

   Revenge, Redemption and REPEAT has been the mantra that I have adopted for the Lakers in this series right before Game 1 against the Celtics.  This motto best signifies what we have here and what is at stake for the Lakers.  I know like every other true Lakers fan that nothing is better than beating the hated Celtics.  We will be overfilled with joy to take this momentous series in the latest chapter of this epic rivalry.  Personally, I have never wanted a game more in my life as a Laker fan. 

   I am nervous and excited about what tomorrow brings.  I am going to try and get a good nights sleep, but my mind will constantly be racing to the 2 biggest words there are in sports, "GAME 7."  I'll be quite honest: I dont know if I can deal with losing to the Celtics yet again.  Having experienced the horrid Celtics fans in person for Game 1 in 2008 and knowing that Kobe and Phil will be forever judged by losing to the Bostonians twice, I will have an extremely difficult time hearing about this throughout the course of what would be a veryyyyyyyyy longggggg summer!  To simply quote Kobe, "This is a matter of life or death."

    Staples Center, Hollywood and most importantly Laker Nation will be ROCKING tomorrow night as it should be!!! I urge all Laker fans all over the country wherever you be whether it be in your living room, sports bar, local watering hole or your "superstitious place" to stand tall and be heard and root the purple and gold on!! Let them know you are real Lakers fans!! Show them we are knowledgable and this reputation that some have as "casual" fans or "bandwagon" fans is simply untrue.  This may be the most important game that we experience as Lakers fan.  Lets take it all in and relish the moments! We never know how many more years we will have Kobe and this wonderful team.

    Now, on to the game.  As news today broke about the injury to Kendrick Perkins being out for Game 7, I was a bit upset.  I said to myself, " I really wished he would play because if we win Game 7, everyone will say Perkins wasnt there etc."  However, this kind of evens the playing field.  Andrew Bynum has been hampered the whole series, whereas Perkins was fine.  I understand the Perkins will be missing the most important game of the series, but we will be lucky to get 20 minutes out of Bynum.  This is where I believe the Lakers frontcourt must exploit their size and length which will be their strength.  Boston will counter with KG, Rasheed and Baby, two of which are role players and how they will play in Game 7 is a question.  I believe we must determine the flow and tempo of the game early and pound the ball inside to Pau.  Let Gasol dictate the paint.  That will create opportunities for the other bigs.  LO stepped up in Game 6 and even Artest showed he can still hit the outside shot. 

    Of course, most importantly, 2 aspects will win the game for us.  You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that they are Defense and Rebounding.  As its been stated numerous times throughout the series, the team who has more rebounds, wins.  Defense mirroring that was played in Game 6 and winning the "50-50" game is imperative.  This also coincides with slowing down Rajon Rondo.  They must shut off the lane and any chance of penetration from him and force him into the jumper.  We all know that Allen, Pierce and KG will come to play, but Rondo is the one that runs the team and if we slow him down like in the last game, that puts us in a wonderful predicament. 

     Last and certainly not least in any way is not the X factor, BUT THE FACTOR.  #24, KB, Kobe, Bean, The Black Mamba, MVP: call him any name, nickname or moniker you want, but I feel a lot better going into tomorrow night with one Kobe Bean Bryant on our side in purple and gold at HOME! He is not only undisputedly the best player on the planet, but arguably one of the best players in NBA History.  I expect Kobe to come out determined, fired up and ready to rock.  I think hes gonna come out firing, not just shooting, but facilitating.  I expect him to take over this game and put his stamp on it because say what you want and trust me Kobe knows this despite what he says, A LOT of his legacy is on the line.  I just cant see this guy letting his team lose at home in Game 7 to the Celtics.  We have home court advantage and the greatest coach in NBA History in Phil Jackson which are both hugeeee advantages, but its going to be Kobe who is the one who will dictate this game and victory!

     Fellow Lakers fans, this is my 1st of many posts.  I leave you again with what I started.  Remember the 3 R's.

REVENGE, REDEMPTION AND REPEAT!  This is what this Game 7 is ALL ABOUT!! Stand up and scream and be heard and lets root our wonderful team!! Believe in them and stay positive and optimistic!! This is our game, this is OUR HOME,  THIS IS OUR TITLE!!!!!!



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