"We" are the Lakers.

I wrote this post in support of a fellow fan who referred to the Lakers as "we" and was subsequently mocked by a Suns fan. I just wanted to share with you what being a Laker fan means to me. Feel free to post pictures and thoughts of what makes you a fan.


A team is nothing without it's fans. There's a reason we pay a small fortune each time we go watch our team. It's why we buy $250 Jerseys, paint our cars purple and gold, name our kids Kobe, get Laker tattoos, and defend the Lakers to the death. It's because we want to be part of this tradition and we are willing to pay steeply to continue this great tradition.

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The Lakers belong to us, they are our team. It's not like we consider ourselves part of the team itself but the team belongs to the people, to the city, to the fans.

Laker fans exist worldwide, even if you're not from LA and you support the team, that is your investment into something bigger than yourself, because you wallow in self-pity and disappointment when they lose and you revel in the exuberant jubilation when they win.



This is true passion for a sports team. This is what separates a hardcore fan from a casual fan. Some people don't understand why guys yell at a television during a sports game. They don't know what it is to live and die with a team. They don't understand why someone would post on a website designed specifically to discuss a particular sports team. They don't get it. and that's fine, They are the badwagoner who can't comprehend passionate die-hard fandom.




Maybe we do have more bandwagon fans because people want to consider themselves a part of something successful, and can you really blame them? This just points to how great a franchise the Lakers is. The Lakers organization from top to bottom is a class-A organization that will do whatever it takes to keep winning and keep it's fans happy, even if it means making some fans unhappy by looking at the big picture.

Even if we were to stop winning and decimating all and God forbid our winning percentage dropped to near clipper-like levels our stands would still have more fans in them than the average losing fanbase. The same reason the Lakers have so many dumbass riot-starting fans is the same reason the Lakers have so many hardcore die-hard fans; the Laker fanbase is astronomically huge. Again this reflects on the greatness of the Lakers.


Die-hard fans know exactly who the bandwagoners are the moment they open their mouths. And you know what? who cares. A lot of hardcore fans start off as badwagoners anyway, and the thing is fair-weather fans don't enjoy the winning half as much as the die-hards do.



Love the Lakers again? welcome back.
Now you hate them? Buh-bye.
We'll still be here when you change your mind again.
There are legions of us who's love for the Lakers is unshakable.


WE are spolied, WE are fair-weather, WE are hardcore, WE are die-hards, WE bleed purple and gold, WE are all of the above, and we're not going to apologize for it. Arrogance, intelligence, pride, fickle-mindedness, faith. Because of the vast diversity in the myriad fans you can pick and choose what you want to see.

This is why they hate us. This is why they love us.

WE are the Lakers.

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