Oh KD never ceases to amaze me


KDonhoops:  The Bulls didn't really have a second option. It's not as if Scottie was breaking down defenders one on one when Jordan had to give it up. 

This is how top-heavy teams are. And I don't put Kobe in there, because as great as he was, he was never in Jordan or LeBron's league. His attitude was way better than LeBron's, but he wasn't as productive or talented.


This was in response to a question in the BDL Hump Day Chat. Firstly, there are so many things wrong with this statement. Number one, Kobe has never been in Jordan or Lebron's league? I think two years of damn-near unstoppable play in the western conference with one of the worst assembled teams in the league proved that wrong.

Number two, Pippen wasn't exactly sitting there waiting for the ball to come to him on offense either. When he played by himself he was legitly in the conversation of the best players in the game. Its like even the most ardent Bulls' fans are delusional about Scottie's impact on that team especially when Jordan had one of his 10-26 1 ast nights nights just like every player has.

Number 3, what has Lebron done that Kobe didn't besides start and be the main option on his team from day 1, automatically speeding up growth of one's game. Beat the Pistons, except the Pistons in 06 played like shit and the Pistons in 04 played inspired.

Number 4, what does Kobe have to do to get respect from people like this clown? 6th man of the year off the bench as a sophomore? Nope. Be the ELITE guard and option 1b on a threepeat championship team? Nope. 81 points against triple and quadruple teams? Not enough. A championship as the focal point? Not enough. Better footwork, jumpshot, skill, and use of athleticism? Not enough. Poor shot selection and a diva attitude can only drag you down so far. How is MJ on Lebron's level because of statistics without Kobe on his level because of skill and his use of it? I just don't get it. He wasn't as productive and talented? By what standards? fg%? highlight reel dunks? Kobe was never as big, but he was just as talented and athletic as Lebron he just didn't have the same opportunity  to prove it. He had to break the offense to even get a chance to do so. I've seen Kobe jump from one side of the rim and up-and-under dunk on Tim Duncan and David Robinson. I've seen him actually break defenders down instead of just driving past them with sheer strength. Oooh, this just pisses me off.

Our freaking statistics tell you that Kobe is an average shooter with average everything. Yet, the last-second wins, the freakish attention to detail, the working actually within an offense, the cutthroat defense, the ridiculous fade-aways, the footwork and all of those things that no one else can pull off tell us Kobe is one of the top players in the league. Hell, even KD has him as one of the top players in the league even with all the "analysis" he brings to the table. So what is it? We can't have it both ways.

We can't keep saying Kobe is top-3 as a player and then statistically break him down to be an average star. Average stars don't have defenses designed to stop them, not just a defensive specialist but an entire defense. Average stars don't have entire gameplans designed to make sure that the score is of a wide margin so that the player doesn't smell blood, obviously it doesn't always work but moral victories are won when a game-winner is hit instead of anxious feelings of disappointment. Average stars don't win a championship with Finals MVP put on their shoulders. Average stars don't add to their game at the ripe old age of 31. Average stars get great supporting casts and then flame out in the playoffs in their prime (Joe Johnson). Average stars disappear for entire games. Average stars fail to rise to the occasion and sometimes don't even try. Average stars don't hit fade-away jumpers with 1 seconds left to win or tie it up. Average stars show up big one game and disappear the next. Average stars don't get to the line less than most other superstars yet still only be one fg/game away from being the leading scorer in the league.

Nothing about Kobe screams average or even just above average. Everything about his game screams top caliber, except maybe his 3-pt shooting and athleticism at this point in his career. I just cannot stand comments like these, at the same time I love it cuz while the Lakers and Kobe (32pts, 6asts 53fg%) have taken care of business, someone on the opposite side of the country just had the biggest hate-fest since Phx Game 7.

This isn't a Kobe or Lebron. This isn't a Kobe vs. MJ. This is a what the hell post. A post destined to say one quote for my favorite player made famous by one Rodney Dangerfield, "I get no respect."

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