Shut Up, Kelly Dwyer. (Why Lebron James must win on Thursday)



Kelly Dwyer on the Cavs, this morning:,240500


"Above all, he failed himself. And when the best player in the game fails himself, that's a long, long fall.

To call it "miserable" or "embarrassing," two words we often toss around these BtBs, just isn't enough. James, I'm sorry, but it looked like he was tanking. It looked like he was trying to lose. This was that awful. There have been scads of players who take plays off or bad shots or don't care. It happens nightly. But never a player this gifted, with so much on the line, for so long. Never, ever.

The closest comps? Maybe Jordan's Bulls falling short in 1990, but that was to a better team, on the road. Kobe's Lakers in 2006, with Kobe clearly playing the martyr and feeling sorry for himself? Sure, but those Lakers weren't championship-worthy, and you could see why Kobe was pouting. You couldn't excuse it, but you understood.

I don't understand this. I can't see how a person who has been handed the court vision and ability that LeBron James has, followed by the years upon years of success that has resulted from staying aggressive offensively and driving to the basket, could play like this. Even taking into account his massive ego, and his aversion to responsibility. It's an art crime of the highest order, and the only thing worse would be if we somehow found out that LeBron was trying to lose on purpose.

It's ridiculous to even suggest, but that's how shocking this game, and this performance, was. I can't possibly begin to conceive what's going on in his head as it is - to decorate yourself in logos of your own design and to draw attention to yourself at any cost is an anathema to me - but I could always at least even with him on a basketball level. Until Game 5. I can't argue that away."

****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******


And just like that, I am rooting for the Cavaliers.


You see, there are things beyond the realm of sports that matter, and those things are not many.  Family, values, honor, loyalty... ethos.

Kelly Dwyer, and these other sports writers, they are the enemy.  Lebron James had a bad game, but the writers, the media, the people waiting in the pack to tear him down; they are what I despise.  They are weak, the lame sitting on the sidelines praying for someone to show even the slightest possibility of being as weak and frail as they are, both physically and mentally.  They flop and flounder on their keyboards and cream at the possibility of bringing someone lower than they themselves are.  You see, they don't report honorably.  They don't relay the actual happenings, they extrapolite, expand, and contract when convenient; and in the process I am left nauseated.  Report what you were saying just days ago Kelly Dwyer, when you ascended Lebron to an infallible position of Kingly Authority.  Report how lopsided the gulf of talent is between everyone else and the King, and report it, please, the DAY AFTER a bad game.  He won't, because it doesn't serve Kelly Dwyer.  Kelly Dwyer will write whatever will bring him attention, and whoever or whatever it hurts be damned.  Lebron is not the source of my distaste, because its the Game that Kelly is disparaging.  It is the disservice to the game I love that he offends me in.  There is an all too beautiful ebb and flow to a basketball game, an all too complicated behind the scenes pulling of strings, calculating of adjustments and modification of game plans that go into orchestrating a game where Lebron goes 3-14, and that story went untold.  Kelly Dwyer and the media took the easy route, crucifying their king-who-never-was, because, after all, he was never trying, he bailed the game, and nothing the coaches and players worked their whole lives through for meant anything significant in context with this game.  This is the type of thing that takes the wind out of my sails, when I realize the politics behind something.  Lebron will learn, if he loses this series, that he is just the Julius Caesar of the now, and when his back doth show, the knives will follow.  I know he practices, I know he loves the game, I hope he responds.  Not for his greatness, because it is naught but practice, preparation and a little lot of luck that got him here, but I root for a show that reveals these critics for what they are...



CN: Don't crucify that which you praised just the day before.  There is not much that will reveal low character in a man, but this is one of those things..


CCN:  Never is an article by Dwyer complete without a backhanded comment on Kobe Bryant; this is not only disrespectful, but it is seemingly an attempt to besmudge Bryant's career.  In the midst of his great playoff showing, Dwyer finds it necessary to still bring up 'might have beens' that can make Bryant look worse.  What, really, is the purpose?

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